Name: Felis Catus ex Machina

House & Guild: Decidedly undecided

Gender: Male

Age: Kitten

Alignment: Chaotic

Physical Characteristics:  
A small kitten of brown, black and white fur. He has big, blue eyes that manage to give him an innocent yet mischievous look. You can easily tell him apart from other felines, he wears a multicoloured top-hat, a leather vest and accessories. And then there’s that air about him, like he knows something, a secret, and he’s not sharing.

Mental Characteristics:
It’s hard to pin his character down. He seems carefree. Confident that he’ll get away with the things he does.
 It seems he swears fealty to none but himself. One day he might share a secret with you, giving you an edge over your enemy and the next he may well help the same enemy break into your estate to rob you blind. You just never know.
 As such, you’d do well not to trust him. On the other hand, he hasn’t been known to outright lie. He may have some internal rules by which he operates and that regulate his games. However, what those rules may be is anyone’s guess.
 For the most part is seems his actions are guided by what he feels would make for the most interesting outcome.
 He acts as though whatever happens in this world can have no consequences for him personally.

Gathering information, being in the right place at the right time, sneaking and playing pranks.

Unknown but he comes from Isati.

It’s said you can sometimes find him singing in the street or a pub for small coins, but this may only be rumour.

Animal Form:
He’s transformed into a cat at all times. Though he can speak.

Felis was born under a different name, but he has since discarded it. His parents worshipped Tal’Din and were extremely strict. The boy was intelligent and obedient but often suffered both physical and mental trauma under his parent’s rule.
 Due to the nature of their religion and the secrecy around it he was not allowed outside and his freedom was greatly restricted. Feeling trapped, he prayed every day for a chance and way to get outside. To see the world, to be free and to be allowed to be a child.
 His prayers were answered when he received the blessing of teleportation. Since that moment, he has never returned to his home. This newfound freedom is exhilarating and almost intoxicating and he is content to explore the world and interact with people for the first time.

Whenever he’s involved there’s generally no time for religious debates and he isn’t always very vocal about it, however he does worship Tal’Din, the Queen of Light deeply. She gave him what he needed and he is grateful.

From his goddess he received the blessing of teleportation, so he can always be where he’s needed.

Character Goal:  
To have as much fun with this world and the people in it as kittenly possible.