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descriptionAlexander au Vertibras

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Name: Alexander au Vertibras

House: Draconian

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Ethnicity: White

Physical Characteristics:Alexander is rather spindly and small,with only 100 lbs on a frame of 5'7". He prefers suits of fine silk that hide his rather frail appearance,though each one is custom made to accommodate his unique anatomy. From his back sprouts eight additional spider limbs that when resting he keeps tucked around his body. Underneath his elegantly quaffed black hair sprouts two more additions to his anatomy,a pair of feeler like limbs that he uses to keep his hair pulled back out of his storm grey eyes as he works. 

Mental Characteristics: Alexander knows he scares people. Most people are inherently afraid of spiders,and he loves to get up in people's personal space. His somber appearance and soft voice make most people think he's meek or fearful, but this is rather the opposite. Unfortunately for his clients, he's also rather proud and a little paranoid. He worries that people will try to steal his technology and disregards requests when it comes to design in favor of his own designs. Because of his history of solitude and torture hes rather mistrustful of other people and expects the worst from everyone.

Talents: Alex has spent a lot of time working while hanging from odd angles and, as such, is adept at adjusting to orientation quickly. Having multiple limbs requires him to manage them, making him adept at multi-tasking. Not bothering to turn and look has made him quite skilled at determining what an object is by feel, and has developed a very detailed idea of what his workshop looks like without having to look. 

Home: His workshop

Job: Inventors Assistant

Animal Form: Brown Recluse Spider

Bio: Alexander was a weird child. Being born to a family in Draconian, they wanted a child who would grow up to be a warrior. A leader. When he started to grow and it was clear he wasn't going to be built for fighting, his family was dismayed. Alex didn't mind though, for he didn't like to fight, at least not with his hands. Alex always felt that hand to hand combat was overrated, and entirely unnecessary. Instead he learned to build and invent. He made his first invention at ten years old. It was a rather simple pocket firearm that he had modified to fire rubber bouncy balls. Nonlethal, but the schoolyard bully quickly learned what it felt like to be pummeled with rubber balls.

His parents began to see potential in their son and purchased him a soldering iron, bulk circuit boards, and anything else he asked for. It was a dream come true. The parents he had always wanted supporting his dream. Which made it all worse when they died. His father's heart had been failing for years and he died shortly before his thirteenth birthday. His mother, in her despair, wrote her suicide note and hung herself in their bedroom.

If Alexander was withdrawn before, he practically became a recluse after this. He would lock himself in his workshop for days at a time. Without any siblings, he was now heir to his family's money and home. Other members of Draconian came and attempted to meet with him, but every time they found the house increasingly more dangerous to approach. New traps appeared every time. Before long, the once beautiful home now looked a fortress under siege. It took a dedicated force two years to make it across the lawn and breach the front doors, and another year to reach the door to his workshop. 

There they found a boy of sixteen, frail and emotionally distant. They took him in for questioning, and he prepared for the sweet release of death. Surely with what he put them through they would put him to death. His traps had only killed one person in three years, not that he couldn't have made death traps. It had been an accident, but he wasn't expecting mercy. He also wasn't expecting to be given a shower, clean clothes, or to be invited to a dinner. In fact not one dinner but several. He met with the mayor, several heads of households, and after a month he finally insisted that someone tell him what was going on. They thought him so funny. They actually laughed at him when he held a crossbow made of matches and sharpened toothpicks to someone's head. To them, he wasn't a prisoner. He was a prize. They explained that after reviewing all the traps, all the weapons, all the inventions, he was going to be allowed to continue his work, but for them. His life was going to be spared so that he could push their tech forward to a new level of ingenuity.

He refused, and they locked him away again. Placed in a dark cellar with nothing but a single candle and one match, though his wardens warned him he'd rather not know what he shared the darkness with. Every day they pushed a single tray of food under the door and a single cup of water. The worst part wasn't the darkness or the hunger. It was the insanity that he felt creeping over his skin every day. It crawled up and down his arms, across his back and chest. He felt his mind losing hold on reality, so he lit the candle, just to reassert some level of sanity. He heard the laughing when he finally screamed himself raw. If only he'd stayed in the dark. 

When the Calamity came he barely noticed, though he did feel more at peace than he had in a long time. Maybe it was his mind. Had he finally snapped? The crawling of his skin had stopped and he was able to sleep for the first time in so long that when his jailers opened his cell door he had forgotten where he was. New fear gripped him until he looked around and saw the swarm had formed a circle around him. The jailers tried to push them back with fire, but they wouldn't be moved. They waited, still, unflinching like soldiers awaiting their orders. When he saw the legs circle around him from behind he wept and nearly lost control of his bowels. When they screamed at him he uttered his first words in how long? He had no idea. Alex could no longer remember the sound of his own voice. "Just leave." And the hoard surged forward overwhelming his tormentors.

They found him later when their soldiers never came back, though they never found the two they'd sent to retrieve him. It took a long time to come to terms with his new self, and this new world. It took longer still for him to regain the energy to even meet his new captor, someone called the Sovereign. He was given the same offer as last time. Build for Meticulous or die. This time he smiled and accepted. It had been too long and this new world needed him in it. After all, who else to spread suffering and madness then someone who had touched the edge of sanity. Alex wasn't ready to go back to work yet, at least as far as they told him. Instead he would be an assistant to someone else.

Feat: Alex has a little control over the minds of native spiders, however it seems he can only control spiders of the genus latrodectus ( Hes still rather inexperienced because of how little time he's had with the power, so for the most part he can only direct one or two spiders at a time. In times of great stress however, it appears that he may be able to effect more spiders en mass, but for now its still untested. Alex can direct the spiders to simple tasks, though they sometimes get confused.

Character Goal: Alex hasn't had a normal life since his parents died. He wants to find his niche in the world and move forward. His parents wanted him to invent, and its all he's ever been good at, so that is what he will do, but for now he will relearn what its like to be a member of society.

descriptionRe: Alexander au Vertibras

Good evening, Alexander au Vertibras ! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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