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descriptionJohnathon au Cabal

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Johnathon au Cabal the Arch Governor of House Meticulous






Lawful Neutral


Physical Characteristics

Johnathon is rather bookish. He does his best to get some exercise once a day, but he often forgets. Standing at five foot nine inches and weighing in at one hundred and fifty pounds, hes rather lean as far as men go. He tends to dress in layers which make him appear larger than he actually is. He prefers generally simple outfits in dark colors with metallic accents. 

Mental Characteristics

While Johnathon does his best to meet everyone's requests, hes been known to acts of vindictiveness. While he'll never go out of his way to make sure someone gets hurt, he believes in the power of words. You must also be sure to read the contract and if you don't, well that's not his fault. His humor is dark and self serving, but he's efficient and ruthless with his house. Its why he was chosen for his position.


John is quite good at time management and is rather organized. His patience is legendary, especially considering his job is to balance the egos of his house members and the whims of his Sovereign. 


Had an addition added to his office that contains a bed and wardrobe. This maximizes his efficiency


Arch governor of Meticulous as appointed by his majesty the Malik au Bakuran The Sovereign of Meticulous and Draconian

Animal Form

Black Leopard


Johnathon was born to a family of great wealth but low in power. They had much to offer the House, but his father was a meek man and slow witted. He had made much of his money as a younger man, and had acquired quite a bit more from his own father when he passed. He was a great duelist as well, and it had done him a great service, as it had seen him through a great number of blood feuds. Johnathon's father was never good with words, though he owned a massive library of books. Much to his annoyance, his son had found great interest in the books. Johnathon had learned to read as soon as he could and by the age of twelve had read nearly every book in the library. He was already articulate enough to school adults three times his age in matters they understood nothing about, and had gone to the effort to catalog every piece of his home and its value, from the grandest painting and piano to the light bulb in the family cellar. Short of counting each nail in the wall, he maintained...meticulous...notes on his families incomes, debts, and investments.

At the age of seventeen, he signed a contract and in one pen stroke, removed his father as head of house and took over his family. His parents now answered to him, as did every servant. But more importantly, he called in every person he owed money, and every person who owed him money. In one night he settled his families budget, and legally bound some of the most powerful members of House Meticulous as his subordinates. They hadn't read the paper they'd signed, which made him the acting owner of all their money, slaves, and soldiers. Of course, some present company didn't react well to this knowledge and challenged him to a duel. In all his preparation for this moment, he hadn't considered someone simply killing him and taking everything he owned.

However tonight was going to change dramatically. As though he had rolled the cosmic dice and come up with a jackpot, this was the night a special fog rolled through Lumos. But for his challenger? 

That night was a Calamity.

Johnathon had only his experiences watching his father to go on, but he grew a sword and dueled the man. He didn't know how, but he was outpacing a man with twice his experience with moves he'd never tried before. It was like his muscles were guiding themselves, and without them, Johnathon surely would have been struck dead. After disarming his opponent, he realized every eye in the room was on him, to see what he would do next. When he doubled over in pain, everyone believed he had been wounded. When he had turned into a very large leopard, they tried to run. When he had eaten his dissenters, they were silent. 

The world may have gone to Hell, but that didn't mean it didn't need someone to run it. And he hadn't put in all that effort just to see it all go to waste.


Adoptive Muscle Memory: After seeing someone perform an action or other skill, Johnathon's body can replicate those actions, though whether he understands how or why depends on what he's doing. This can backfire on him however, for he can attempt things he has seen, but it doesn't guarantee his body is conditioned to handle the action.

Character Goal

As always, to keep the House Meticulous running as smoothly, and as perfectly as ever. To ensure both the cooperation of the leaders of the different families under that name, and to serve his Sovereign dutifully as his Arch Governor. 

descriptionRe: Johnathon au Cabal

Good afternoon, Johnathon au Cabal! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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