This information is in regards to unreleased content to the known Legions Universe, for this reason, all the information has a spoiler tag, reading this has no consequence outside you being spoiled of things to come. Please do not spoil it for others that may want to remain ignorant of what events are leading up to.

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Desert Religion - Solinism When the world began, there was nothing. The world was a desert, and nothing lived in it. There were only the sand and the moon, an endless cold night that engulfed all of existence. That is until Theredin willed himself into existence and brought with him the sun. He gazed down upon the new world and realized that without something to replace the sand, nothing would ever grow. This saddened him and from his tears came the first oasis, and the second god, Ytiri, the Matron of Water and Theredin's consort. With the idea in place, they produced many other gods and goddesses, but after many years they realized that gods and goddess never changed. With the help of Iplotic, The Great Architect, and population, the Lady of Storms, they created a great forge and from this, they created the first humans. They were weak, but they didn't change either. It was then that Theredin realized what was wrong with the world he had created. He needed to die, and so he crafted the first weapon, a curved blade made of glass, created in the heat of there great forge, and with it, he slit his own throat. The torrent that burst forth created the first river, and from it, humans would be able to move away from the oasis and expand into the desert. their created a new goddess, Layoa, Empress of Death, and all the minor gods and goddess that would attend her. From his body came the animals of the desert, and his bones were fashioned into weapons in the forge for the most important gods and goddesses. His death was mourned by so many, that the sun turned black in honor, and would stay that way forever more.\

In death, Theredin took a new form, that of Heled, Emperor of the Underworld. From his seat in death, with his new wife, they would judge those that died, and with that knowledge, try to convince those who carried on in his stead to follow his example, lest they are judged in death as evil. Most Important Gods Theredin - God of Sun Ytiri - Matron of Water (Wife of Theredin and mother of nearly every god) Iplotic - The Great Architect Plios - Lady of Storms(wife of Iplotic, together made humans) Layoa - Empress of Death (literally death. Heled's wife) Heled - Emperor of the Underworld Angies - God of Fire Eebik - Lord of Rivers Reath - Patron God of Warriors

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Jungle Religion
Ordoism When the world began,there were two beings. Xil and Quas, the first and the last. Immortal beings together within reach of embrace but no further. From their union, the ground was born, and then the sky, and then water. But their embrace was so close that all of these things couldn't exist together, and so they allowed themselves to be parted slightly. In this space they created humanity, but again it was cramped. With everything they added to space, they had to move further apart, until they were so far apart only there fingertips touched. With a last goodbye,they released there to embrace and filled the universe with gods who would watch over humanity in their absence. After a war that nearly ripped apart the world of the humans, the gods came to a stalemate and had to make a pact. Only three gods from either side would remain, and the rest would come to Earth and give up their immortality. From one side was Zoa, King of Water, Tal'Din, Queen of Life, and Hexxus, King of the Forest. From the other side was Limos, Demon King of Destruction, Lik, King of War, and Maelinda, Queen of Storms. When the people of the jungle made their peace with the population of the desert the religion was slowly abandoned, until only a handful of priests remained who kept the secrets of their prophecies.