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descriptionGavin & Phyn Eternity

Never one...

Name: Gavin au Eternity

House: Eternity

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Alignment: Neutral

Physical Characteristics:

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He is on the taller side of the spectrum with thick, blonde hair which he keeps at medium-to-short length. He has a fair bit of muscle on him from all the training he has done and still does, but he’s not built on the heavier side.
 Some scars mark his light skin, from practice, daily life and from real battles, but none stand out too much.
 He seems a bit taller than he actually is, due to how he carries himself and his good posture.
 His blue eyes seem filled with determination and like they are looking towards a future only visible to him. But whatever it is those eyes see, it must be something worth fighting for. That’s the type of feeling he instills.

When transformed, he is a small, arctic fox. The colour of his fur is something he can change and it can be white, brown or a blue-ish black and grey.

Mental Characteristics:
Gavin is charismatic, well spoken and pleasant to be around most of the time. He acts with a certain air of dignity. He is generous with his his smile and can seem, at first glance, like someone naive, to be taken advantage of. It’s a deceptive first impression, as he is rather more intelligent than some might think at a first glance. Many have tried to manipulate him or exploit his friendly nature, only to have their plans blow up in their face.
 Asides from being intelligent he is a natural leader, ready to accept responsibility for his actions. After a while around him his natural enthusiasm and friendly mannerism makes him easy to trust.
 He is drawn to other people, strives actively to make meaningful connections with people and thrives around others. Quite the opposite of his sister.
 No matter what life throws at him it generally doesn’t seem to get to him. He takes on all challenges with his head held high and with pride. It can seem as though nothing gets to him, which is not quite the case. But true to the nature of his animal, an arctic fox, not a very intimidating animal, but an omnivore, able to do what it has to to survive, known for cunning and intelligence. He's not exactly deceptive, but for his survival he can and will use the means at his disposal.

His biggest fear is to lose his twin, in one way or another. He has frequent nightmares about it when he is particularly stressed.
 Most people from his past would say that she’s become a very bad influence on him. He has lied, stolen, broken off from the rest of the family, murdered and worse, all for her. But the exact lengths to which he has and will go for her is not very well known amongst others. For now, it seems to the rest of the world as though she’s under his control.
 While it would be easy to write her off as a weakness she is also the biggest source of motivation for him. Without her his life becomes monochrome, dull and pointless. It doesn’t matter to him if no one else gets it, but she’s a star burning bright in his life.

Reading and leading people. He has always had an extremely easy time getting along with people and getting people to listen to him.

Eternity Lighthouse.


Animal Form:
Arctic fox. He has full control over his transformation.

See Phyn’s bio. It’s interconnected.

Can de-materialise and re-materialise at his sister’s side.

Character Goal:  
He wants the entire World to recognise the Worth he himself sees in his sister. He won't allow a World that treats her the way she was treated as a shamed. He is ambitious, yes, but his ambition is tied to her. Without her, he loses purpose.
 He protects and fights for her but without her, he is empty. He needs her just as much as she needs him.
 Perhaps more.

… Without the other.

Name: Phyn au Eternity

House: Eternity

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Physical Characteristics:  

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When she transformed back from her serpent shape she was no longer the same as she used to be, physically or mentally. These days her skin has a greyish, greenish tone to it, her hair is red and her eyes almost pure black.
 Her body features many scars, the most notable ones are a series of deep cuts to her face. Some received during the mission to subdue the man-eating whale, others while fighting for her life when she was shamed.
 Her height is fairly average, as is her weight. She generally dresses in clothes that match or closely resembles those of her brother, as she no longer bears much of any resemblance to him.

Jörmungandr, her other shape, is a giant serpent, somewhere between 22 and 23 meters long with green, grey and red scales and huge fangs. Just about what you might expect.

Mental Characteristics:
You never really know what you’re getting with Phyn anymore. Her outwards appearance betrays little of what is going on underneath. Truth is, she’s pretty happy and content, for the most part. But she barely has any restraints. If something is in the way she’s just about as likely to crush it as she is to walk around it.
 The effort tends to be about the same.
 She has a habit of spacing out, her gaze becoming unfocused as some internal thought occupies her full attention. From time to time the corners of her mouth may twitch in a hint of a smile, a smile which doesn’t quite seem to reach her eyes.
 When she talks it usually comes in bursts. Her voice tends to be monotone, not exactly dead, but within a sentence there is very little change in emotion or tone.
 Due to how little her face shows and how her voice is she tends to have a hard time conveying feelings to people and she often fails to make meaningful connections these days. On the other hand, she sees very little need for such things. In the end, she’ll never be alone, because she always has Gavin.
 Perhaps due to her past as well what she transforms into she doesn’t exactly have any fears. The worst thing that could happen is, in her head, that she destroys the world. In the end, that’s not such a bad thing.
 While it might not show much, she is easy to anger and suspicious of people in general. She doesn’t tolerate if people get too close physically without explicit approval. If it weren’t for her brother she might well have gone on a rampage to kill everyone else in the world, but he objects so to the idea. She never could understand why.

Though the relationship between her and Gavin might seem straightforward enough, with him restraining her from hurting people and whatnot, it is not quite so simple. When it really comes down to it, Phyn only obeys Gavin as long as she is satisfied enough. If she gets agitated or really disagrees with him, there really isn’t anything he can do to stop her. Not just that, but when she really sets her mind to something, when she actually wants something, he will always end up helping her.
 The final say is always hers.

Can you call destroying things a talent?
Intimidating people, perhaps. Between her looks, what she turns into and her odd mannerisms, she is quite unnerving.

Eternity Lighthouse.


Animal Form:
Jörmungandr, the world serpent.
She almost never transforms, but when she does she transforms fully and has literally no control. Her personality doesn’t allow for it, as she has no interest in holding the serpent back or controlling it. In fact, if it weren’t for her mental link to her brother, she would be stuck. He controls the serpent for her, to the best of his ability, which is just about enough to bring her back and/or make sure she doesn’t try and destroy the world.


Exactly how Phyn and Gavin lived before the calamity is not really known. Of course there are people who remember them, but their own family no longer speaks of them and refuses to even acknowledge that they have ever existed and the twins themselves are very tight-lipped about things. They were originally members of the Primordiale family, who joined house Draconian early on.
 Gavin fitted in perfectly. Though a natural talent at leading people, he had no issues taking orders either. A good student, he chose to pick up the sword and shield. A well balanced offence-to-defence ratio, in his mind.
 The combination of leadership and obedience made him rise through the ranks.
 There was but one thing that did not sit well with him. Seeing a number of exceptional men and women be Shamed for no good reason, having their entire lives stripped away and wasting all their potential with no hope of redemption.
 Still, he bit his tongue and kept his thoughts to himself. Survival.

Phyn fared much worse with house Draconis. Always having been a free spirit, taking orders rarely worked well. Perhaps it was the influence of Jörmungandr, perhaps it was just how she had always been.
 Fortunately, as her brother rose through the ranks, she was put under his command. The only one who could make her listen and persuade her to do as she was told.

Very recently, however, an incident occurred
 Gavin had been given a mission. As a general he was to devise a plan to deal with a man-eating whale and his men were to carry it out. He spent much effort and used all his experience to draw up a plan that balanced the safety of his men with efficiency.
 The plan seemed perfect. Foolproof even.
 Yet, on the day when it would all come together his men made a small mistake. Exactly what went wrong was hard to piece together in the aftermath. But the result was clear as day.
 Not only did many lose their lives that day, but they failed in their goal to neutralise the whale.
 The councilman who had put Gavin in charge now faced almost certain death-penalty and in a desperate attempt to save his own life, he declared every single one of Gavin’s men to be Shamed, for failing to carry out such a meticulously well made plan.
 Gavin himself was not blamed, nor was he Shamed. It was decided that he had done everything he could and should have done.
 His sister, on the other hand, was one of the people who had participated and so she now faced a new life as Shamed.
 Already injured from the mission, she fled rather than risking execution. For a while, she thought she would be safe, but word travels quickly and her attitude had made it so she had not shortage of people who harboured ill will towards her.
 She was attacked, cornered and in her already weakened state she truly faced the threat of death. Her mind reached out to her brother and he felt her panic, saw her situation and he knew that she would die. If no one interfered, she would be killed.
 She was Shamed. No one would raise a finger. Her life would be extinguished and, in everyone else’s eyes, the world might as well be a better place.
 The only one who would have helped her was him, and he was far away. He’d never make it there in time, no matter how he ran.
 But he had to. If he couldn’t be there, right then, then there was no point in him existing.
 And just like that, he didn’t. For a fraction of a second, he stopped existing, fading away. Simultaneously he faded into existence right at her side.
 It only took a moment, faster than you could blink.
 He drew his sword, struck out and killed the assailants.
 Afterwards he fell to the ground. Shaking and crying, his mind filled with the possibility of a different reality. One where he would have had to feel the life draining out of his sister. The one person who had always been there for him.
 She held him, bodies strewn around them, and he cried. Away from the eyes of the world he allowed himself to fall to pieces, to rebuild again with new resolve.

He left house Draconian, abandoning those who would condemn people irreversibly. There could be no respect for those who would strip others of their human value. He knew, now more than ever, that they were wrong.
 If his sister could be shamed, if they claimed that she had no worth, then they were wrong. And he would make them see.
 He sought out the surviving, shamed members of his old squad. Rallied them behind a vow. Even if he would have to fight the world, even if he would have to crush all the other houses, he would see their names and their worth restored. They would be recognised and they would have their place in the world.
 If it would take an eternity to fulfill this promise, then he would become Eternity itself.

A mental link between the twins which allows them to share feelings, experiences and communicate freely even when separated. Telepathy, in short.

Character Goal:
To survive and live her life to the fullest. The serpent of Midgård wants to stretch out and reach its full potential. Whatever this means, it probably isn’t very healthy for everyone else.

descriptionRe: Gavin & Phyn Eternity

After a lot of hard work deciding your House's color code, adding your new job to the list, and making sure everything was cleaned up, I am proud to say Mr. and Mrs. Eternity, that you are both now officially approved! You can now start roleplaying to your hearts contents as soon as you are ready! Can't wait to see you make an appearance!

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