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descriptionAxel ra Breaker

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Name: - Axel ra Breaker

House: - Shamed

Gender: - Male

Age: - 19

Alignment: - True Neutral

Ethnicity: - Caucasian

Physical Characteristics: - Standing at about 5’8”, weighing in at 120lbs (give or take), Axel is a scrawny blond haired white boy covered in scars and blood. He also has heterochromia; one eye is a bright blue whereas the other eye is a dark kind of green. One of his most notable scars is the ‘collar’ scar around his neck. Also a little above is a tattoo of an eye from his much younger years. He doesn't wear much in the way of clothes since he's never really been allowed to wear them before. All he's comfortable with so far is something small covering the goods down below. Also notable is the brand on his lower back (tramp stamp) that looks like a sea serpent. Or leviathan if you were to look at it and study it long enough. .

Mental Characteristics: - To say he's broken is an understatement. To say he has free will isn't exactly true, but saying that he's been brainwashed isn't true either. Axel is willing to please, doing anything and everything in his power to make whoever owns him happy. His methods of going about that are a bit weird, but it gets the job done when it needs to be done.

Talents: - Very high pain tolerance. Flexible.

Home: - Wherever the Queen keeps him; more specifically somewhere in the bedroom, chained to the side of the bed.

Job: -  Queen’s Fuck boy. Sex Slave. Torture Doll.

Animal Form: - Harp Seal

Bio: - Axel has been shamed and a slave for as long as he can remember. When he was born, he never really got to see his parents. They were slaves themselves so when he was born, he was immediately taken away from them so they could produce another. Luckily for him, he wasn’t going to be used for sexual things. They had other things in mind for this one. They were going to groom him into the perfect slave boy that would later be turned into a gift (but no one even knew that just yet. We’re getting ahead of ourselves, let’s keep going.)

They gave him a teddy bear. A very nice teddy bear. A white bear with pretty blue eyes. He held it tight and hugged it and kept it with him always. This was his favorite thing in the entire world. He didn’t understand why they even needed to give him these other things. He liked them, but he liked the bear the most. He didn’t really feel anything when they began to take the other things from him, didn’t even notice when they gave him new things. This fucking teddy bear. He loved this bear. He wanted to keep this bear with him always.

But then they took his bear away. He didn't understand why they took his bear away. They asked him he he thought he was a good boy. He nodded. But then they set the bear on fire and told him that he was not a good boy. And that bad boys got their things taken away from them and destroyed. Only good boys got to keep their toys. It made him really sad that he didn’t have his bear anymore, but what was he supposed to do? He needed to be good, had to try harder. They gave him a new bear and told him to do better. But then that began the downward spiral of his mental stability.

His training was vigorous and time consuming. It took its toll on his his mind, and his body. He grew tired of his teddy bears being taken from him, watching them burn to ashes. He hated being told that nothing he was doing was good enough and that he needed to try harder. He didn’t want to try harder, he wanted his bears to stop being taken. He fought back once. Only once. Once was all it took. He was beaten within an inch of his life and, for a sick thrill, had an eyeball tattooed into his neck.They left him there to bleed for a bit, think about what he’d done. They did come back later and patch him up though. Something about the boy needing to look decent if they were ever going to use him for something.

It was either when he was ten or twelve, he couldn’t really remember. He was with a small group of boys and they were learning a new skill for when they would be taken to a new home. They were paired off and told to perform oral sex on one another to learn it. There was never going to be any penetration of the anal cavity for the simple reason being that that was for the pleasure of whoever bought them to enjoy. Whatever, it's not like it mattered too much to him. Though, this whole sucking dick thing. It seemed like he was really good at it. It seemed to be one of the only things he was good at. He noticed his teddy bear(s) weren’t being taken from him after these lessons. The other boys noticed how well he got treated and how poorly they got treated so they decided a little revenge was in order.They dragged him off somewhere, took a very sharp knife (or shard of glass, or hard plastic; he was never really sure) and carved “S I N N E R” into his stomach. Why that word? Why on his stomach? Those five boys were the only ones to know. And they took that secret to their graves because upon finding out their prettiest boy was disfigured like that, those five were executed on the spot. So much blood. So much gore. It warped his small mind.

Which was why the wound on his stomach never fully healed properly. He liked to play with it when he had time alone when no one was teaching him things. His fingers were almost always soaked in blood and it became a fascination for him. Aside from that though, things seemed to progress for the better. Or if one could call repeatedly watching teddy bears burn to death in an effort to make him work harder and harder to be good and get things right progress for the better. He worked hard, strived to be the best that he could be. He thought things were going pretty well as the years went on. Though, that was until the Calamity hit. He wasn’t sure what happened. How it happened. Anything. He just woke up to being thrown clear across the room by one of the biggest creatures that he had ever seen. And it scared him. The people he had grown up around were either full on animals or half animals or they were just corpses. He screamed and curled up into a ball and that’s when it happened.

He felt something on his back. He wasn’t sure what it was, didn’t care what it was. It was just getting really heavy and he was too scared to move. He could hear a whole bunch of animals and other noises that he never wanted to hear again (or did he?). He wasn't sure how long he cowered there, nor was he sure of what the weight on his back was, but when everything went quiet he had to find out why. Fear kept him from moving for at least a day. When he was finally able to get up the courage to investigate, he found out the weight on his back was a dead body and it was sticking to him and he couldn’t get it off. Why? The quill like armor his body had produced as a defense mechanism had impaled into the flesh and just wouldn’t let go. He screamed and cried and eventually passed out from all the energy he wasted. When the people finally came to inspect the damage, he was one of the few who remained alive. He was taken somewhere else and given a different place to sleep and a new bear to keep him from having too big a fit. All that blood he’d seen though. All that gore. It . . . It had made him very curious. Had he been in a better state of mind at the time, he might have enjoyed it. But for the moment, he was just glad to be in a nice warm bed, fresh and clean, and no more quills on his body.

Although, that was about to change once more. Rumor was the Queen of Maelstrom and her entire entourage was arriving at the Maker of Discord’s place. Apparently he had kidnapped one of her chancellors. That was a very big no-no. He had been randomly chosen on the spot to be given to the Queen as a gift. A ‘no hard feelings’ tag slipped beneath the collar around his neck. This, this he wasn’t ready for. Hadn’t been expecting. But this . . . This was his life now, wasn't it?

Feat: - Quill Protrusion - When put under great stress, Axel has sharp quills jut out of his body as a form of protect armor. Though, only on the back half of his body, similar to a porcupine. If he curls up to protect himself, the spiky protrusion will deflect whatever comes at him; knifes, bullets, attack animals, whips, other humans, whatever comes at him. For a time after he uncurls, or until he calms down, the quills are still visible. They’re sharp enough to impale things and if he isn’t careful, can get himself stuck on something and can’t get himself free without help.

For an added bonus, the quills can even be forcibly removed as a form of torture. Things can even be made from the quills if one really wanted to. Though the quills themselves will disappear after about an hour once they are removed from his body.

Character Goal: - To please his Queen and survive.

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Good evening, Axel ra Breaker! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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