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descriptionChaol au Floridis

Name: Chaol au Floridis the First Mate of Mutiny

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House: Mutiny

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Ethnicity: White

Physical Characteristics: Chaol is 6'2" and lean, with sharp cheekbones and angles that make him appear hungry, though his low body fat reveals strong, corded muscles. Hes all smiles, and his teeth are gleaming white, something he takes pride in. Generally skirts the edge of looking like hes either about to pounce or tell a joke.

Mental Characteristics: Chaol is a bit of a trouble maker. He doesnt do well with authority, though he respects his captain above all else. His regard for everyone else is usually scornful at worst and mocking at best. Loves to laugh, but its rarely in good humor. Will fight for his house because when it comes down to it, no one can hurt his family except him.

Talents: Chaol's naturally light footsteps and deliberate gate make him a natural sneak. He tends to surprise people, something that he delights in. His perfect timing and his fast hands have also made him quite a notorious pickpocket.

Home: Orin Dam, Level 2: Heaven

Job: First Mate/Quartermaster

Animal Form: Hyena - Stage 3, Level 3

Bio: Chaol always hated authority. He hated the rules, he hated the people who enforced the rules, he hated the people who feared the rules. In fact most of his thoughts on a daily basis involved hate. This usually put him at odds with his family, but at the end of the day he would fight for them if they asked because "even if you hate your family, they are your family, and no one elses." Of course his poor attitude got him into a lot of fights in school, and after a time he started seeking these fights out. He got strong, fast, ruthless, because when you had as many enemies as he made, you lived or died at your own hands. Of course, he could have lived the life of an aristocrat if he wanted. His family always had money, and he was of good breeding. But that didnt stop him from stealing either. He didnt need the things he stole. But "if you cant keep it,is it yours?" Of course, these sorts of habits tend to make people want to kill you. But maybe he knew that. He got so good that he stole his fathers signet ring right off his hand in front of a room full of people and no one even noticed. Then again, no one else noticed there jewelry missing either.  He could have worn the clothes his family bought and courted a nice young lady, inherited the fortune and lived off the old money. But he craved the moments when his blood was pumping, his body ached from taking hits, and his knuckles reverberated as he connected with someone else.

Then the Calamity happened.

Isolation. Suddenly the world was much smaller. Arguments over resources and Chaol went into survival mode. Suddenly the ability to take wasnt just a hobby. It was a requirement for eating. Swiped what he thought he needed, sold what he didnt, made contacts with people who were headed up the food chain. Even if he hated authority, he recognized the need to have contacts. Just when he thought he understood this new world, a new wrench.

The fog.

The crazy night where Fenrir swallowed a town whole and people started losing it. It wasnt long before Chaol felt the hunger, the feeling people kept describing. His body ached, his stomach roared, his bones felt like fire in his skin. His hatred amped up by so many hormones that when he snapped, he snapped hard. He never meant to hurt his parents. It was a joke. But he couldnt help himself and there blood just tasted so damn good. And he needed to curb the ache in his mouth, the wretched throbbing in his teeth that only abated as he torn his parents to pieces. Next it was the itching. The damnable itch, like bugs crawling under his skin. It wasnt until later that he realized it was his claws that itched so badly. Trapped under his pathetic flesh prison. Another joke. A monster trapped halfway in the guise a man. He didnt transform fully like some of the others. No, the ultimate joke was on him. His back half bent over, his skin dark and rough, but still human, his teeth long and sharp, but his eyes still human. Like some nightmare born of fear. And the cackle. That awful whining noise. In the silence that followed, he heard things. Things no one should ever hear. The pitiful breathing. The patter of feet. To bad his brother didnt run on all fours. He might have made it farther.

Feat: Cackle - After that first night, Chaol realized the wretched noise of his own laughter would suddenly make the sounds of prey stand out. Time spent in the dam, with its walls of stone and metal, have made him an expert hunter.

Character Goal: Chaol hates authority, but he loves a good fight. If following his captain into the breach means he gets to soothe his aching teeth, fill his empty stomach, and drown his thirst in blood, then he will follow. But he keeps a watchful eye. The hyena defends what is his, and he fought hard for his position. If the other families try to bring them down, he will power the Dam with there blood. Anyone wishing to set foot in the realms of Purgatory or Hell must first pass through his den, and the sounds of laughter are enough to deter the weak.

descriptionRe: Chaol au Floridis

Good afternoon, Chaol au Floridis! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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