Welcome to Legions of Lumos,

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This is the starter guide. If you're unsure where or how to begin, this page will assist you.
Getting a grasp is easy. Follow these three steps, and you'll be set to start your roleplaying adventures.

I. Check out the Rules . Although many are common sense, there are a few which detail our particular requirements for accounts, activity, graphics and so on.

II. Check out the CHARACTER LUMOS TEMPLATE  | | CHARACTER ISATI TEMPLATE  |, and the one-year timeline after the Calamity. This gives you everything you need to create a character and understand the world.

III. Hop on Discord and message us. Talking to other members is a great way to get a feel for the RP

Once approved, you're all ready to go. Although not required, here are a few suggestions to getting integrated into the roleplay community:

☩ Introduce yourself in Discord.


☩ Start a plot scape in the management board. (Link )  A plot is a topic in which you might list all your characters and roleplay ideas, where others can reply if interested. In turn, it is even better to branch out and respond to other people's plots as well.

☩ Start your open roleplay topic. You might want to make the scenario simple and inclusive; if it is complicated and excludes most character types, it may not get many replies. Making a broader starting topic increases your potential at getting responses. Alternatively, join other members open topics.

Private messaging is currently not disabled for this forum we try to encourage people to at the minimum private message us via discord which is a browser based app, so you don’t have even to download it.