Name: -
Arin au Kang

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Age: -

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Chaotic Good

Ethnicity: -

Physical Characteristics: -

Mental Characteristics: -
level-headed, stoic, Passionate to the point of ignoring all else to follow his ideals. A man of good stature if questionable repute, definitely believes goodness comes from everywhere. Believes strongly in his convictions and his word. If left alone long enough, he begins to wonder what he’s missing.

Talents: -
A natural born leader who thanks to his birth place in life wouldn’t amount to much in regards to power. A decent brawler who mimics boxing. General all around good guy who does what he has to do and does his best to be good at it. Intelligent

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Job: -

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Bio: -
Even from a young age Arin showed promise and talent though it seemed to be squandered. He was able to pick up on things quickly but that often left him bored. Rathan than focus on his studies and other tasks, he dropped out at age 12. At this point he amassed a small following of other children around his age. Thinking it was pointless to become a basic cog in the society on Lumos, he decided they needed to make a name for themselves. He came up with the name “Young Luck Kings” and started doing small group activities.

He prided the Kings as some form of Robin Hood group that primarily stole from the rich and gave to those less fortunate, while keeping a bit for themselves. The issue was they got far too greedy too fast and ended up attacking a high ranking mafioso. Despite how effective they were and how quickly they made a name for themselves, Arin was still surprised to receive a job offer opposed to an execution.

He was taught a lot in the next two years about leadership, about structure, about a lot in a way that both interested him and made him feel responsible for those under him. And for the next few years he used that to make him and his Kings into a linchpin force for his conglomerate. So everything seemed to go well.

When the Calamity struck, a few lower gangs attempted to take advantage of the chaos and Arin ended up taking a heavy blow to the skull, jarring his memory. Luckily he survived and his underlings explained most of that for him. Though, he couldn’t help but feel like they left something very important out. It slowly ate away at him the more he stayed alone. And now, he’s working to find it, whatever it may be.

Feat: -

Character Goal: -
To discover whatever is missing from his life