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descriptionSeraphina au Leander


Name: - Seraphina au Leander

Nickname- Phi

House: - Meticulous

Gender: - Female

Age: -19

Alignment: - Chaotic Evil

Ethnicity: - White, unknown heritage

Physical Characteristics: -  Long black hair worn in two ponytails. Red eyes. Pale skin. 5’6’’ 120lbs. Slender body type but decently strong for her size.

Mental Characteristics: -  Has acute Paranoia but she has come to drinking away her bad thoughts. She hardly ever gets drunk but gets tipsy rather easily. Some would say she has a drinking problem, but she excuses herself because it helps keep her thoughts in check. She is a free thinker and speaker. She has a hard time holding her tongue. Over the years it has gotten better, and now she will just mutter things under her breath rather than blurting out things that could get her in trouble.

Talents: - Holding her alcohol while still being able to complete work related tasks.

Home: - Wherever her Sovereign tells her it is

Job: - Assistant to the Sovereign of Meticulous

Animal Form: - Aardwolf

Bio: -  Seraphina didn’t really have a childhood. Her father is unknown to her because he left before she was born and her mother died giving birth to her. She was “raised” by various members of house Meticulous. More so she was kind of just passed around to various members when she reached the age of 7 so that she could do various tasks for people. No one particularly cared for her except the one who tended to her when she was only a baby but even then, Phi doesn’t know who that was since it wasn’t for long and was so long ago.

Being shifted to so many different places on a weekly or even daily basis, triggered a sense of Paranoia in her head. She felt she was always on the move because she was being targeted. This mental state started around the age of 15. So she started sneaking around and drinking to calm her thoughts. To her it seemed like a quick and easy fix. This brought her to being a tad more violent minded. She never really acted on her violent tendencies because she knew that would end more badly for herself than anyone else.

When Phi was 17 she kind of started doing things on her own. No one was giving her a place to stay anymore. She ended up staying out in the streets for some time. She hardly slept during this time because of fear. This caused her to be more cold hearted to the world than she already was. She started stealing from people and causing fights over gambling and cheating. During this time she did come across another person. Jeanette, was about the same age as Seraphina and they were both raised under extremely similar circumstances. They were both now considered homeless and they stuck together like glue. Jeanette was the only person that Phi even remotely trusted and that her paranoia didn’t affect. They gambled together and cheated at gambling together. Both girls took care of one another. About a year passes and then changes start happening everywhere.

Seraphina is now 18. Everyone in Lumos started struggling with all of the changes. Seraphina and Jeanette were under the influence most of the time so the initial shock of everything didn’t really bother them as much as it did everyone else. People changing into creatures and and other strange occurrences. This is when Seraphina started having to control her changes. At first it started with sharp teeth. Then pointy ears one day. Then she got a fluffy tail. About a week after she first started changing, she fully transformed and found out she could change back and forth into an aardwolf. Jeanette was a bit jealous because she only changed into a mole. They tried to not change into animals around each other so that Jeanette wouldn’t become lunch.

Soon after finding out about their animal transformations Seraphina started wondering about the strange powers that some people have now or feats as they call them. She was wondering how people got them or if she had any now. Jeanette soon found out that she could fly. It suited her because all of her life she always dreamed she could fly. Moving around place to place. Constantly having to start over. One night she got into a bad fight and then she started to fly. If she was stuck where she was, she would have probably died that night. Since then, both of them have been in multiple arguments and fights. Some more serious than others. Usually if things got too bad Jeanette would just pick up Phi and fly off before the two got themselves killed.  One night the two girls went to a shop and was trying to steal various items that they were going to sell off. The shop owner caught them in the act and had a bat behind the counter. He cornered them and this time Jeanette had no room to fly off with them. He hit Phi in the stomach with the bat one good time she started to cough up blood. She didn't pass out from the pain but was close to it. Jeanette then stood in front of his next blow and acted as a force field for Seraphina. He beat her she stood strong. Like as if she was invincible. He couldn't get passed her to Phi. This was odd because it seemed like she had gained another power. When most people only have one. The shop owner gave up and shouted at them to just leave before he calls in his buddies to help him finish the job. Jeanette and Seraphina ran out to the woods behind the shop. As soon as they felt safe, Jeanette dropped and then all of the bruises and blood started to flow. Her shield ability was only as she needed it. The shop owner hit her so many times that she was covered in blood and open wounds everywhere. Both knew that she was not going to make it. Jeanette died that night. 

Some time has passed and soon Phi would be 19 years old. Without her friend with her, Phi's paranoia started really affecting her again. She drank more and more frequently. She tried to keep herself busy with different activities but in her brain she thought everyone was trying to do her harm. One day the butler to the Sovereign, Arsenic was talking to a large group of house Meticulous. Seraphina joined in on the conversation mid topic. Arsenic asked the crowd if anyone would like to be useful for their house leader. No one raised their hand for they knew what he was asking. Seraphina, half drunk and not knowing exactly what was going on, raised her hand in the back of the crowd. Arsenic called her to the front. He said congratulations new assistant. From that day on Phi was apparently doing her best to serve the Sovereign.

Feat: - When frightened Phi generates a field around her that spans a half mile radius, everyone within this field has all physical damage done to them delayed. When a person is no longer in this field the damage that was delayed to them is no longer delayed and becomes present. 

(Examples being, in the field what would have impaled you doesn't impale you but instead goes right through you, and you feel no pain... When you leave the field the moent you do... you then are impaled and you have a hole in your body as if you had been impaled before.)

Character Goal: - To not get killed. 

descriptionRe: Seraphina au Leander

Good afternoon, Seraphina au Leander! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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