Name: Catherine au Rabia the Rage Knight of House Maelstrom

House: Maelstrom

Age: 20


Ethnicity: Native American

Physical Characteristics: Catherine puts consistent effort into maintain her bodies conditioning and strength. Catherine stands at 5'6" and 175 lbs, but woe to those who underestimate her strength. After extensive training Catherine can bench and dead-lift 600 lbs. On her stomach and shoulders are blue sun tattoos, and she keeps her rust colored hair in a long, spiked mohawk. Her preferred style of dress is baggy pants, footwraps, and a sports bra, though she does have an intricately worked suit of white and gold armor, courtesy of her queen. She wears the armor during formal events or missions for the queen, though prefers not to wear it as she tends to damage it when she fights.

Mental Characteristics: While Catherine presents a front of unquestionable strength, she lead a traumatic life that left behind deep scars. She doesnt trust men, and doesnt like enclosed spaces. Her trauma has also left her with a very short temper and little regard for others feelings. 



Job: Rage Knight of House Maelstrom

Animal Form: 


Feat: Heart of Darkness

Character Goal: - 

This is the most required thing of all things within your character sheet, it must be a long-term goal, something you know you will have to work harder than just one forum thread to achieve. Examples include becoming the head of a house, or destroying another house, freeing the slaves of Discord. Which these goals can be used should you not be able to think of anything else. I encourage creativity, not only when creating this goal but when accomplishing it, sya your goal is to free the slaves, to throw a challenge onto it I would say free the slaves diplomatically and peacefully as possible.