Rhi au Yanata

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Rhi au Yanata

Post by K!yO on Wed Jan 11, 2017 1:15 am

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Name: - Rhi au Yanata

House: - Eternity

Gender: - Female

Age: -22

Alignment: - Chaotic Good

Ethnicity: - Unknown

Physical Characteristics: - Rhi stands at a staggering 5'0 tall and a massive 106lbs. Her most visible trait is her being a double amputee.

Mental Characteristics: - Keeps to herself. Keeps interactions short. Doesn't enjoy small talk. Excessive flailing of her ribbons and tassels when excited.

Talents: - Extremely limber, agile and acrobatic despite her handicap.

Home: - Anywhere

Job: -N/A

Animal Form: - Horned Owl. 

Bio: - Rhi remembers very little of herself before recent times. Her strongest memories are faint images of herself before losing her arms and fond memories of a man with metal arms. In recent times she assisted with House Darconian's efforts, but later decided to branch off with House Eternity as a preference of interest. 

Feat: - Phantom limb: Rhi is able to control her garments and other loins worn to act as arms, or a tail mainly in varying sizes. This is her main offense/defense. Her clothes and accessories are made of carbon fiber fabric to resist being torn, cut or burned.

Character Goal: - Help those in need. Stay unnoticed. Find the man with metal arms.


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Re: Rhi au Yanata

Post by Staff on Sat Jan 14, 2017 2:05 pm

Good morning Rhi au Yanata! After a lot of hard work, I can proudly say that your character profile is all approved! You are now able to start roleplaying as soon as you are ready! Safe travels!



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