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descriptionBranwen au Kang

Branwen Kang

Ethnicity: African American and Polish

Personality:Sarcastic and flirty, with an affinity for dark humor.Some people would call her a joke, but those who have had the misfortune of fighting her would say otherwise.She loves guys with crooked smiles and nice butts.

Bio:Bran is somewhat of an enigma, popping up in hopstown one day and setting up camp.She made a name for herself after throwing a well know criminal through a shop window and then proceeding to claw his face out after she switched into a giant white saber tooth cat.What is know about her is that she is looking for a child named Cera and that she used to be able to sing.What can be gleaned from what little she says to the guys she sleeps with is that she once had a loving family and a husband, a nice house and a dog named Erin.She seems easy to talk to and flirts with anyone that peaks her interest, even though little is known about her, she is growing her legend.Her life before hopstown was hard and she loved it, she had a daughter named Cera and she loved her greatly.After the calamity everything changed, the world as they knew it changed.Bran found out her ability to shift into the extinct cat when her daughter was almost mauled by a rabid dog, the discovery of her feat was much more traumatic.Her small daughter turned into a small white peacock as her animal form, one day they were sitting on the side of the road recouping from there long walk to town.Cera glanced at her mother and shifted into her small peacock form and flitted around while her mother checked there bags, a beat up truck came puttering down the road.The truck was packed with the brim with thugs from the city, they saw little peacock Cera and grinned.They sped up and snatched her by her tail, Cera changed in the truck and began screaming only to have laughing her drown out her tears.Bran looked up as the truck sped away and she looked over to see Cera missing and one little hand flailing out the window of the truck.Bran let out a gutteral scream before running after the truck, she ran and ran, her feet started to become lighter and the truck drew closer and closer.She slammed into the back of the truck and slammed a giant saber paw into the back of the window.Two giant teeth ripped through the metal and roared only to be silenced by gun fire.Bran awoke in a pool of blood, she got up and mumbled "Cera" through dried lips.She looked over to the city's lights and began shuffling towards the glowing metropolis.Now she searches the streets asking for Cera,and stopping any thug stands in her way.Her naturally ability to pick up on peoples emotions and her strange sort of sixth sense that has kept her alive on the streets earned her the nick name Mystic of Chaos, while she chuckles at this little joke in someway she wonders herself if she might be psychic.

Feat:The average human runs up to 15 miles per hour, Bran can run up to 70 miles per hour for about 10 mins wich is about 11 miles per minute, and 40 for longer bursts of 20.

Animal form"White Saber tooth 


Job: Mutiny solider

descriptionRe: Branwen au Kang

Good evening, Branwen au Kang! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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