Within in a campaign, there are several options available based on characteristics that can be found in the characters, the campaign, and the techs of each character. In a campaign, there are primary modes of interaction. These main methods are 
TravelInteraction,[x]  and Combat[x] .
Travel: (WIP)

Make it from point A to point B with obstacles that are created by the person playing the antagonist. (This should be established OOC)
In space and each district within Lumos are beacons, these beacons are mile markers. These beacons also act as a means of navigation instructing people on how to get from town to town. The Antagonist will dictate how many beacons need to be traveled to before you make it to the desired location, the Antagonist will also dictate how many posts are required to reach a beacon. Traveling from beacon to beacon can be done in multiple forms of travel.

Land Travel - Traveling via motorized vehicles on land.
Sea Travel - Traveling via motorized vehicles on the sea.
Air Travel - Traveling via motorized vehicles in the air.
Foot Travel - Travel via walking/running, which should take longer than these initial movement options. The characters travel from beacon to beacon making a certain amount of post per beacon. This value is set by the Antagonist.