Character Profile:

Name: Ai au Kuro

Race: Muse.

Gender: Female.

Ethnicity: British.

Age: 27.

House: [[In the works.]]

Abilities: Music is all she really is good at in a mortal sense. Due to her race, she has the ability to listen in on the thoughts of others, as well as see slight images within her mind of where certain people are. Being able to seduce and flatter people with mere glances and slight mind tricks could also be considered a sort of ability, though most mortal females are also able to do such a thing. Also due to the abilities granted by her race the ability to seem almost irresistible [the scent of her physical form, the taste of her lips, etc] to many other races is also granted to aid her in capturing prey to feed from makes parts of her nature easier to deal with.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Weapon(s): [[In the works.]]

Physical Characteristics: Mid-length raven hair, several tendrils coming down at a slant over her right eye – usually in a form of disarray; soft to the touch and silken to the eye. Porcelain skin and deep pupil-less honey-golden hued eyes grace her facial features, though once going into a stage of rage, or anything of the sort, the colour of her irises tend to fade from golden, to crimson, and then, ultimately, to a bright scarlet hue. Her formal attire consists of a fitted long-sleeved red blouse accompanied by black dress slacks which hug her hips and loosen through the leg into a slight flare. Casual clothing would fall under the category of a classic sense of fashion. Button up shirts, knee-length skirts, cardigans, and ballet flat. Occasionally dark blue skinny jeans and worded T-shirts of many different colours make their way into her overall wardrobe, though she prefers to remain professional, if not elegant. An array of leather bindings encircling her left wrist where as numerous hospital identification tags, worn and faded, finding their homes resting around her right. Within her right eye, tattooed upon the iris is a runic symbol, the same symbol being embroidered over her heart upon the blouse she wears on formal occasions and upon her left wrist; the ancient symbol of her house.

Mental Characteristics: [[In the works.]]
Animal Form: [[In the works.]]

Bio: [[In the works.]]
Feat: [[In the works.]]