Geralt :
Geralt au Roin of House Meticulous [WiP] Large

Geralt au Roin of House Meticulous

House:  Meticulous

*Deadpan stare*


Touch anything that's mine and we'll have problems.


Geralt's lean, athletic form might be deemed graceful if it weren't for the undercurrent of tension that charges his every move, every action and even every syllable in his voice.  Imagine if one took a springy, flexible tree branch, but then pulled it back to its very limit--it would lose any semblance of control or freedom that its form typically possessed.  His hair is a silvery white and he usually leaves it unstyled.  His eye color is eerily similar to his hair color but more gray than silver.  He stands just a few inches shy of six foot and his canines are eerily sharp.

Geralt's mind is very much a trap.  On the surface, he looks calm, peaceful and in control, but say one wrong word, or make a move that dissatisfies him and he'll explode into a flurry of discord.  He prefers to speak with as little words as possible... honestly, he doesn't care to speak to anyone save his sister.  An unhealthy obsession with Graycia began when he was young before she was even born, which sounds impossible, but only if one doesn't consider his equally unhealthy fixation with his mother.  All he ever wanted was her love; a love that he never received, a love that he still seeks in whatever form that his twisted mind will accept.

His every action, his every thought begins and ends with her and he will tear apart the Heavens itself if it means he can be with her and her alone forever.  This desire and want might seem crippling, but it has made Geralt strong, it has made him better.  Perseverance, courage, and a will of iron are what he now possess in the place of cowardice, doubt, and sycophantic pandering.

Photographic Memory - One look, one glance and, barring any physical trauma, Geralt will be able to recount anything perfectly.  His interpretation of things can still be skewed, of course.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu -  This entails extensive knowledge of ground-fighting, take-downs, joint locks and other painful submissive moves.  Geralt has taken this one teensy step further and implemented his own deadly executions via one of his choice daggers or the garrote wire that is hidden within each sleeve of his fine suits.

Strategist -  Geralt does have a brilliant mind when he concentrates and he has read countless books on the philosophy, the strategy and subtle intracies of war on the physical and mental fronts on a large and small scale.

Roin Mansion

3rd Eldest Son

Animal Form:
Black Panther

Geralt was born the third eldest to the Roin horde, currently sixteen strong at this point.  Born a twin, it was hard for Geralt to gain much, if any, affection from his absentee parents.  He grew alongside his siblings who were all as cruel and mean as rabid hyenas--he became jaded and sadistic as well; he also learned to give as good(or bad) as he got.  Abuse was the standard: punches were hugs, cigarette burns served as kisses.  By a young age, he was used to dealing and receiving pain in a plethora of forms and levels of intensity.

One day, like a ray of sunshine through dark clouds, a small, silver-haired girl blossomed into his life.  It was his younger sister, Graycia.  Gracyia was smart, sweet and seemed to be filled with a boundless amount of kindness--she was everything he wished that he could be.  Thus, began the obsession...

By the age of twelve, his mother burdened him with a mantle of responsibility: ensure the servants performed their duties, maintain order among his younger siblings, and, of course, maintain the family Honor.  From his seat of power, he watched his younger sister grow, watched her learn about the world around her; every time she smiled, every time she laughed he felt knives plunge into his heart.  She received all the hate and abuse that he did, but she was... she was happy!  Her compassion and sincerity were abused by her older siblings and they responded with anger, spite, and violence.  

Geralt's elder brother once beat him within an inch of his life.  Why?  Simple.  Geralt had talked back, Geralt had displeased him.  The third eldest son lay in the courtyard of the mansion, bleeding to death and covered in dirt.  His eyes had swollen up to mere slits and he could only see the silver of her hair glowing resplendently in the sun.  He knew, without a doubt, that it was his sister, but he pretended it was his mother--a mother he fully well knew would have walked right past him had she been there.

"Don't let him die, Graycia... I would hate to have another family scandal."

These were the kind, loving words that his mother offered to Graycia as she young girl attended to Geralt's wounds.  After his mother had left, Graycia whispered a few words to Geralt; words that he would and could never forget.

Much to his ire, the two were separated once Geralt's injuries had healed.  Graycia was sent off to live in a tower on the edge of the property.  Still, he watched her every night before bed through a telescope.  Alone, now more than ever, his desire feasted and grew on this diurnal act of voyeurism to an unhealthy level.  He had plans, intricate plans, to take Graycia for his own and leave the property, but he was driven to the brink of madness as his Graycia was whisked away to work for their step father.


The calamity hit soon after and Geralt has been going about his duties as per usual.  Any chance that he can get he is tracking, planning and calculating his next move towards his ultimate goal--to own what is rightfully his... Graycia.


Scandalous incest and torture!

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