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descriptionLogical au Afterthought

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Name: - Logical au Afterthought

House: - Draconian

Gender: - Male

Age: - 27

Alignment: - Chaotic Neural

Ethnicity: - Caucasian

Physical Characteristics: - Logical stands at about 5’9” and weighs in at about 135lbs. Don’t let the small size fool you, the man packs quite the punch. Despite his medical training, he’s quite the fighter should he need to be. He constantly wears a medical mask over his face out of habit from when he was in the field. The colors often vary, but black seems to be his favorite. Now that he doesn’t have to watch his appearance as strictly, he wears his ear rings in his ears again. He’s got a few scars from his combat medic tours plus a few tattoos here and there for memorials of friends lost in combat. He’s got a necklace that he wears, black cord with what might be a key of some kind dangling from it. Be it a real or fake key, he’ll never tell.He’s gone one or two rings that he wears as well. Covering his feet are the military boots that he used to wear in the field; he refuses to exchange them for more appropriate shoes that would look better at work in the facility because he’s a fucking rebel.That and he things the facility’s shoes are fucking ugly. Also has a medical bag with an assortment of supplies (medical or otherwise) that he would need at any given time.

Mental Characteristics: - Being a medic from a combat background, he’s used to having to work fast and accurately to get the job done. Now that he works in a facility where things are generally slower and more time is allowed to complete tasks, he’s finding it a bit hard to adjust. He thinks quick on his feet, be that for the best or not. Has what he considers to be slight (despite everyone else telling him its  major) PTSD from his time out in the field. He’s terrified of loud bangs due to the explosions he was constantly around in the field. To cope with this, he has an odd obsession with key rings and has a collection of them clipped to his belt. The soft jingling helps to calm him down should he get overly agitated.

Talents: - Medicine, Medical Procedures,Basic casualty evaluation, Airway management, Chest injury and tension pneumothorax management, Controlling Bleeding, Requesting medical evacuation. Basically, he knows a lot (or all there is to know about) of combat medic stuff. He also likes to knit.

Home: - Wherever his skills are most needed; at the facility where he works or out in the field

Job: - Medic

Animal Form: - Silverback Gorilla

Bio: - Logical doesn’t remember much from his childhood. Just that he used to be bullied a lot as a kid because his parents thought, “You know what would be a funny thing to do with our child’s name given our last name? Name him this.” He had a couple good friends who thought he was cool though simply because of his name. They went to school together and pretty much hung out all the time. As they were growing up, learning more things about themselves, and all that fancy jazz, there was a span of time where the boys didn’t speak. Their interests shifted and they went into fits of hating each other. This went on for a while before the two unnamed friends discovered their usually quiet friend Logical was going to be joining the military. They had both been planning on going in anyway, but since Logical was going, too, they might as well be friends again, right?

Even though he wanted to be a medic, the trio became as close as they used to be. After they all got their respective trainings, they were all assigned to the same unit. Imagine that. They slowly worked their way up from young kids not knowing what to do or expect to seasoned professionals in their respective fields. If someone needed something done, put those three in charge of it and it was sure to get done.  Everything seemed to be working out great for them as things went on all the way up until that whole calamity business happened.

The confusion was probably what caught Logical. He remembered tending to a wounded officer who had taken a bullet to the shoulder. The next thing he knew this odd fog had come into the medical tent and the man was shifting, changing, transforming into a rabid dog. To protect himself he threw up his arms and braced himself, but it was in that moment that he transformed, too. With his new massive body, he more than easily shoved the small mongrel away from him and out of instinct ripped into its throat, both as a kill and a means to stave off this weird hunger that had suddenly welled up in his stomach. Once there was nothing left but bones, he began chasing after the smaller creatures that he was able to catch.

He ate his fill, shifting and sitting next to the body from which he had just torn an arm off of. He heard a voice from somewhere in front of him and squinted his eyes to try and see who or what it was. When enough of the dust had settled, he saw that it was one of his friends. His other friend was close by, but all that could be seen of that one was his head. At least the living friend looked mostly intact aside from the arm he seemed to be missing. With this realization in mind, the gorilla shifted back into his human form and rushed towards his friend. Once he was over there, it became apparent that his friend was probably going to die without treatment. He didn’t have his supplies with him, but that didn’t stop him from trying.

But that also didn’t stop his friend from dying. He tried everything that he could think of to help him. He beat on his friend’s chest in order to get him to breath again, but it didn’t work. If only he had that goddamn defib that was back in the medical tent. He had no idea where it was at this point, but it would have been nice to have. He had both his hands on his friend’s chest, looming over him and glaring at his face. He shouted everything under the sun that he could think of, or at least started to. He felt something very warm underneath his fingertips, the body below him seeming to jolt every now and then. It took him a matter of moments to realize his touch was electrified somehow. Just running with this idea that was forming in his head, he tried to shock his friend back to life.

It worked twice, but the heart inside the boy just wasn’t strong enough to keep beating. That or there wasn't enough blood to help it keep beating. Either way, the unnamed friend died and all Logical could do was sit there and cry, mourning the loss of his friends. When the rest of the soldiers who were still alive did their sweep for any survivors, they found Logical. They collected him and took him back to the main base of operations to get him checked out. He was allowed some time to recover before being sent back into work. This time not combat oriented work. Something much quieter so that he might be able to return to his former self. Or at least, something like it.

Feat: - Fingertip Defibs - As long as all ten of his fingers are on a person’s body in some way, shape, or form, he can send jolts of electricity through a person’s body. Basically like an actual defib, but more . . . Pinpointed. Much like its real counterpart, Logical can send anywhere from 200 volts to 1,700 volts/300 joules of electricity through a person’s body. While he’s more interested in using it medically, it would have its uses in other means should he actually see fit to do so.

Character Goal: - To be the best damn medic that he can be!

descriptionRe: Logical au Afterthought

Good afternoon, Mr. Afterthought! Your profile has fully been approved, and your character has now been added to the Character Slots. Feel free to start roleplaying as soon as you are ready to!

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