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descriptionToxic au Venomra

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Name: -
Toxic au Venomra

House: -

Gender: -

Age: -

Alignment: -
Chaotic Evil

Ethnicity: -

Physical Characteristics: -
Slouches, nearly sickly thin, slightly sunken cheeks and bags under his eyes. Wears nice suits if they’re slightly unkempt. Normally smoking. About5’10” and 110 lbs. A greenish-gray tone to his skin, shorter black hair and brown eyes and a pipe pressed to his lips.

Mental Characteristics: -
Obsession, exceptionally materialistic, extreme addiction issues. Abandonment issues; “Since the world fucks me, fuck the world.” Skeptical, cunning, presses his advantage.

Talents: -
He’s good at what he does, which is black market deals. If it’s guns, organs, drugs, children, or anything else you can think of, Toxic is the man to go to.

Home: -
Orin Mall

Job: -

Animal Form: -

Bio: -
From a young age Toxic could only be considered a con man. Whether it was food and sweets, playing cards, or other children’s toys Toxic normally got whatever it was he wanted, and at a sizable profit to himself. Normally he ended up being forced to give it back by someone in an authority role over him, normally teachers. See, Toxic wasn’t exactly an orphan, but he did have absent parents. The person that ended up paying the most attention to him was his parents dealer, luckily someone had some semblance of morals if not the strictest compass.

Toxic was 10 when he made his first drug deal. He wanted money for something small, he couldn’t even remember what it was, so he stole from his parents stash and sold it quickly to some shady person for a lot less than it was worth. After his parents found out and beat him half to death, the most attention he received in his young life, he realized the no one could be trusted. He packed his bag and left his home, carrying all he wanted with him, normally switching between various dealers and clients and, most often, his friend Virus’s house.

Between the things he got Virus into, oh nothing heavy at first he didn’t want his friend to end up like his father, and the fact the only thing Toxic ended up with from his family was a strong distrust and cynicism his stays at Virus’s were normally short lived. By the time he was 12, Toxic was forbidden from stepping foot on their property. It didn’t matter to him much as at that point he mastered a decent amount of black market trade using his body and whatever he could get his hands on.

He did this for years, often letting his friend Virus help him, and eventually began to specialize in transport. Toxic would primarily make contacts and move goods from their source (to him) to his contact and take a finders fee out every time. It worked great as long the goods weren’t too hot and as long as Toxic kept quiet. That being said there were a few hiccups; like the Calamity where Toxic had to figure out exactly who had what and who needed it. However most of the hiccups were more into the same lines as his friend Virus getting kidnapped.

After Virus ended up racking up a large debt in addition to Toxic sacrificing a shipment to a rival gang, his friend was kidnapped. Toxic waited a few days before responding, he had more pressing things to worry about like deliveries and making sure the bastard learned his lesson by suffering for a while. However, eventually Virus’s worth to Toxic eventually burst through the latter’s head who merely took a deep breath and went to save his friend.

Toxic had next to no idea where he was going but rather just walked in the general location of where he felt was best. He knew he had to get into the compound, get his friend, and get out preferably alive and without cashing in any favors. He sighed cause he knew he was going to need a lot of luck. He almost chanted to himself “Luck be with me,” over and over again.

Toxic felt a strange desire to turn. Never one to fight most of his urges he followed it quickly coming to the HQ Virus was held at. He chuckled and decided to follow his urge as it told him to shift into his giant snake form and slither through most of the camp. He quietly made it through and to Virus’s… cell? He killed the guards with his large and fast form before shifting back to get Virus out. “Get us the fuck out of here.” He told his friend. This bitch was going to owe him a lot now.

Feat: -
Orin’s Own Luck. (A play on the history of Lumos along the same lines as a fortunate person. Based on the phrase God’s or Devil’s own luck.) Toxic has an abnormal amount of luck that normally plays to his advantage if he needs it, including losing at the opportune moment. However, this is a passive ability and Toxic has no control over it, it also doesn’t affect absolute truths. If something has a 100% chance of working or failing, his ability will not alter it. Additionally, I have added a RNG coin flipper to determine the success of actions in contested space. 1 head means successful, 2 tails means failure.
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Character Goal: -

Make it to the top and stay there.

descriptionRe: Toxic au Venomra

Good morning, Toxic au Venomra! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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