Name: - Anuban Saeid la Isati


Gender: - Male

Age: - 28

Alignment: - Lawful Neutral

Ethnicity: - Egyptian.

Physical Characteristics: - Standing at 6’3”, weighing in at 200 lbs. Anuban has long flowing black hair with various shades of blue mixed in here and there. His style of dress is similar as to what’s pictured above. Unless he’s working in his lab, he’s a little bit more protected as it were. Otherwise, this is typically how he looks when out with his brother, or when he’s in the library studying, or whatnot. His ears and lip are pierced and it's rumored that his dick is as well. His back is littered with ancient text, he’s got a few of his favorite verses from poems on his wrists. He’s got an intricate design on both arms that travels down to his hands and fingers. He wears full length arm gloves up to his shoulders, however, so the likeliness of seeing these tattoos is slim unless he’s in the mood. He can almost always be seen with his ‘walking stick’ nearby that is actually the staff he uses should he ever get into a fight.

Mental Characteristics: - The man is highly intelligent. He runs the entire scientists guild. He has a photographic memory and often uses this to his advantage. He’s calm and very slow to anger. Unlike his brother, he doesn’t partake in most of the things that he does. Science is his main love and he would rather devote time to that instead of the ‘big boobied ladies’ that his brother seems to love. Though, he does appear to get jealous when his brother pays more attention to them than him.

Talents: - Science, Leadership, Staff wielding

Home: - Degan

Job: - MOTHA FUCKIN’ EMPEROR (Also scientist)

Beast Mutation: - Full body transformation into that of anthropomorphic black jackal. Due to this, he grows several inches, gains several hundred pounds, and muscles become more defined. Basically, there’s going to be a 6’8” 320 lbs jackal man coming at your face. Due to unique circumstances, Anuban has the ability to switch between forms because of his ability to control the degree of transformation that he experiences.

Bio: - Similar to the history, but here’s a bit more detail in regards to him.
Anuban is the oldest of three brothers. He was born around the turn of winter when it was the most cold. Perhaps this plays into why he always wanted to stay inside and read books and study or play with dolls with his younger sister. Purely for scientific reasons. He was quite fond of her as she was of him. Perhaps another reason he spent a majority of time inside as opposed to outside was because of the death of his sister. They were outside playing when a group of rabid dogs preyed upon them. They were upon her before he could even move. The only reason he survived was because their parents heard the screams. The horrifying, terror inducing screams. There was nothing they could do for her. She was dead by the time they managed to get the mongrels off of her. They held a funeral for her and that was probably one of the only times Anuban cried.

Around the same time this occurred, his mother gave birth to another child. He didn’t feel much of anything for this new younger brother. He kept to himself, spending more and more time in the library of their palace. His new sibling was upset that he didn’t get any of Anuban’s attention. Not that it mattered, their parents seemed to give him more than enough. Not only that, his brother started to make his own friends and didn’t care much for the neglectful older brother. Soon enough, however, their parents had yet another male child. He wasn’t sure what it was about this one, but when he found out they had named him Nahr, he paid attention to him. This immediately made the middle brother jealous.

As the three brothers grew up, it became clear they were each interested in different things. While it was already clear their oldest seemed to be more academically inclined, Nahr showed a great interest in fighting and war. The middle sibling was on the fence about a lot of things and always seemed to side with the brother who’s argument sounded better. Eventually though, one brother was given charge over the science department, the other reigned over the entire army. Here again, the middle brother was left undecided. He was more or less forced to focus on the business aspect of the culture. The three brother’s prospered and brought great honor to their kingdom.

But that’s when the Desolation occurred.

Because the two brother’s got the worst of the sickness, their bodies were wracked with pain and fever. While they were going through all of this, the rest of their family had fallen ill from drinking the contaminated water and breathing in the smoke that had blanketed the land. Their father was the first to die, closely followed by their mother. The two brothers were the only ones to know their middle brother was dead. When they had managed to recover, they learned that a lot of their people had died. They needed to figure out what to do and how to tackle this, but the two of them had vastly different ideas on how to accomplish this.

During a council meeting, the two brothers got into a terrifying fight. Right before the eyes of the people, Nahr became a raging crocodile like beast while his brother Anuban became a terrifying jackal. The two brother’s fought literally tooth and nail, screaming obscenities at each other. The onlookers either ran away or hid, some being brave enough to stay and watch the outcome of the battle. The two battled for what seemed like hours before the eldest brother got the upper hand and defeated his brother. They roared at each other one final time, panting and glaring at each other. In the midst of calming down, the two brothers shifted out of their beast forms and back into their human forms, torn remnants of their clothing hanging on their bodies. It was only then that they managed to come to an agreement.

They took over their nation as Emperors, working together as best as they could to get things back into a working order. While Anuban worked on containing the smoke, his brother worked on organizing what was left of the army. From there, the two of them worked together to get the rest of their kingdom in working order. Now while Nahr did whatever it was that he liked, Anuban went about figuring out about what this Desolation was and its side effects. Could he fix it? Would they be forced to stay like this forever? Time would certainly tell.

Religion: - Solinism -Layoa - Empress of Death

Blessing: - Wither - He holds an open hand out to them, half pointing at them and he says 'Wither' and this swarm of locust appears to fly out of his hand and surround the target, slowing them for a period of time (5 seconds). Out of combat, hella slows a person down, like dragging their feet, moving a couple inches at a time.
In combat, they're limbs would almost feel like they were made of lead and if Anuban actually wants to do anything to them, he'd probably have to be close to them. Otherwise, he could throw Wither at them and run the fuck away. Not saying he’s a coward, but fighting just isn’t his strongest skill.

Character Goal: - Figure out what specifically happened to cause the Desolation. Either fix the broken particle accelerator or leave it as is. Perhaps make a new one. Ensure the continued survival of himself and his brother; rule over their people and their nation.

I have two rules. First, I'm never wrong. Second, if I am wrong . . . Refer back to the first rule.