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descriptionPlague au Aria

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Name:Plague au Aria
House: Maelstrom
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Ethnicity: Of Spanish descent,however has adopted a mostly English heritage
Physical Characteristics: Average height and stocky,Plague is physically very unassuming. Plague is a strong proponent of personal hygenie and down to his toe nails are kept cleaned and trimmed. His eyes are a bright blue color,though they tend to turn violet when he activates his feat. His preferred style of dress is suits and loafers,something he adopted from his late grandfather. 
Mental Characteristics: Plague suffers from germaphobia that he spent many years working to control. He has on occasion chosen to partake in drug usage,but tends not to use it very much as coming out of the stupor usually sets off his phobia. Other than this he tends to be a bit loud and obnoxious,but hes a shrewd businessman who believes that profits come above the lives of everyone but the "family." 
Talents: Plague was raised in a mafia family and so is trained to use most of the traditional weapons: knives, guns, brass knuckles, piano wire.
Home: Hops Town
Job: Marketeer
Animal Form: Saber-Toothed Tiger
Bio: Plague understood from a very early age that his family dealt in the underworld. By the age of five he had watched his father kill a man with his bare hands for shorting him on a deal. By seven he knew how to shoot ten different guns and clean them all. At nine he killed his first person. A schoolmate made the mistake of attempting to bully him for his lunch money. They didnt find the body,but his family helped him dig the hole. At the age of ten they explained the intricacies of the family business:money. Anything that could be bought or sold,his family took part in it. Slaves, weapons,drugs. All of it illegal but there was money to be made in it and they made money. 
When his grandfather got sick he visited him in the hospital. This trip scarred him for the rest of his life because the sight of his grandfather in a hermetically sealed room hooked up to so many tubes and wires horrified him. Of course,it didnt help that a particularly sour orderly told him that if he didnt get every germ off his body hed kill his grandfather the instant he walked in the room. When his grandfather died,the family business fell to his father who was not ready for the responsibility. He squandered there money and invested in poor business transactions that nearly bankrupted them. When all seemed lost,something happened. The fog,the calamity. His father was weak anyways. 
With his father out of the way,Plague needed to rebuild the business,but along the way met some interesting new associates. He joined one of the big houses and started doing deals with them,not sure of his place in this new world. He wished so desperately for something he could bring to the table. Something he could provide. When they called him that night,he wasnt expecting what came next. 
Toxic and Virus needed a body disposed of and quickly before anyone found them. But they couldnt move it either and they didnt have enough acid to dissolve it. They needed some way to make it go away and try as he might he couldnt come up with an answer. In a fit of anger he brought his hand down on the body and before his eyes the body began to rot. 
Feat: Hand Of Desecration- When Plague so chooses,he can channel necrotic power into his right hand and accelerate the decay process of objects capable of rotting that he touches. While this isnt terribly effective on healthy human tissue, damaged tissue is susceptible to his power. He can also use this power on plants, food, or other perishable items like certain kinds of drugs or liquids. This effect takes longer the more material hes attempting to effect. 
Character Goal: Plagues goal is to rebuild his families name as a powerful family,and to eventually be able to reaccquire and rebuild the family home that had to be abandoned while his father was in charge. 

descriptionRe: Plague au Aria

Good afternoon, Plague au Aria! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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