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LEVEL 1 "Earth"

LEVEL 1 "Earth"Littered with old rusty abandoned vehicles, the bridge is an area of great turmoil, dead bodies human, animal, and mid transformation litter the ground. It goes mostly unlooted simply thanks to it being the most concentrated area of Houses against Houses, Families reaching for control and foundation. Everyone knows that this is the place to do it, and to make it onto the middle of the bridge into the entrance of the other levels was already death sentence enough, but to come out of those doors, after going in them gave you the right to create your own house. Anyone who could survive being in the bridge for more than a few weeks was instantly recognized as someone worth following, and through those means is how house mutiny’s laws came into existence. A soul that would touch the depths of Heaven and Hell, and then come back to earth would forever be known as the Scorian Knight.

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LEVEL 2 "Heaven"

LEVEL 2 "Heaven"

Once inside of the aqueducts of Orin, many could see how the dam functioned, how the society was able to take control of the energies surrounding it. Water came in from the ocean that surrounded the dam, and the two islands. That water was then sent through a series of water purifiers, which also acted as pipes that went into the city, providing fresh water for all, even better, was that the same water would be filtered in a machine using momentum of the water flow to power the two cities, a limitless ocean now meant limitless power. So long as maintenance kept the dam running. The people who maintain the dam today do so out of love, honor, and respect. Anyone who wished to challenge the leader of Mutiny could do so, he would be given the right to rule, they would be given the right to work. The workers of ice and water, the masters of water flow, and survival would be known as Auroran Knights.

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LEVEL 3 "Purgatory"

LEVEL 3 "Purgatory"The control center, is where everything happens on the bridge, it controls the solar panels on the bridge, the water collection pipes in the dam, the flow of the water, and it controls which generators get power, and which generators do not. It is here that the captain of Mutiny flexes his control, and you can only be captain if you are more honorable than anyone else. While on the water collection floors, the bridges, and in the depths of the generators all hell was allowed to break loose. The control center monitored that hell, granting victors of disputes opportunities take the throne of Mutiny. Many houses would send their young, and brightest minds to take the throne, with the hopes that brainwashing them to put family above self would join house Mutiny to their own houses, at least that's what they thought when a youngling killed Brax the Sea Stallion, but instead of unite the power of Mutiny with his own house, he kept the power of Mutiny for himself, thus holding true the original name of house Mutiny. The workers of the control Center who were loyal to their king were known as the Precipitate

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LEVEL 4 "Hell"

LEVEL 4 "Hell"The hot metal glows bright red, lighting the underground as a constant vibration rumbles through the depths, the area is constantly covered in blinding hot steam, the humidity in the air being unbearable for most. The area smells of piss, sweat, and burning death. This is foundation of what is now society, the bowels of hell, the source of all power. The generators are located scattered throughout the area, each one labeled with its respective area or district, each one providing power despite old age and less than perfect maintenance due to the conditions. Those who come here are known as the Inimitable, and to come back as a Inimitable means to have no greater honor.

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