Name: [size=32]Nahr Saeid la Isati[/size]

Age:[size=32] 22[/size]

Gender:[size=32] Male[/size]

Guild: [size=32]Emperor of Isati[/size]

Alignment:[size=32] Lawful Neutral[/size]

Ethnicity:[size=32] Egyptian[/size]

Physical Characteristics:[size=32] Nahr is dark of skin with pale blonde hair and light yellow eyes. While human, his skin is a dark brown color, tanned by the sun, and he is in the area of about 6ft tall and about 220lbs. He tends to lean or slouch for the most part because he likes to be relaxed. His back, arms, and legs are all covered in a variety of tattoos in black, silver, and gold ink, though most of them can’t be seen when he's wearing clothing. On his left shoulder is a shield, and his right has a spear. Below them in the middle is a passage from a piece of a holy book reciting the warriors prayer. His arms have bands around the upper bicep, and around the wrist, and in the bands are the words for strength, courage, loyalty, and luck.[/size]

[size=32]When he transforms he becomes 6’5” and 350lbs, and his skin becomes a darker green and covered in scales the more transformed he becomes. His eyes become bright red, and he grows razor sharp teeth and claws as he nears full transformation, and it causes his voice to get much deeper and gravely. His tattoos stay however, and are usually more noticeable as he tends to shed clothing as he transforms.[/size]

Mental Characteristics:[size=32] Nahr is a bit of a narcissist, and doesn't always notice when he inconveniences others. He's the kinda guy who will walk in a room and flop down across a couch with his leg over the side, even if he takes up all the seating and others have to stand. That's not to say he's a bad guy, because if someone makes him aware of this, he would move his leg to let someone sit. However he could also be having a day where he's feeling particularly argumentative and disagreeable. Nahr approves of four things: booze, bodies, baubles, and battles. If he can drink it, touch it, sell it, or make it fight, he approves. Otherwise he doesn't give a flying fuck.[/size]

Talents:[size=32] Nahr is an accomplished warrior and strategist. He is quite an accomplished swimmer as well, and climber.[/size]

Home:[size=32] Degan[/size]

Job:[size=32] Emperor of Isati[/size]

Beast Mutation:[size=32] Extenuating circumstances led to Nahr being able to control his transformation, allowing him to change back and forth freely and control how it changes. Nahr transforms into a massive anthropomorphic crocodile, the change adding a few inches to his height and a few hundred pounds to his weight.[/size]

Bio:[size=32] When Nahr was born, he already had quite the hill to climb. Two older brothers, and a title to live up to. But as far as he was concerned, the most important thing, was having a good time. Unfortunately for his playmates, having a good time meant winning, and Nahr is ruthless. In games of tag, he was willing to climb anything, dive off anything, just to ensure his victory. When his father started teaching him the sword, he quickly graduated to more adult opponents nearly three times his age because no one his age would come near him. By eight he was skilled with nearly every weapon in the armory, and at nine years old had learned to bullseye targets from horseback at full gallop. [/size]

[size=32]Unfortunately for his middle brother, this excellence made him feel inferior, and he tended to resent Nahr, but it mattered little to him. After besting him in their tenth duel, Nahr refused to even acknowledge his brother as fit to challenge him directly, a rather harsh insult to his elder brother’s pride. He instead spent more of his time with the eldest, Anuban. He was a bit stuffy and boring sometimes, but his intelligence made conversations their own battle, and sparring matches with him in a battle of wits was something he [/size]might[size=32] be able to lose at.[/size]

[size=32]When Anuban told him of a new machine, a revolution of technology, Nahr was initially dismissive. He cared not for technology unless it posed a benefit to him, but after another verbal sparring match, Anuban made it clear that their [/size]was[size=32] a benefit to be had. Oh, he had to witness such a machine. While he didn't learn all its inner components and all the boring science about it like his brother, he did start plans on uses for it, its strategic value to their military and people. [/size]

[size=32]And then the useless one had to make it all about him. He broke it, just as he broke so many other things before. Their middle brother snuck in one night in a fit of jealousy and broke the machine, and created such a ruckus that his new pet had to sacrifice itself to protect them. The bird was brand new and had more value than that fool. Only thing he'd been good at was counting coins and that's because he couldn't break those.[/size]

[size=32]The smoke had been suffocating, and their bodies had been wracked with pain, and the water they brought to him and Anuban only made things worse. When they finally recovered, they were so frayed they came to blows in the middle of a meeting with their advisors. The monsters they became were incredible, a massive crocodile and hideous jackal. Just as Nahr was preparing his final attack, Anuban called it off, afraid of what might happen if they continued. As they came to their senses, they changed back, naked as they had been born, but humans once again, something that no one else had reportedly been able to do after transforming. Already the emperors, their people heralded them as new gods, destined to lead them out of this nightmare.[/size]

Religion: [size=32]Solinism - Plios, Lady of Storms[/size]

Blessing:[size=32] When Nahr gets angry, the air around him starts to stir and swirl. As his anger builds, so does the storm, and if he loses his temper, the storm builds to a huge swirling vortex with him at the eye. This is blinding for those caught in it, and the beating from the sand will start to cause serious physical damage if not escaped quickly. As his rage cools, so does the storm, and once back to level headedness, Nahr will be rather drained of energy for a few hours.[/size]

Character Goal:[size=32] To protect his people and his brother. To figure out a way to return them to whence they came, and reverse the effects of the Desolation on the people affected by it.[/size]