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descriptionThe Dragon of Havoc

Alvarance au Julieil The Dragon of Havoc




Chaotic Good

Darkened skin, not sure if tanned or not.

Physical Characteristics
Roughly 2m or 6’4” with a lean and athletic build. Roughly 80kg or 175lbs. He’s not completely defined but seems to take care of his body and keep himself in shape. You can see the muscles he carries and that he knows how to use them. His posture is straight but not rigid and he gives off a slightly commanding presence

Mental Characteristics: -
Stoic, silent unless necessary. Picks up on body language and speaks with that mostly. Believes only in mastery of the self and mentally chastises those that don't. Lives almost ritualistically in his daily habits. Easy to find him as a result in daily life.

Talents: -
Wilderness survival, master of Havoc’s quick strike styles of their martial arts. Can seamlessly bend between forms even in combat.

Home: -
In the forest, near a shrine

Job: -
Warrior, almost a Master, in Havoc

Animal Form: -
Hawk, master shifter

Bio: -
Before the Calamity, Alvarance was an Initiate who spent most of his time doing various physical Labors to increase his capabilities, both mentally and physically. He kept himself training, aiming to grow and push himself higher. Shortly before the Calamity, he moved up to Warrior, being taken on with some other Initiates to further their studies in spirituality and balance.

Their Master lead them through the forest before abandoning them after a few days. Cold and hungry after their first night, some of the other young Warriors took to gathering what ended up being poisonous berries, others ran around trying to find a way out shouting until Alvarance couldn’t hear them anymore. The second night was almost upon them when Alvarance stood, he wasn’t going to die like this. He took control, leaving some of the healthy left to watch the sick and asking the rest to follow him. Finding a sharp stone on the ground, Alvarance set small notches in trees to be able to find his way back, his companions following his lead.

“Like when helping the fishermen,” he said to the others when he came to a berry bush, “animal avoid things they dislike or is harmful.” He pointed to some animal damage around the edges and left two of his companions to pick.  They came across a stream and Alvarance stripped his jacket, along with those others who brought one, to fashion it into some form of water bag. One of them brought out an empty bottle. 3 more were sent back, leaving 4.
Alvarance led the group to the berry bush again, looking for signs of an animal of some kind. Tracking the large footprints, the hunting party didn’t take long to find an adolescent bear-like creature. With one receiving a broken bone and a few, Alvarance included, getting some nice lacerations they brought back meat. The parties continued to do so until everyone who remain was strong enough to start walking out of the forest.

Alvarance stood first against the Master who was waiting near the edge of the forest. The young man called out the Master, paying attention to what the boy thought was right, not seeing that food and medical supplies were laid out near them. “If you cannot find a way to take care of yourself, you will not find a way to be the best you that you can be,” the Master said, “You will not be able to pass yourself down to the younger generation. You did well.”
After passing the test, Alvarance was given an unprecedented amount of freedom for one of his stature. He was only accompanied by a Master during combat training, which he picked up quickly. He decided to master the quick strike forms of fighting rather than grapples or other strikes as a desire to end things quickly, with little damage, and to be able to move on. Otherwise he was given tasks like a Master but had never achieved that rank. Then the Calamity stuck.

The first time Alvarance shifted was for an escape. It wasn’t to flee from the growing battle but rather from his own expectations. He wished to soar, find a small place, and reflect and think. He looked longingly at the sky and before he knew it, he was soaring up higher to the tops of the nearby trees. It would be so easy just to let go and stay like this forever, floating from one small task to the next. Living as an animal. “Living like an animal is not what it means to be Alvarance au Julieil,” a voice rang out in his head. It was true, Alvarance admitted as he landed on a sturdy branch and forced himself to shift back. If this is what the calamity meant, Alvarance was going to need to master the urges of this other form. He climbed down and decided to head to a Master to do just that.

Havoc thrived in its privacy and in the chaos, forcing the weak to become strong and the meek to step forward. Most of the Warriors were sent as infantry when the accords were struck, turning the tides and, unfortunately, stalling the chaos. One of these battles took place outside Brikhill. Many frightened Herbivores and children rested in the complex and a small squadron of Havoc members, including Alvarance, were posted to keep the area safe. What wasn’t expected was the legions of Pandemonium hunters that planned to assault Brikhill that night. Alvarance was posted near the main road, where the majority of any force would come from.

A large force of men and beasts came towards the hill. Alvarance, knowing he and his may have died that night, relaxed focusing only on pushing as many as he could back ready to give his life if that’s what it took. He pushed out all thoughts, emotions, and distractions into a mental flame turning his focus only to  the incoming battle. A heat of sorts formed around the base of his sternum as he got into a basic stance in front of the incoming crowd. The first was one coming up on Alvarance quickly. The Warrior found a small opening, pushing his fist forward and hard focusing on hitting the the opening as hard as possible. The warmth in his chest split and a piece moved towards his fist, shooting from it on contact, forcing the beastman back and into many of the advancing force. When Alvarance moved  to kick, the warmth spread to his foot, releasing on contact again and sending his opponent colliding into more foes. With each strike the warmth spread into his limbs, forcing outward at the point of impact against each of his opponents over and over until the survivors ran. “He hits like a Dragon!” Some shouted as his comrades praised the Dragon of Havoc.

Alvarance's main teacher noticed the power he contained and put in motion his plan to kill the Master they studied under. Alvarance, unknowing of this was attacked suddenly, reacting quickly and putting a lot oh his force into a single blow. The warmth filled a decent portion of his fist and, as it made contact, he watched as the Master was suddenly missing half his body. Alvarance became distraught, not noticing the slight pain in his hand. Though it was an important day for him, he felt slightly empty.

Shortly after the battle, when Alvarance reflected on it how it confused him how he did those things, he decided to visit the Grandmaster. “My body has become a dangerous weapon,” Alvarance said, “It seems like all I am is a warrior if not less. How do I move forward? How do I control this curse to not hurt other unnecessarily?”
“Ha! You care a lot for a weapon kid,” the Grandmaster responded. “Learn to control it like everything else. Find yourself and you’ll be able to move forward. In fact, don’t worry about tasks until you’re ready to come to me with your findings.”

Feat: - Energy Movement.
Alvarance has the ability to move the kinetic energy in his body, neuro synapses, heartbeats, and all other types, and focus it into one single point. Every time he lands a blow with this ability, it releases the energy into his opponent. To use it he has to be in his combat focus state.

Character Goal: -

Alvarance is on a path of self discovery, trying to find a balance within himself between his strong combat expertise and his spiritual self as instructed by his current Master. His goal is to temper his blade (himself) in the waters of balance to move forward in the Havoc Hierarchy.

descriptionRe: The Dragon of Havoc

Good afternoon, Alvarance au Julieil! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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