This information is in regards to unreleased content to the known Legions Universe, for this reason all the information has a spoiler tag, reading this has no consequence outside you being spoiled of things to come. Please do not spoil it for others that may want to remain ignorant of what events are leading up to.

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Major Cities
1-Degan - This is where the two brothers live and rule from. They do leave periodically for various reasons and are usually followed by body guards. Nahr is militaristic in nature so he’s in charge of the military and everything that goes on with it. Anuban is more involved with the science side and developing the tech. They routinely make visits around their entire domain, together or separate, to ensure things are still running smoothly.
2-Lapis - The largest of the military cities in Isati, this is where warriors begin and end their training. Being in part of the lower region of the island, it's generally got a hotter climate so soldiers can get used to wearing armor in any heat. Other than the warriors and their homes, Lapis has many of the best forges and most dealers of weapons and armor. 
3-Badoneti - Mostly religious in nature, this is where the people who take care of the Valley of the Pharaohs. Priests and Priestesses are trained here and they have their own military and bodyguards to ensure things are peaceful. The often hold their rituals here and pilgrimages to the temple itself often start here so it's a very common sight to see small bands of people traveling here and off to the temple.
4-Koue - With its proximity to the snowcap that provides one of the two major sources of fresh water in Isati, Koue guards the assent to the summit very carefully. Only people with express permission are allowed to ascend the mountain. People can do this either for religious reasons, and will be escorted by soliders, or to acquire snow to transport as water. This is carefully regulated by merchants, making Koue one of the primary towns responsible for the distribution of water.

Minor Cities
1-Luar - This is a primarily fishing town. This is where a majority of the fish that everyone eats is caught. There are fish farms for fish that reproduce quickly whereas the nearby ocean is used for fresher, better tasting fish. Has a small standing military to guard against bandits and wild animals that might try and destroy or disrupt the town or its farms.
2-Awilo - In the shadow of a semi-active volcano is Awilo, a lumber town responsible for the harvest and crafting of most of the wood used in Isati. This is where the water barrels used by the majority of the continent are crafted, using special techniques that make the barrels retain water against the elements over the vast distances that it may be transported.
3-Dhupa - This is a farming town where most of the crops and livestock that everyone eats is grown and raised. They have everything from cows to chickens to horses and the crops range from carrots to potatoes to various fruits like apples, oranges, and grapes. There are others, of course. They, too, have a standing military force that protects them from bandits and wild animals that would threaten to destroy or disrupt the down and its farms. 
4-Ashewa - The southernmost town in the desert, it is quite near to the start of the jungle.  As such, it was once tasked with the patrolling of this border, but since the peace accords, serves more as a diplomatic city where the leaders of both sides can meet. It also doubles as another fishing village, and a port for transporting goods quickly from Luar into the desert.
5-Bliksem - This city is a primary source of power; it's got a range of several hundred solar panels that soak up the sun’s rays and stores it for use later. This is a heavily guarded area so as to protect the solar panels and the scientists and workers who run it.
6-Piranha - Situated at the base of a small mountain range, this is where some of the best ore is found in all of Isati, though the caves are dangerous and full of dangerous beasts. Many tunnels end up abandoned only a short ways in, but some hire soldiers to protect the miners, for the ores deeper in the tunnels are just too good to pass up. 
7-Întuneric - This city is one of two primary militaristic training sites. Due to the high elevation, the warriors learn endurance and various other survival skills. Trainees would routinely go between this site and the other to gain necessary training to become a full fledged soldier.

1-Jungle - What remains of the religion that the jungle people once followed. Few remain here as a form of “secret society”. They old true to the old ways and live in what could be considered peace. As next to no ones knows about their existence, they are self sufficient aside from the occasional trip to Dhupa for goods.
2-Desert - A massive structure of sandstone and exquisite stained glass, its clear from a distance this is a monument to the gods. Inside are statues, worked in beautiful stone to depict the most important gods in the Solinistic pantheon. Surrounding the temple is a small village for the retinue of armed guards assigned to protect the priests and relics inside. 

1-Ancient Ruins- Perhaps a tribute to the once prosperous religion of the jungle? What’s left of a monument? It sits on the edge of the lush jungle, covered in moss. These ruins are home to many a fierce creatures in battle for territory. Perhaps if someone was brave enough, they could travel into the caverns below and find some kind of treasure? But beware, there are booby traps and even scarier monsters that lurk in the dark.
2-Valley of the Pharaohs - A massive gorge, gouged deep into the desert, the previous generations of rulers saw fit to bury many of their honored dead in the valley. Caves line nearly every side of the valley, too numerous to count. Not all house honored dead though. Some are traps for grave robbers that lead into endless mazes or other horrible traps. A small force is garrisoned in the valley, and they rotate regularly. For some guards, being stationed in the valley is usually considered a punishment for something.
3-Pyramid/Fighting Pit- To the rest of the world, this is the home of the slave trade and the birthplace of gladiators. This also doubles as a prison of sorts. As a free person, one can join and leave the gladiator arena at any time. However, if one is a criminal, they’ll will more than likely be forced to compete. Survive long enough and earn their freedom or die in the pit. However, depending on the crime, there would be no choice. One simply disappears and is never heard from again. Rumor has it, losers sometimes go missing and are never return. Some whisper about twisted experiments take place here, the screams of the forgotten sometimes being heard from the pyramid late at night if ventured too close to.


Each outpost is basically the same, but each one specializes in something different. The first floor has a restaurant, a place for sleeping, and several shops for the buying/trading/selling of goods. However, the second floor is a highly specialized area and is different for each outpost.

Natural Landmarks
Volcano - Was once a very active volcano upon its creation in years passed. Has recently gone somwhat dormant. Its mostly used right now as a trial site for the fire god, but is also a place to come for explorers/scientists to learn about. No one is aware of it as of yet, but the Desolation has mutated the volcano as well. It would no longer spew red lava, but helliotrope shaded lava. Perhaps not only the color changed. Perhaps more things have happened to it. No one knows for sure as no one has ever really thought to investigate.

Oasis - A shining gem of the desert that provides one of the two major sources of water to the people of the desert. When people discovered it, the started to settle around it. Many of these original settlers became rich by restricting the flow of water, and selling the rights to it. However lately, people who drink from its water have been falling ill. Could it be a side effect of the Desolation? Or could someone be poisoning the water supply? Some very wealthy people would like to have answers.