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Name:- Aimi

House:- Discord

Gender:- Female

Age:- 12

Alignment:- True Neutral

Ethnicity:- Japanese

Physical Characteristics:- Medium length, white, straight layered hair. Red eyes. Small child build. Smooth clean skin. While her animal form is a panda, she also dresses up as a panda. It suits her.

Mental Characteristics:- Aimi has only just begun her official slave life. She is the youngest of the current batch of slaves. This causes her to be more shy than the others. She isn't sure of herself or her surroundings. She wants to make a good impression and stay out of trouble to the best of her ability. She is one to stay quiet unless spoken to. She hopes that in her years of servitude she will prove to be of great use to her master.

Job:- Slave to Bezyle

Animal Form:- Panda

Bio:- See Bezyle

Feat:- Featless (For now. She hasn’t done enough in her life to really obtain one.)

Character Goal:- To serve her master

descriptionAimi  EmptyRe: Aimi

Good evening, Aimi! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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