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descriptionLegacy ra Wraith


The Legacy of Change, The Legacy of Fate, and finally, The Legacy of Rage.
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I am Change, the unrelenting Legacy of chaos.

Legacy is a twenty-seven-year-old male. Born in house havoc, he trained and educated under his master, whom he defeated and killed, rather than take on his apprentice. This plus a multitude of crimes against his House Havoc brethren would cause him to be cast out of house Havoc during the early stages of the Calamity. While he held the neutral nature, he behaved for reasons that many deemed evil. After this moment in his life, he is homeless. Living close to the lakes on Gress Mountain near pawlentree forest where he would mostly fish and train in solitude. 
During the early stages of the calamity, he had gathered a deep desire for fish; this caused him to find himself take a shark like transformation. He had stopped fishing and switched to hunting at this point. His nose being able to paint pictures in his head based on his surroundings. Fish wasn’t enough it would seem, and he would find himself allowing himself to go wild in the forest killing and eating all kinds of animals, whatever happened to be near.

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I am Fate, a forever in the Legacy of Order.
Physical Characteristics: Legacy stands at the height of five feet and eight inches, brandishing the artful tattoos that are earned through a combat art known as wiggin. Short Ivory blue hair, several tendrils coming down at a slant in the bank, but typically braided into a tightly and thinly woven rat tail. Under his eyes are markings that are a result of partial shark transformation, they act as gills. He is soft to the touch but firm and toned. He has dark honey-glazed eyes but maintains a disgruntled expression most of the time. His usual attire is cotton based fabrics, not wearing anything formal for any occasion. He is often seen shirtless or taking off the single hoody he uses when he doesn't need it to protect him from nature. 

Mental Characteristics: intelligent. He's smart, his father made sure of it, always keeping his studying to make sure he had peak mental abilities. 
Quiet. Yes, he's quiet because he's shy. He's never been one to start a conversation, and he doesn't exactly laugh easily. He's especially shy around those of the opposite sex. 
Fierce. Despite his shyness, when it comes to his duty or something that is important to him, he's extremely determined and aggressive. 
Determined. Some may call it stubbornness; he calls it determination. Once he begins something, he will see it through to the end. 

Legacy finds himself able to adapt, assess, and create tactical battle plans at a moment's notice.
He can contort his body for infiltration/stealth purposes, through flexibility and yoga, he is also able to absorb vast amounts of physical damage due to body hardening through repetitive small bodily harm in his training that had built his overall tolerance. Lastly, he possesses excellent deductive reasoning when focussed. He is a master level with the three most important stances in the wiggin style, an art that takes concepts from Muay Thai, Silat, and Capoeira and mixes them into one potent, swift and powerful weapon.
Capoeira, Muay Thai, and Silat
Feat:a distortion power that allows him to move through solid matter by disabling binding forces. This causes the matter to crumble, or break down around him as he passes through it, this can only work via initial contact with his head. 

Tools: - The Wiggin style has two primary weapons, but can be adapted to use any weapon with the right handle. The user wields these weapons with hands, feet, and spaces behind the knee and elbow, it additionally uses the mouth, and toes to grip these weapons as well. 

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Typically, Legacy will use small daggers with curved blades; he has two versions, one made with an iron alloy, the other made with a combination of wood and shark teeth. The shark teeth variant is the one he typically uses for distance. 

The other weapons he uses are all of a shark teeth option and wood; he had an arsenal at his disposal; he is a master of none of these weapons, but this is what allows for random movements. 

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Character Goal: - To die a warrior's death, or kill everyone in the process, whichever comes first.

I am Balance, the constant in a Legacy of Rage.
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Rising Tide

Legacy was born as Yvel au Wraith, of house Havoc. He was raised as most youngsters were, to be well rounded in life before choosing a mastery, a way of life, a profession, but due to his violent outburst and unwillingness to change his personal habits he was a late bloomer of sorts. That is until he met the master that he would one day kill. The qualities that made him perfect for the Wiggin style were the things that no one else cared for, his hunger for conflict, the idea to improve himself under any circumstance, while the wiggin style was frowned upon in Havoc society it was still a technique to be studied, mastered and learned. It required challenge after challenge, merciless victory after victory, it would mold the darkness that surrounded the young Yvel’s heart. When it came to apprehending criminals of any age, anytime… he would do so always at one hundred percent of his strength. After he had killed for the first time, his teacher had decided that it was time for him to move forward and issued the challenge to him that all havoc initiates would one day be issued… the challenge to ascend from the ashes.
Fighting a master in the Wiggin style was something out of a dream, the fact that it was a true fight to the death, made reality seem pointless and insignificant. Two Bodies clashed in the midst of a snow storm. Only their rage kept them warm, and the blood rushing to leave their wounds. Elbows smashed, knees buckled, heads slammed into one another over and over until the old man staggered, falling back. Yvel would then go in for the kill, a small knife stabbing into the lower abdomen, and lifting up off the ground, as organs were let loose, a blood-curdling scream, a thud to the ground and then finally outside of the wind howling against the trees. Silence.

From that point forward, his first name was no longer Yvel, he like his master shared a name. They had become the Legacies of the 
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Wiggin Style, as there were only five other masters they inherited the right to the name when the former mentor of the style had fallen. Legacy’s true training could begin

Shallow Tide

As the years past, Legacy would enter tournament after tournament, and learn from four of the five masters of the Wiggin style initially with the hopes of being able to raise the best apprentice he could, to kill his master so that he could learn from the fifth and final master of the art. The quality of his hunger knew no bounds as his ultimate goal was to learn from the Grand Master of House havoc so that his dreams of being the best were no longer fantasies at best. Things would not work this way, as instead, apprentice, after apprentice, after apprentice would die by the hands of his master. He had not put the pieces together; he spent the past seven years training new apprentices, but to his dismay, they had all failed to ascend. Growing frustrated, he went to challenge a different master, with the hopes that he could prove himself a better teacher than the other four. The battles, of course, ended in death, and when he taught his newly adopted apprentices, they would come close but would still be defeated. This vicious cycle would repeat itself until there were only two masters of the art left, Legacy had successfully gotten all of the practitioners of the art killed one way or another. Eventually, his teacher took on another apprentice, and then, the calamity happened.

Tidal Wave

When the calamity hit, Legacy had decided that the rules and makings of society were no longer fit to judge how things had been done. News of the alliance with House Meticulous and the ongoing war had him frightful that someone else would defeat his master before he had the chance, keeping him locked in his current position forever. Rather than attempt to train a new apprentice he took matters into his hand, and struck down his master with the force of the best Wiggin art that house Havoc could have mustered. He was then arrested for his crimes, imprisoned, and was to be put to death, but instead… longing to be free, with his hands and feet bound, he smashed his head into what appeared to be the weakest part of his prison, he did this again, and again and through miracles he flew out, leaving only a hole, but no impact. At the time he had no idea what he had done, but as Legacy made his race for freedom The Warrior quickly learned that by slamming his head into anything he could break anything. With the same prowess used to kill the other masters of the Wiggin style, Legacy escaped as the only other person outside of the grandmaster who knew his great martial art.

I am Unrelenting, Forever, and Constant... from this life to the next...
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Credit for the art goes to Uberzers, and Nakanoart

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Good afternoon, Legacy ra Wraith! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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