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descriptionDr. Darwin au Briggs


Name: - Darwin au Briggs (Dr. Briggs)

House: - Draconian

Gender: - Male

Age: - 28

Alignment: - Neutral Good

Orientation:- Gay

Ethnicity: - European

Physical Characteristics: - YAOI HANDS TO PLAY DOCTOR WITH!  Dirty Blonde/ Light Brown hair. Hair is short and kind of shaggy/ disheveled. Light, Blue-Green eyes. Glasses. Ivory complexion. Tall and slender. About 6’1’’ and 175 lbs. Muscular but lean.

Mental Characteristics: - Dr. Briggs has a very high sex drive (ever hear the phrase F*** like rabbits? yeah, that's him) However, he tries his best to keep his desires hidden so that he can remain as professional as possible. Seeing vulnerable patients walk through his door on a daily basis, Darwin has a hard time doing this. Aside from his ever growing libido, Darwin is extremely intelligent in his field, he works day and night to further his research and better suit himself with knowledge of the human and non human body. 

Talents: - Healing your needs.....all of them....

Home: -  In Hops Town, his office has an apartment on the upper level. It is small and quaint, but it keeps him close to his business for emergency purposes.

Job: - Doctor

Animal Form: - White Bunny Rabbit

Bio: - Darwin has always been highly intelligent. He was very intrigued with the body and how everything works. His parents thought him to be mad because he would dissect already dead creatures. His thoughts were that at least they were already dead, it wasn’t like he was going around killing innocent creatures. That would be cruel. Darwin was able to finish his schooling early and his medical training as well because it just came that easy to him. All he did was study, he never had time to really figure himself out as a person. It wasn’t until he was in his mid 20’s when he finished his schooling, that he found out his sexual orientation.

It all started with his very first patient. His name was Jackson. Jackson had come in with a really bad case of pneumonia. Darwin had helped many with this already. It was a fairly simple thing to cure now a day. Jackson had to stay for about a week in the doctor’s supervision. During that time the two of them got extremely close. They would talk in between Darwin’s other patients he was attending to. After Jackson had been feeling better and his fever went down, he was officially released from Darwin’s care. However, he didn’t want their “relationship” to end their. He asked his doctor to be with him. This took Darwin by surprise and was certainly unorthodox. He couldn’t possibly be with his patient, and a male patient at that. He was confused, but there was something about Jackson that he just could not refuse. He agreed to see him outside of his office. His feelings rose greatly over time for Jackson and vice versa. Over time they had seen each other for a couple of years, both hinting that they wanted to go the next step ...physically. This is when everything changed. Darwin found that he was able to transform into a rabbit. He all of a sudden had rabbit type tendencies. His libido shot through the roof. His heart beat fast whenever he was around Jackson. They finally consummated their relationship. His body was enthralled. He wondered why he had never tried to experience this kind of euphoria before.

One night as Darwin and Jackson were on their back from an evening on the town, they ran into some thugs.  These guys were drunk and dangerous. The couple tried to walk around them to get to their destination. The thugs, of course, didn’t want to allow that. A fight broke out. Jackson took most of the brutal beating. Another group of people was about to turn the corner, and the group of thugs dispersed like the despicable scum they were. Comparatively, Jackson was like a toothpick up against a truck. His body was bloodied very bad. Darwin wanted to help him but didn’t know where to start. He took off his glasses that had a splash of blood on them. All of a sudden he could see inside of Jackson’s body. He saw what was broken. His chest was collapsing. He had multiple fractures throughout his body. Darwin did what he could, but Jackson died in his arms in the middle of the street.

Some time later, Darwin decided to hit the books more. With his new ability, he could help more people faster. He tried to stay away from giving into any temptation that came his way. He just needed more time to get over the death of his first. Darwin retreated into the depths of his mind most days. He just needed to get through the motions of the day. There was possibility of him snapping out of this depression. One could assume the right person just needs to come by.

Feat: - X-Ray vision when he removes his glasses. Can see just through clothes or down to your bone structure. Medical use.

Character Goal: - As any doctor, his goal is to heal the sick and the wounded. He has a strong sense of ethics, when it comes to his patients at least. 

descriptionRe: Dr. Darwin au Briggs

Good evening, Dr. Darwin au Briggs! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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