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descriptionNathan au Hekili of Mutiny

Name: -
Nathan au Hekili

House: -

Gender: -

Age: -

Alignment: -
Neutral- he does what he thinks is a good idea, mostly on the fence on many topics

Ethnicity: -

Physical Characteristics: -
Nathan is quite tall, about 6,3, which leads many to believe he is quite strong, which is quite the opposite. Nathans hair seems to stand straight up, with a hint of red, is normally brown. His eyes are a mix between a meadow green, and soil brown. Nathans skin is quite light, but not as different as anyone else. His face is covered in small and large freckles, making him to look like a small child. His posture is quite bad. Slanting all the time, terrible for his back! His weight is the normal 178 lbs.
Mental Characteristics: -
Not quite as smart, but is up there. Nathan has quite the anger issue, which leaves to many conflicts and drama. He had many outbursts from such the littlest actions. His anger has led him to be more quiet and anti-sociable. He talks when you talk to him. He yells when you yell at him. Nathan has been in many fights, won and losing many, but never in a fight with a lethal weapon ((Aka gun or knife)) Nathan enjoys sarcastic jokes more than often, but never when its put on him. Nathan does a phobia of Birds, Chickens, and or hens of any sort. While he denies the fact he does, he tends to stay away from farm houses. Nathan does have a habit of staring off into space, writing down ideas onto anything that is near ((its be a table, wall, or napkin)) and just leaving them there. He occasionally chews his nails.
Talents: -
Nathan is known for his poetry and short stories. Nathan writes a lot, due to the fact that its the only act of getting rid of his anger in a Positive and non-physical action. Nathan has many ideas to share, but refuses to due to the fear of people hating his work, and or stealing his work.

Home: -
Terra Complex

Job: -

Animal Form: -

Bio: -
Nathan grew up in a family in which many would consider "Poor." This made Nathan a prime target for some teasing. However, Nathans anger was prime at this time, a ticking time bomb, an out of control fire. You could give this little boy a glare and he could go off on you. Punches going everywhere. Kicks missing. And screams of just pure hatefulness. Nathans parents knew this, and they feared the worst. His parents decided to take him out of school, and homeschool him instead. Which, with their lack of education themselves, didn't exactly help Nathan with his intelligence, it did however, lead to his love for reading and writing. For most days when he was supposed to be learning his math and or history, he instead read about explorers and adventures tackling the dangerous battles and tasks assigned to them. Reading about all these sort of adventures excited Nathan, he wanted to be apart of it. He wanted to be known for "Saving the world" or "Discovering a new artifact" He wanted his name down on the books he read. This is when Nathan discovered on what he wanted to do with his life in the future. Be an Explorer. Of coarse his parents were very wary of this idea, came through after he convinced and compromised with them. As Nathan grew up, his anger seemed to quiet down to a near whisper. He barley got angry, and never socialized with anyone besides his parents. He never went outside his house unless his parents dragged him out, even then, he always had his face deep into a book. As Nathan grew older, his interests in books became more of an obsession, his room was flooded with them. All have been read once or twice. His interest in love, friends, or social life in general never came to mind with Nathan. He only cared about his books, which he treated like his children. At the age of 18, his elders have started to look down upon the young man. They wanted him to go out, get a wife, start a family, etc. etc. etc. Nathan ignored their commands, not caring what they think or said. It only took his parents kicking him out for him to actually realize what his obsession has done to him. After finding a decent apartment in the Terra complex, Nathan soon started to socialize. Or, so he thought. Yes, he talked to people, chatted them up, made jokes, and be friendly, but never Nathan made a true friend. Nathan just went up to strangers and talked to them. If they liked him enough, they would give him their address or some sort of contact so he can chat them up again. Nathan has a drawer full of those IDs. Never has he once contacted that person again. He just thought he was being sociable. It was until one incident that caused him to regain his anger, his anti-sociable-ness, and his obsession. While walking back from a quick quest to get some food, Nathan was stumbled upon a group of drunk thugs. Many saw Nathan to be the toughest guy around, and being as drunk as they were, wanted to prove their strength by challenging Nathan to a fight. Nathan refused the offer and proceeded to continue home. Then right there in then, a punch to the back released Nathan anger back into him again. Nathan stumbled forward and nearly fell, catching his balance at the last second. Hearing the laughter of drunken men made Nathan turn around. The memory of children picking on him made Nathan punch the guy right in the jaw. The thought that he could die with no honor, no fame, no memory of who he is or was, made him continue to throw punches and kicks until blood was shed from both him and the group of drunks. It only took 3 witnesses to actually calm him down and drag him away from the bloody drunk. He went home bleeding, injured, and crying that night to realize the monster of rage that lives inside of him. He didn't want that. He just wanted to be an adventurer. A author. A somebody. Not somebody known for his killer rage. Nathan has and is still spending years to control his anger and taking mini quests and missions to control his rage, and move forward to achieve his dream. He will later join the house of Mutiny after becoming interested in their governing techniques and ideas. At this time, Nathan is the biggest mission he has been on. To find the daughter of a wealthy family. She has been kidnapped, and is now needing of assistance. Nathan has saved up for this trip and travel. Food. Water. And any other essential items has been accounted for.

Feat: -
Nathans anger has led to some good in his life however.
It has led to his feat in which it being a spurt of Strength In which Nathan is given extra strength then him, or an average man would have. This however, takes a lot of stamina. Leaving him tired and weak afterwards. 

Character Goal: -
To Find this missing girl, and achieve his dream of becoming a famous explorer.

descriptionRe: Nathan au Hekili of Mutiny

Good afternoon, Nathan au Hekili! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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