This information is in regards to unreleased content to the known Legions Universe, for this reason all the information has a spoiler tag, reading this has no consequence outside you being spoiled of things to come. Please do not spoil it for others that may want to remain ignorant of what events are leading up to.

Spoiler :

Isati, The Island History

Once upon a time, the nation of Isati was vast. It spanned across an entire continent, its empire inspiring nations, conquering its foes, giving rise to great leaders and the like. The family in power changes just like the shifting of the sands. Be it from lack of heirs or just keeping what one killed, it didn’t matter. Although, being of royal blood did help. There were a few times in the course of the history books where people without royal blood ruled. It was always hard to cope with that, but the nation as a whole seemed to come together and work with each new leader. But it wasn’t always like that. The desert nation wasn’t always friends with its jungle counterpart. War raged for a time before it became painfully apparent that the desert people vastly outnumbered and outgunned them. So they were given a choice; surrender and assimilate or die. Wanting to live, they decided to join the people of the sands. From then on, both people prospered.

Deep within the desert catacombs,  the scientists discovered a new material that might aid them in their research. This granted them a leap in technology that they worked on tirelessly for years until they had managed to perfect it just enough that they were able to create a particle accelerator. This vastly improved life for the desert people and jungle people as a whole. Its creation was quite the celebration. The current Emperor at the time and his sons were very pleased with this innovation. The eldest son, Anuban, being the scholar of the family, took a great interest in learning what the capabilities of this new machine was. He dedicated his time to studying it with the scientists to better understand it. The younger son, Nahr, went uninterested for a time as science wasn’t his strongest suit. However, upon hearing from his eldest brother what some of its capabilities might be, he became interested. He never directly messed with it himself, but he did volunteer some test subjects. The middle brother was only interested because the other two were, but he had nothing to contribute to it. So this made him very jealous. Their parents praised those two almost non-stop, but what about him? Why did he never get recognition? Well, he was about to change that.

Late one night as the moon hung high in the sky, the middle brother snuck into the town where the accelerator was being kept. Both of his brothers were in town, they were having an unveiling ceremony for a test that had been a very vast success the next day. His intention was to just sabotage the test result, but he ventured a little too far into the facility that was housing the accelerator and he eventually discovered it. Now, he loved his brothers and all, but this . . . This was his one chance to become something greater than the two of them. If they made fools of themselves tomorrow, he’d be the one son that their father could trust and count on! So he started to mess with the accelerator. He had no idea what he was doing, but that didn’t matter. What could possibly go wrong?

Nahr was far too excited to sleep that night. He woke Anuban and forced him back to where their experiment was being held. The sleepy scholar trudged into the lab and took the cloth concealing the cage off to reveal the hybrid bird they had created. Nahr wanted to use it as a scout of sorts, maybe even a personal attack animal. Anuban was going to let it out of its cage when they heard an odd noise. Curious, the older brother went to investigate. Hoping it was an intruder, Nahr let his new pet out of the cage and took it with him as he went after his brother. Upon opening the door to where the accelerator was being kept, both brothers discovered their middle brother tampering with their machine. Nahr seemed confused as to why this was happening. Anuban knew enough that if his brother cut and spliced the wires he was holding in his hands, something bad would happen. He ran in, screaming at his brother to stop, but it was too late. The now startled brother spliced the wires and something catastrophic happened.

There was an ungodly like noise filling the room and the area surrounding them. All the alarms had been tripped, signalling the accelerator was doing something that it shouldn’t. It began to produce dangerously high amounts of moss colored smoke and unleash its own set of noises. This panicked all three brothers and Anuban shouted at his brother, asking him what he’d done. He couldn’t answer as he’d inhaled too much of the smoke and was in the middle of a horrifying coughing fit. His brothers watched as he, quite literally, coughed up his own lungs. But that wasn’t all. His body began to mutate; skin melted and pooled on the ground, muscle started to expand, bones grew into horrifying spikes. They listened to his screams in terror, inhaling some of the smoke themselves. The beast their brother was becoming tried to crawl towards them, its intentions unclear. The bird didn’t like it regardless and made sure to sacrifice itself for the other two, killing itself and the creature in the process so other two could leave. And leave they did, they ran as fast and as far as they could, but it was too late for them.

They collapsed somewhere in the town, gasping for air and clutching at their chests. The loud sirens had alerted the town and everything was going crazy. The brothers were rushed back to the capital for treatment while the scientists tried to get a grasp on the situation. By morning, the entire desert and its jungle were in a haze of this awful smoke. There was just no getting away from it, it had invaded everywhere. What was worse, the accelerator had leaked and since it was housed near the underground water source, its contamination polluted it. No one knew that right away and it had tragic consequences. A plague the likes no one had ever seen spread across the nation. Many of the people died within a week. Among them the Emperor and his wife. The survivors, however, paid a price for their strong wills. Some of them managed to make it through without any sign of disease. Others weren’t so lucky. They had mutated to varying degrees into animals. The surviving members of the royal family, Nahr and Anuban, got perhaps the worst of it. Something between the smoke and the water contamination completely mutated the cells in their bodies. Nahr became a monster of a man, crocodile in appearance whereas his brother became the purest of black jackals. There was but one upside to this; the brothers had the unique ability to switch back and forth between their human selves and their monstrous counterparts.

Now revered as a form of Gods for their miraculous ability to not only have survived, but because of what they became as a result, the brothers are now trying to figure out the extent of the damage their brother caused and if they can fix it. Reports of the smoke having cleared were good, but these reports also said they were now completely surrounded by water. What was more, there was another island somewhere in the distance. What was that? That hadn’t been there before. What was going on?

There was just too much going on for them to worry about that right now. What mattered was their own land, their own people. Get that straightened out first, they could worry about that new imposing landmass later.