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descriptionLumos Rap

Doing it to these beats just fyi

Im’ like the The sov, a child king, Better not dis him
Climb out your rectum, like honey is his mission
Calamity Clarity
These beast are scarin me,
Great dam war, all i hear is rawr
Rip of my shirt like rainbull on display
Cause i’m hotter then the queen
When gore is on it way
I’ll body you!....
Like phillip bodies whales,
Impale you with these horns
Till there's nothing left to tell

Transformation, Abomination, Emancipation
God lords couldn’t sav’em
Everybody just ran
Crafty dudes, Blood Feuds, No Food
Dinosaur's and Dragons kept the people all at bay
Heart beats, & Mutinys

Say you want to know the truth, well you can ask me a question
I'll tell you something that you may want to hear
But I'll lie
And I will never let this go
So open wide
Because I know you'll always know when you lie

descriptionRe: Lumos Rap


descriptionRe: Lumos Rap

I feel you son but there's one thing you gotta know
It's not the sov that's started the blood flow
I'm talking about Fenrir, our wolf of power
Man of the hour, makes everyone cower
Feel the beat of this beast

who started the cannibal feast

descriptionRe: Lumos Rap

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