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descriptionUp High and Down Under

That false sense of honor the locals had was going to be the death of Toxic one of these days. Well it probably didn’t help he was a shady fellow by trade and his skin started to turn a bit more discolored drawing more attention to himself. Well it was either that or the fact his companion looked just about ready to dry hump everything with a pulse and maybe half the things without one. As a result, like with the Mall, Toxic insisted in an area close to the outside but close enough that the locals would step in if something went wrong.

If the rumors about this contact were to be believed, Toxic was worried about letting his nerves get the better of him and wished he had saved a smoke or two instead of the few he had left. He took a deep breath to steel himself, getting into his business facet before he pushed of the side of the house he was leaning against. It, like the rest of the area, seemed to stand strong if a bit ragged around the edges. Paint was peeling and stones were cracked but whoever made this did a fantastic job. Toxic felt a twinge of self pity as he looked around. He hissed at himself and swallowed it down, shoving back into the internal hovel it came from. Toxic was a bit offset as he fought to keep himself calm; pacing, murmuring, clenching his fists over and over again. Fuck he needed a fix. His mood was changed when he heard a strangely familiar engine get closer.

These people knew what they were doing as they approached respectably. And there were only two of them, not that Toxic specified on this first meeting. He couldn’t help but smile as the memory of the van’s owner. He’d have to thank the fellow pulling up. Less competition is always a good thing. “Game’s on my friend.” For the first time, Toxic was high without the use of drugs. Games of life and death tended to do that to a man

descriptionRe: Up High and Down Under

Virus, for lack of something better for himself to do at times like this, was once more sitting in his lawn chair, hat covering his face. He wasn't napping this time though. This was just his way of figuring what he needed to know. A lot of people tended to do a lot of things around a person that they thought was asleep. He knew that from experience. He was more or less just sitting there observing in his own way. He could hear his friend having what he assume was a panic attack though. Not to mention the fact the blond was having his own version of that right now. But he was pretty fucking high right now so the good feelings overwhelming his body sort of took care of that.

"Game?" He sat up and readjusted his hat, wearing it right for once. More words would have slipped free from his face, but that's when he noticed the van. Whelp, here was hoping that man with the blond fetish wasn't in the car. He straightened up his attire, slipped hands back into his pockets, and shifted to stand off to the side behind Toxic. "So, what's to be expected from these two, huh? Just a quick exchange or are we going to be needed for so much more?"
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