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Lumos, a once prosperous city, found itself at a significant, and abrupt, loss of resources causing a drastic plunge back into what would now be considered a modern-day society.
The event happened over night. Surrounding land masses, people, and civilizations vanished without a trace. This sudden occurrence would later come to be known as the Calamity.

Insatiable hunger plagued the populous. Ordinary human bodies wracked by agonizing appetence, found themselves to involuntary reconstruction taking on the forms of animals both fiction and mythical. Carnivores, Herbivores, and Omnivores took the place of the members of the community acting with both human consciousness as well as animalistic instincts.

How would such a Calamity be described? Herbivores found themselves grazing in their own lawns, sampling leaves from well kept trees, further trimming lawns both their own and that of their neighbors. Carnivores, on the other hand, found themselves in more of a desolate state. Stalking, hunting, feeding on both kin and comrade under the influence of what could only be indomitable need. Shame, regret, grief all being experienced in hindsight of the ravenous actions previously enacted. Lost in bloodlust, mothers would come to human consciousness through the haze of animalistic need, greeted with the sight of their own children. Eviscerated, bloodied and cold beneath their very own hands. Their children’s blood upon their lips, the scent of their skin plaguing their nostrils. Spouses found in the same state, guilt ridden and disgusted at their own acts, unable to understand what had happened. What had possessed them? What had caused this sudden transformation from civility to utter chaos? What could make a mother eat their own child? A husband to disembowel his own wife?

And so the islands spiral uncontrollably into complete and utter chaos.

Cannibalism ensued, beast consuming beast. Friend falling to the hands of one another. Scandal, nihilism, and terror leading to the fall of common known government. The death of Lumos’ Mayor at the hands of his own wife bringing about both unity and degeneration. The ending of the Mayor’s life also brought about the end of the rule that thrived under the House Meticulous; announcing the re-emergence of the House Maelstrom into a seat of power. Sparking the construction of a bigger set of organizations throughout the land. United Houses, united Families, coalesce in separate contracts to fight one another over the control of the island. Finding strife both internally as well as externally as altercations over differing ideas, codes of honour, as well as violations of said codes split the ranks of united comrades.

All societies within the boundaries of Lumos and Gale of the Guilded Crest, upheld by honour and merit -- underlying barbarism colouring the folds -- sang louder than all together in a united chorus. The rise of the Legions of Lumos.

descriptionRe: Lumos

The once proud, shining jewel of its era, Lumos found itself taking a turn for the worst. Though, given what happened to them they could still be considered as such. Who else around them can honestly dispute their right? Sure, Lumos itself was, quite literally, uprooted and placed into a vast void, isolated from where it once called home. This would later be known as the Calamity and its effects on the survivors weren’t what the creators of this travesty was expecting.

One of the side effects of screwing around in genetics, as it turns out, is that one can never really be too sure what will come of it. The populace of Lumos found out rather quickly what its dabble in it had done. A sudden insatiable hunger spread among the people like a disease, ordinary human bodies wracked with what could only be described as an agonizing appetence for food. The need to feed became their only goal. This came with another overwhelming price; these humans weren’t necessarily humans anymore. Beasts both real and mythical terrorized the landscape. Carnivores. Herbivores. Omnivores. It didn’t care what form was taken. The Calamity didn’t see the difference between these things. The people only knew that there was suddenly another voice in their heads, screaming, commanding. Forcing them into situations they normally wouldn’t have even thought of themselves performing. Thus the reign of the beasts began.

Historians might be at a loss as to how they would choose to describe this Calamity that plagued the land. The Herbivores seemed to be minding their own business. The effects of this didn’t seem to bother them too much. They simply grazed in their own lawns, their neighbors lawns. The grass was cut, trees were trimmed. It seemed almost peaceful to be among them. One of them. Gentle gardeners it would seem. However, the same could not be said for their carnivorous counterparts. The beasts within their minds kept repeating the same words in their heads, forcing them to devolve into the most basic of animalistic wants and desires. Hunting, stalking, preying, feeding. It mattered not to them if it was friend or foe, kin or otherwise. The indomitable need to feed consumed them until the very last.

They say hindsight is 20/20. Extreme emotional responses of things like shame, regret, grief began to creep back into the minds of these ravenous animals. Previously lost in bloodlust, mothers would come to their human consciousness through a haze of these animalistic desires only to be greeted by the sight of an eviscerated child. Their bloodied appearance enough to make the weak stomached puke. Blood, guts, other bits covered hands, displayed themselves against teeth and tongue. The metallic scent combined with the sight alone was enough to haunt the survivors for the rest of their lives. What was left of romantic partners being reawakened in a similar state, their eyes widening in horror at what they had done. Guilt and disgust overwhelmed them, some of them deciding the act of suicide was too great to ignore.

Questions buzzed around, the living unable to answer them. No one could really come to terms with what had happened. What had caused this? Birthed in this chaos was so much suffering in grief. What could have caused mothers to eat their own children? Husbands to disembowel their own wives? Siblings to turn on one another in the most bizarre display of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ this world has ever seen? They had too many questions and far too little answers.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the islands that made up Lumos began to once again spiral out of control.

As one might have expected, the taboo of cannibalism ensued. Beast consuming beast, friends betraying one another, hated rivals fighting to an even grosser death. Scandal, nihilism, and terror began to spread like wildfire, the fall of the government taking almost no effort to accomplish. It was tragic that the Mayor of Lumos had to die by the hands of his own wife. However, the silver lining to this was the onset of unity. But even that came at the price of degeneration. The ending of the mayor’s life brought about the end of the rule of House Meticulous, the thriving system finally being put to an abrupt rest. House Maelstrom took its rightful place in a seat of power. Who would have thought that this would have sparked something for the better? Organization began to fall into place, the once chaotic land seeming to fix itself. United Houses, united families began to rise. However, this would bring up yet another conflict; who would be better to rule over the land as a whole? Fighting external strife is always one thing. Combating internal strife is always another and sometimes that can be far more deadly.

In the end, all societies within the boundaries of Lumos and Gale of the Guilded Crest upheld the honour and merit of something once held dear. Under barbarism and the coloring of metaphorical flags, the unwavering songs of the people grew louder than any chorus ever could. These are the Lumos people. This is the Legion of Lumos.
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