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description[SC] Heist

Alex grumbled and waved his extra legs behind him. "Stay here. Work on something. Stay busy. Dont make trouble. Im going out." Alex mocked as he spun out lengths of web for there next big project. Two legs flitted about at hyper speed by his forearms where the web exited and he twisted it with another braid, making a loose loop of threads. He had just finished another section that should last them another month though the rate they were cranking through it maybe two weeks. When he got to the end, his legs sheared them off in a nice clean cut and he tied the end off to keep it together.

After attaching either end to their spinner machine and setting it loose, he went to his room to change. Hed seen how Madavia was dressed. Must be a nice dinner party to leave him at home. How dare she. Alex loved dinner! He ate it...almost every night! He took off his suit jacket and dropped it over his shoulder and one of his extra legs caught it, another picking the discarded hanger off the ground,he hung it up and placed it on a rack all without breaking stride. He kicked off his loafers by the closet door and unbottoned his shirt,tossing it unto the pile with all the others. 

"Better dress for the part of the uninvited guest." He chuckled and reached for one the area with the clothes he almost never wore. He grabbed a black long sleeved shirt that fit tight across his chest and arms,making sure he got all his extra legs out the hole in the back that he cut out of all his shirts. He changed into a tighter pair of black pants and laced up a pair of black athletic shoes. He looked at himself in the mirror,scowled and realized the black shirt and the black pants were different shades of black. Quick change and now he matched. No good to do some breaking and entering and looking a horrid mess. 

Alex left and headed for the estate where the dinner party was being held. It was beyond easy to find all the different traps and security systems scattered across the lawn. He should recommend to the Sovereign that he allow Alex to update his defenses. Assuming he didnt kill him for what he was doing. Alex reached the outer wall with no problem and climbed over,his hands sticking to the wall in that way they did now. Over in seconds and down the other side. Seriously these defenses were laughably easy to subvert. Even some barbed wire over the top would have slowed him down by at least a few more seconds. 

With more ease than should be possible he was against the outer wall. If he was going to quit, now was the time. But why not? Either he got killed or he didnt. And if he didnt hed get to have so much fun. Alex consulted his map once to make sure and begand climbing up the surface of the wall. The window he reached led into the Arch Govenors office,which was the closest to the Sovereigns workshop. While he was here he grabbed one of those wonderful feather pens from the desk and slipped it into his sleeve. Down the hall and he was there. Seriously. Not a single trip wire or alarm sensor? How could anyone live like this. Alex had boobytrapped so much of the workshop that hed had spent an entire day briefing Madavia and showing her every little device that might blow off one of her limbs. I guess when youre this powerful and important your defense is usually your name. 

This room was weird. There were dolls literally everywhere. Alex had spider limbs growing out of his back and even he felt a little creeped out by all the eyes.  Whatever. Better be quick before he started talking to them. He saw two dolls, clearly of greatest importance, by themselves from the rest. A table with tools,and then shelves with a bunch more that didnt seem nearly as important. Decisions decisions. If he took one of the nice ones he might just get killed. Alright then. Grab one and get back to the workshop before Madavia got back or she might scold him again. 

Oh but which one? He walked over to the dark skinned one and the red haired one and picked them up,looking at each and trying to decide. Lets go for a more meaningful gesture. He carried them over to the work table and found a pair of scissors and embedded them in the table next to the dark ones face,making sure not to damage any piece of it. He found a small hammer for placing pins and laid it on the fiery ones chest with the mallet near the face. The rest of the tools he put away in there proper places. Scooping up the next closest one to the table, he smiled and made his exodus. Madavia was going to be very upset with him when she found out.

descriptionRe: [SC] Heist

The morning after his dinner party and the Sovereign was just . . . He had watched his Arch General die right in front of him and his guests. He had been escorted out of the room by his butler and taken to his bedroom and he just remembered sobbing his eyes out and falling asleep in the older man's arms. He woke up in bed alone, but with his doll Miranda. He would have protested and gone on crying again, but the doors opened and his butler returned with breakfast. For the first time in a long time, he was allowed to eat in bed. He wanted to mope in here all day and do nothing, but he needed to fix Miranda's hair and clothes. She wasn't needed to be at a party anymore. She could go back to wearing her usual attire. So he took himself a nice, long bath to work up his nerves and got dressed in simple clothes. No one would have thought it from him, but he had clad himself in red sweat pants and an ugly yellow tank top. Miranda was clutched tightly to his chest and he shuffled down to the workshop quietly.

At first, nothing seemed amiss. He waited patiently for the butler to unlock the doors for him. Once they were, he asked the man to bring him some tea to enjoy while he worked. Nodding, the man turned to leave. The Sovereign didn't notice anything amiss in here right away. He yawned and shuffled his feet some more, rubbing his eyes. With the doll in one arm and his other reaching out for his chair, that's when he noticed something very, very wrong. First of all, Blaire and Raquel were laying on the work table. They weren't supposed to be here. He remembered locking them up in their case the last time he was in here. Arsenic was the only one with keys to get in. He knew his butler wouldn't do this to him, when would he even really have the time? He started to panic, fear rising up from his gut.

Raquel had been threatened with a pair of scissors sticking into the table close to her face. Any closer and it would have damaged her or her hair. That would have upset him greatly. What was worse as the fact that someone had thought to lay a hammer on Blaire's chest, the mallet end right beside her face. Had they thought to use force, he knew her head would have been shattered. Panic had started to worsen. He put Miranda down, took the tools off his precious babies, and put them away. But then something caught his eye. There was a blank space. Why was there a blank space? There shouldn't have been a blank space. He immediately ran to the end of the shelf where he kept his catalog and began to look it over. When he figured out which doll was missing, he screamed. Loudly.

Arsenic was back by his side in moments and looked very worried about him. He didn't even have time to ask him what was wrong, the Child King just started screaming as tears streamed down his face. He kept repeating 'She's missing, she's missing' and 'Someone took her, she's gone'. The butler didn't' know what to do exactly other than try to console the boy and try and get him to stop crying long enough to figure out exactly what was wrong.

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