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descriptionRisk! [Lumos Edition]

One player per game,
One character per player,
NPC can be used but are counted as a character per player
You can not force a person to give up, or give away land. 

OOC knowledge can be used IC.
By entering this game, you consent to any and everything that can and will happen, none of this is canon. 

Gameplay, the person who posted above you, has given you the option of truth or dare.
If you choose truth, then that truth becomes the truth of your character, i.e., 

Admin walked into the room standing in front of the pillar that was assigned to him. He smirked, understanding all of the rules of the game, but not understanding the objective. In the center of the room was a large table with a map on it, and each of the people in the room had been assigned a color. His fingers twitched as he pointed to the location of Lumos Tower, anxious to take it for himself "I choose Lumos Tower... Bezyle! Truth! You are blind; there is no reason or explanation as to how you were able to see before, but you have now lost all memory and all sight of everything you have ever known. Or... Dare I dare you, Bezyle, to use barbed wire to castrate yourself, and put your pride into a box and deliver it that bitch, Octavia!" 

Bezyle, being the next person to post would have to play out these instances... Octavia would have to be a participating member in this RP of course for him to deliver himself to her. He would then provide a truth or dare to the next person in line. 

If Bezyle takes the dare, then I the Admin do not claim Lumos Tower, if he takes the truth then I gain Lumos Tower.. the person who achieves world domination is the winner. 

descriptionRe: Risk! [Lumos Edition]

There was a singular square table in the center of a large room. From what could be observed, the table had a simple white cloth over it, just enough to cover it and perhaps a little to hang off the sides. Around the table were a few comfortable looking chairs, perhaps enough for at least four people. Perhaps more could have been places around it if there needed to be some, but for the time being there were only four. There was something that might have resembled a small box next to one of the chairs, but one would need to be right up on it to see it. This place could have been anywhere. There really wasn’t any place to be picked out to discern its possible location. Not that that would have mattered too much, this happened to be a place of neutral ground. Oh, but we’re getting too far ahead of ourselves. Let's get back to the room.

The room itself was square, each of the four walls decorated in something that would have belonged to each of the nine houses of Lumos. “Nine? Oh, but don’t you mean seven?” Nope, nine. Or are you forgetting the Shamed and the Slaves? I know what you’re thinking, “But they’re worthless, nameless to a point. What’s the matter with you! Property can’t do that! Why do they get the respect and honor of a house?

Bitch, because I said they did, that’s why. You gonna keep interrupting me? No? That’s what I thought. Moving on.

Now, as I was saying. The walls were adorned in a little something from each of the nine houses, giving the feeling of neutrality in this place. Everyone was equal in this room regardless of race or creed or position of power or what have you. No one was better than anyone else. It was almost as if once crossing the threshold of the room, a silent contract was signed. Play the game and try to win, or die trying. Although, no one needs to die per se, just sometimes, in order to have a bit of fun, drastic measures need to be made. Once you’re in, you can’t leave until the game is done.

Within a few feet of the first table there was a much longer one. It had refreshments of all kinds to fit the tastes and needs of whoever set foot into the room. Granted it was sort of empty at the moment. It was one of those magic tables that could read the people in the room and populate itself with the kinds of things that they would want to eat. “But writer!” I can already hear you saying, “There isn't such a thing in Lumos! That’s impossible!” Look here you little twatwaffle. This is a magic room, okay? Shut up, sit down, and let me finish. Fuck.

Now. Aside from this table, there was also restrooms at the far end of the room. One for boys, one for girls, and one for those people in between and outta the box. Gotta be accommodating for all those folks after all. Let’s see. Refreshments, bathrooms, neutral ground, I think all the bases are covered. Let me just check the time real quick . . . Ah yes, noon. The first of our guests should be arriving soon.

Let’s go ahead and greet them, shall we?


Two voices could be heard just outside the room, one of them clearly arguing with the second. The door opened and two figures were seen entering. One was much taller than the other and the one could be seen holding something in their arms. THe refreshment table immediately appeared to have several large containers of honey along with water and milk for the first guest. The second guest appeared to have something that might have been tea, cartons of cigarettes, and what appeared to be some lovely little finger sandwiches. The two seemed to be arguing about something though it was still unclear as to what. As they got closer to the table and into more of the lights, the Sovereign and his butler were revealed.

“Well, at least they set the room up the way that I told them to.” Grumbled the Child King as he walked by the refreshment table. He grabbed a pot of honey and one of the bottles of water, walking over to the seat that had the small box next to it. Arsenic had been carrying something as well, unfolding it and setting it beside the Sovereign’s chair. The boy set his doll Miranda into it, letting her look over the table. Yes, this was perfect. He was smiling to himself, reaching for the case under his chair and holding it into his lap. His guests should be arriving shortly.

Arsenic was setting up a chair a little bit away from the table so that he could watch. He’d been told to observe, acting like a referee of sorts. He didn’t see why that was needed given the rules of the game, but hey. Whatever. He pulled out a cigarette and lit it up, slipping his lighter back into his pocket. He could hear the door opening and more people coming in. Ah, they got the invitations. Perfect. He watched the refreshments table fill up with more and more treats, most notably the assorted meats and the apple cider. The pit of his stomach sank a little bit and he was feeling a bit awkward, but he would deal with that. He waited for everyone to grab what they wanted and sit down.

“I’d like to thank all of you for coming by today to play this new game with me. I believe you all already know the rules, they were included in the invitations.” God, he hoped people actually read those. He cleared his throat and motioned for Arsenic to come over. “Now, I’m going to allow a few moments to get settled in; you can eat, drink, and whatnot while we play, but I would at least like you all to be comfortable.” Arsenic just sort of stood there by the table for a few minutes before the Sovereign spoke again.

“Alright, now.” He made a motion with his hand and the butler tore the sheet off the table to reveal a map that covered the entirely of Lumos. “The name of the game is Risk - Truth or Dare.” He put the case on the table and opened it up, taking out four blank white playing card sized pieces of paper. He kept one for himself and handed the other three out. When the cards were taken, they would turn into the favorite color of that person. So when he took his own, it turned into the prettiest shade of blood red. “These are your color indicators for the map for what pieces of land you own. As you take more and more, obviously the map will slowly start to become your color.”

He pulled some more things out of the container, placing them on the side of the table. “These pieces right here are going to fit over the various regions of the map. Everyone gets one to start with and you can put it on whatever piece of the map you want to start with.” He handed one to everyone once more, letting them places their pieces down. As soon as the pieces were on the map, the ‘melted’ into it. The Sovereign, obviously, put his piece on City Hall and that entire piece turned the blood red color. It's little name indicator could still be seen so everyone would know what it was. Now, once everyone had done that, he went back to talking.

“Alright, if everyone is ready, I think we should begin.” He shifted a bit, looked out over the table and settled his eyes upon Grandmaster Sidhi’thii au Ma’ahtli. She intimidated him something awful, but he wasn’t going to let that stop him. “Sidhi’thii,” The younger man mused as he eyed her little Pawlentree piece. “I happen to want Gress Mountain.” He was silent for several minutes afterwards as he thought carefully. What he said next and how he worded it was going to determine the outcome of this trade.

“You can either choose to accept the truth that from now on, every single piece of food you put in your mouth will turn to ash, never to be enjoyed or tasted every again.” He paused for a moment to let that sink in. “Or you can choose the dare. In which case you’ll be actively seeking a way to becoming Idou’s next bride.” Once more he would pause to let that sink in for a few moments. “What say you, hm? I do so much look forward to that wedding.”

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