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descriptionAlverna au Voth Mayor of Maelstrom

Name: - Alverna Au Voth The Mayor Of Maelstrom

House: - Maelstrom

Gender: - Female

Age: - 35

Alignment: - Neutral Chaotic

Ethnicity: -  Middle Eastern

Physical Characteristics: -
A Bit short standing at 5,5 but likes to wear tall heels bringing her to around 5,8, She has a athletic body from years of acrobatics.

Mental Characteristics: -

Mis, Voth has a very alluring and intelligent personality. She is Normally calm but can become highly passionate when its appropriate. She has a bad habit of lying even when not necessary, Still her lies are so rock solid and she never forgets a lie she has already told that it never truly matters. Her lies simply become fact to her and others.  She is secretly scared of being found out but takes comfort in her husband's presence. She is loyal solely to herself and as an extension of love to her husband and child.

She has sticky fingers, and a sharp mind. Always looking for an exit and a way to manipulate the situation to her advantage.
Her FEat has made her develop a bit of a masochistic side.

Talents: - Re-curve bows, Pistols and short swords are her weapons of course. She is a talented liar and trickster. Rogue like skills, she is good at psychology as well as physiology for taking people down.

Home: - Lives with Prof, voth Her husband.

Job: - Mayor of Maelstrom

Animal Form: - Raven

Bio: -
The Mother Land
They say Cheaters never win. Alverna Au Voth Plans to make that statement no longer hold meaning. Born into royal blood, but far away from the crown. Alverna had to find other ways to gain power. From a young age she was always seen as a clever girl. She would constantly play tricks and attempt to fool everyone around her. At 1st this was seen as cute, until she started to get older and people wanted her to behave and to conform to the rules.

So she did…,at least on the surface. This only prompted her to learn to be a better liar and a more clever cheat. She studied attempting to learn as much as she could. Finding that the more she knew the better she could trick and manipulate others. Being royalty allowed her to learn the ins and outs of high class society. She took great pleasure in being treated as royalty, and yet it was so boring.

By the time she was 13 she was already well learned. Around now is when she started being more present at court. An that is where she met the spymaster for her family. They became friends over a few months and the spymaster started to train her. Building up her physical skills by raising her acrobatics and agility. She Learned slight of hand as well as how to us a bow and short sword. Her SpyMaster friend preferred the bow but also trained her in gun play, and daggers. She took to this training fairly well, in part de to her already having some skills in eac from a younger age. She would play with the boys when they went out to hunt and practice in secret.

Around  15 years of age things took a sudden shift. She was to be married of to another family. It was to make stronger bonds but would bring her little to no benefit. She felt no feelings for the man she was to be married off to was, to put it in nicer terms, a Pig. This would not do for a lady of her talents and brains. So she came up with a plan to rob them blind using all of the skills she learned from the spymaster. Her plan went of with almost no problems. She was spotted about once and failed to take out the witness.

When she returned home with her claim the spymaster caught her. The spymaster warns her that news arrived faster than she did and she must run. Leaving her home she traveled a fair bit around the world, always fearing for her life. Until she found herself on a one way trip to the Neutral land of Lumos…

A New Life

She had spent a good deal of cash to get a change of identity. Here though she could be free and us her real name. On her trip over she ran into a dashing young man by the name of Hewitt. He was charming and pretty trusting. He seems new to the world at large yet very bright. She took a liking to him, she could be open with him and he never seemed to shun her but instead took even more interest. He would call out her lies even though she had mastered the art over the years, yet he was not mad she lied but took it in good sport.

She Got herself a job at the college, teaching a class on psychology and the art of deception. Her class was quite popular and many children of men of power would attend her class. Thus gave her a bit of influence. She preferred to keep it all underground though. While she did feel safe here for her Homeland held zero power here, she did not want to attract attention. Stealing and subterfuge had become partly in her nacher, and gained her a reputation as a masked criminal by the name of the Raven.

When she married in the next two years to Hewitt they cleaned all the cash she made together and she promised to Hang up her mask. Not because he hated it, because she mostly only stole from people who had way more than they needed and gave a lot of it to charities as well. He was more concerned with her getting caught. She respected that and put more her efforts into her studies and her teachings.

When they had there Kid she became a stay at home mom for a lot of the early years. Until they She helped teach their kid how to lie and be deceptive. Around the time there baby girl was 5 she helped in training her more acrobatic skills as the new Tutor they hired helped with rounding off her skills. She also took this time to sharpen her own skills. Intermingling herself into high society.  They used some of their cash and influence to build a lab for hewitt, underneath a condo they purchased. Everything seemed great until…..

The Calamity

Everyone knows about the calamity so let me just explain her take on the event. Her husband was the one to wake them all up when the event started. At 1st they banded together until there sweet little girl left them to join Havoc. She supported her in this decision knowing how it feels to want to go off on one's own. Gave her daughter her blessing and made her promise to never forget her family.

With Her gone along with her tutor Alverna and her husband had to fend for herself. They did good for a few months. Hewitt became surprisingly good at keeping us out of danger and seems to have a good sense for when danger was near. He would always seem to get us out the way of trouble in the knick of time. THey would fly through the air away from danger. Her Thief name become her literal form as she became a ravon blending into the night.

One night she was captured in her sleep while her husband was away looking for food. She was able to fight some of them off but was badly hurt in the middle of combat.  Slashed across her chest leaving a large gash. The pain and bleeding were unbearable and all she could think of was  if there was a way to heal herself. Only a fool would think of such a thing, she was losing far to much blood, even if it did heal where would she get the extra blood from. She lost to much she was going to die. One of the attackers approached her and grabbed her. Instinctively she grabbed hold of the mans wrist. Suddenly the man started to scream in pain. She also cried out but her grip only got more tight. Her wounds all seemed to start to heal but the man's wrist looked as if it was shriveled and brittle, as if all of the nutrients were pulled from it.

This one event was not the last. Whenever she touched others all her cuts and bruises seems to heal as they seemed to become more brittle in the area she touched. She learned that the wider the areas she touched the less damage to the other person she did, but she also learned she could not turn this off. Accidentally hurting her husband one night as they slept. A skill that seems to fit someone has selfe servicing as she was. To heal herself and take from others.

She soon suggested they join the queen once the queen took power. Along with her husband she positioned herself as close to the queen as she could. Using her old influence as former royalty she gained the queen's trust. She needed not talk about how she was far removed from the royal family and a outcast. It was a good thing she held onto her family seals and jewelry. She sold a lot of things in her travels but she never let go of her seals and jewels from her family. Maybe she knew they would come in handy one day.

She was given a seat of power directly under the Queen. A nice position to have when joining the soon to be ruler of this land. Her husband not being a man to seek power took up a spot by the Queen's side. His influence being more in the shadows as the Queen's direct adviser. With this the Voth family had a strong foothold inside the maelstrom House. Plotting along with the queen to take over all of Lumos…..

Feat: -
Stealing Touch- When she makes skin to skin contact with another person, she pulls Cells from them to use for her own healing. The The greater the damage she currently has the more cells she pulls from the other person. The resources she needs are pulled from the point of contact until exhausted and then starts to spread further.

Character Goal: -

To continue to grow Her and her husbands power and influence.
To also grow the Influence of house maelstrom, as an extension of growing her own power.
Her husband's goals are also her own goals for she knows that his success is also her success.

descriptionRe: Alverna au Voth Mayor of Maelstrom

Good afternoon, Alverna au Voth! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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