Within in a campaign, there are several options available based on characteristics that can be found in the characters, the campaign, and the techs of each character. In a campaign, there are primary modes of interaction. These main methods are 
Travel,[x]  Interaction and Combat[x] .
Interaction: (WIP)
Find something or Survey so much land. Scour a dungeon, raid a tomb

Exploration is heavily dependent on the Antagonist’s ability to present things for characters to explore. When exploring you have a multitude of options to look, touch, listen, and smell, and you can move from place to place within the areas that you are exploring. Exploration is the truest form of tug of war between the Antagonist and the Characters in the campaign. Characters may explore as much as they want whenever they want, and it is the Antagonists job to identify things when characters stumble upon them. On the same end, characters may not explore areas that have not been indicated to exist by the Antagonist.