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descriptionCryptic au Nightmare

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Name: - Cryptic au Nightmare

House: - Mutiny

Gender: - Male

Age: - 21

Alignment: - Chaotic Neutral

Ethnicity: - German

Physical Characteristics: - This bad boy stands at about 6ft tall, weighing in at about 150lbs.Cryptic has a mostly human appearance, but due to his intense desire to control the animal he was forced into being, he dedicated himself into learning to master it. In doing so, he’s managed to partial shift giving him the tail and fully functioning ears of the wolf that he becomes. He has no tattoos or piercings to speak of, but he does have scars covering his back and shoulders. He has a couple on his chest and some on his legs. All of these were obtained either from having worked in dangerous environments or from fights. He remembers each and every one and how he got it, sort of like his own personal trophies for the life that he’s lived.

Mental Characteristics: - Outwardly nice and somewhat friendly, inwardly distrusting, and all around more interesting in his own personal gain. Names he forgets, faces he doesn’t. Trick him once, shame on you. Trick him twice, shame on him. Trick him three times . . . You won’t be around to trick ever again. He doesn’t get mad, he gets even. He runs his tug boat all by himself aside from the pet [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] (bat) named Noivern that hangs around. There’s a special place in the tug boat for the bat to sleep and hang out. The bat is literally the only thing that Cryptic trusts completely and vice versa.

Talents: - Partial shifting, full shifting, tugboat operations, sailing, fishing, knife skills, cooking skills, somewhat into tailoring, living on said tugboat, maintaining the tug boat.

Home: - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] somewhere in the water near the dam that’s safe

Job: - Tug Boat Captain/Operator

Animal Form: - Timber wolf

Bio: - Before this whole business with the calamity even started, Cryptic was born into the life of a pair of seafaring folk. He was the seventh son of a seventh son so that meant he had a lot of siblings and cousins to play around with and learn from. He learned everything there was to know about ships and life on the sea. He often went into the towns with the older male members of his family to sell the fish and other little critters they caught for a variety of goods. Their lives were simple and everything worked out for them. Although, having that many people in one place was troubling at times. His various family members began to feud and argue.

It was only a matter of time before something tragic happened.

Which was why when the fog rolled in, they paid it no mind. They lived their lives close to land some of them. Others out in the water. Some lived their lives on both. Fog was a natural thing that was a part of their everyday life. The day the fog rolled in, it was the patriarch of the family’s birthday. Literally everyone was at the gathering. They saw the fog coming, they ignored it. There was food, drinks, alcohol, partying. Anything and everything they could ever want to enjoy themselves. So in the midst of the partying, all Hell broke loose.

Cryptic had been sitting on a picnic table, seducing a distant cousin because hey, they were kinda hot. He’d leaned down to kiss them when he noticed something very odd. That was not a human face. That was the face of a ravenous wolf staring back at him. They lounged at him and he had just enough reaction time to fall off to the side and out of the way. When he stood back up to dust himself off, he looked out over the carnage that was befalling his family. He had never seen so many wolves, fully shifted and partially shifted, tearing each other apart. There were human corpses, animal corpses, corpses that he couldn’t even tell what they were. This was . . . This couldn’t be real . . .

Oh, but it was real. That relative that he’d been seducing? They definitely confirmed it was real when they took a chunk out of his shoulder. God, the pain was unbearable. He screamed, but he had enough sense to take the knife out of his pocket and jabbed it through their skull. Within moments they were dead and he shoved their body off of himself. But that wasn’t even the worst of it. Some of the surviving members had heard him scream and they all turned to him. He looked wounded and weak. Easy pickings for the more intact members of the family.

Which would have been true if not for the flying fox that seemed to come to his rescue. He wasn’t sure why a bat was even in the area, but he wasn’t going to turn down its help. At some point, the fighting had gotten too intense and he himself had shifted, but the bat was able to tell the difference between its new friend and the other rapacious wolves. They battle raged on until it was only Cryptic and the bat left. Tired, bleeding, wounded, the pair managed to make it to one of the smaller boats that were docked by the shore. It took a lot longer to patch himself up than he would have liked, but once he got himself finished, he patched up his friend and the two of them have been inseparable since.

For now, Cryptic lives with his bat and they sail the waters around Lumos together, minding their own business unless they’re needed for any Mutiny business.

Feat: - Tugboat Symbiosis - Be it a terrible storm that forged this into being or just his tug boat being threatened with destruction in general, something very . . . Interesting came into being. In a last ditch effort to save his tiny tugboat, Cryptic gained the ability to sort of become one with his ship. Upon doing so, it becomes something of a war ship. With cannons. Because bitches love cannons. He can literally control the whole ship from the helm, arming its weapons, control its movements, do whatever it is he needs to to keep the ship afloat. Despite how this sounds, he is quite vulnerable in his position. If one were to get inside and sneak up behind him, they could very easily kill him. Granted, they’d have to get passed Noivern, but he’s basically stuck in one spot. He can move his arms to various controls, his head can move to look at his various monitors, but his lower half more or less fuses with the boat so until his little boat is in a position that he deems as safe, he can’t move.
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Character Goal: - To do what he does best and perhaps occasionally help his Mutiny brethren out if it suits him.

descriptionRe: Cryptic au Nightmare

Good morning, Mr. Nightmare! Your character has yet to be added to the Character Slots yet fully, but I am pleased to announce that you are fully playable now! You can start roleplaying whenever you are ready! Have a great day, and you shall soon be placed on the Character Slot page!

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