Malakai au Mallory [W I P ] 2ekszsp

Name: - Malakai au Mallory

House: - Discord

Gender: - Male

Age: - 35

Alignment: - Chaotic Neutral

Ethnicity: - Of African Descent

Physical Characteristics: -

Mental Characteristics: -

Talents: - He most certainly has a way with words in the way that he can command them in such a way that anyone who can hear him will surely listen to him, be it out of fear or wonder remains to be see.

Home: -

Job: - Deus Dominus

Animal Form: - Black Panther

Bio: - When Malikai was born, he thought that his parents were cool and unique. He didn’t quite understand why his dad was black and his mom was white, but that’s what made them amazing. He didn’t understand that this was not a common practice. Though, that would explain why he was often bullied by the other children.

Feat: - Tautogram/Alliteration (Depends on the format he chooses to speak in) Basically, by stringing together a sentence (or a series of sentences) with most, or all, the words starting with the same letter, 

Character Goal: -