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Siege Tower

Siege TowerThe most expensive building in Lumos owned by the wealthy and most recent heir Heimlich Lumos. It’s original founder, Orin Icarus, having sold the deed to the town eighty years prior, made it so that the Tower remained the central hub for all business in the city. Standing at eighty stories tall, laden with golden letters depicting the logo of Lumos on each side, it is said that it houses floors protected, barricaded even, as well as floors wrought with anarchy, death, and wild freedom. It is rumoured that some have isolated themselves within the Tower’s walls, completely sustained by means of growing their own food and relying on rats for a consistent source of protein. Others say that those who have decided to live their lives in seclusion eat more than just the rats. Perhaps trespassing intruders, or worse… No one can be sure.

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Icarus University

Icarus UniversityIcarus University, once a beacon of academia in the scientific field now reduced to a desolate battleground. The knowledge that once filled these halls now replaced with the necessity for experience of warfare and the rulings of the new world. Though no teachers currently reside within the halls, it has been said that the Library and computer lab still see some usage from time to time -- when electricity is present and consistent. Books that once found their homes spanned across the globe now find themselves protected by the last librarian the halls have seen; Octavia Ra Chelle. Though rumors of her deeds to protect the treasure trove of bound knowledge, none have been so fortunate to tell their own personal account. Since the brutal dispatch and subsequent consummation of the former Mutiny leader Brax Yartholi, none have dared to tread foot on such impending territory. It is also rumoured that the Dean of the campus still roams the halls, unable to transform like the rest of the populous; devolving into insanity. Despite his once renowned station as Dean of the Campus he is now only known as thus; Icarus, the Wanderer. An empty husk devoid of a soul.

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Terra Complex

Terra ComplexAn old apartment complex that despite all the chaos has managed to stand and is still hospitable to a majority of the people who live here. Due to violence life here is a difficult one for most, but it is an ideal recruitment ground for all of the families. This is one place where the battles are frequent, but are in a civilized and honor based interaction, as opposed to the usual guerilla warfare tactics that are commonly seen.

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City Hall

City Hall

The territory of House Draconis, after the mayor died, house draconis attempted to take the entire city, and bring it under martial law, this was met with great resistance, and they lost a majority of their territories, now they primarily reside in city hall, where they plot and plan to take the city back and bring forth order. City hall is a dedicated infrastructure with the national guard, and local police force being in close proximity.

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East Prison

East PrisonClose to City hall rest the prison, which despite two jailbreaks, has remained intact, now a dungeon of sorts for House Draconis. Though they had to make several modifications, to handle the new capabilities of the prisoners that live here. They find themselves capable of holding prisoners of war.

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SubwayThe subways used to run a connection outside of the city, today it is what many theorist believe is keeping the island a float. A pocket of air that somehow hadn’t flooded with water despite being underground, and below sea level. It is home to those of us who became nocturnal creatures, and fled away from the light. It is also home to many who lost their homes, having nowhere to flee during storms. There is a single train that still operates, that will take you from the north to the south part of town. Anyone that knows how can operate it, but no one claims it due to the overall hostility the nocturnals have for anyone who attempts to.

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Orin Mall

Orin MallCompletely and utterly destroyed the mall was the first place to see mass looting, murder, and many say was the center of chaos for the Sons of Discord, There is nothing left to loot, and once people grew aware of the traps that awaited any who came here, it eventually became forgotten about. A land that no one ever ventured, except the few who made it the way it is. Every Once in awhile someone would venture in, only to be caught by a trap, and abandoned by his comrades, where he would later be served up on an open fire. The mall is often decorated with entrails, and inedible organs.

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Hops Town

Hops Town

Hops Town was one part shopping center, and one part housing community today it is home to most and a small market of sorts, the crafters and traders of the city come here to trade with others, while simultaneously banding together to keep their community safe from those who would wish to do them harm as a collective. It is a leaderless town, most decisions coming to a vote, they often stay out of all other issues involving the city, many mothers flee here to raise children as doing so anywhere else seemed likely impossible. The community has a roaming guard at night as everyone does their part to maintain their own sense of order. Only taking in outsiders when that outsider provides something worthy of the town. They send regular shipments to who ever controls the Dam as to further maintain what little peace they can hold onto.

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