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descriptionExarch the Slayer of Man of Pandemonium

Image from Corpse Party
Name: -  Exarch the Slayer of Man of Pandemonium.
House: - Pandemonim
Gender: - Male
Age: - 23
Alignment: - Chaotic Evil
Ethnicity: - White

Physical Characteristics: - Very obviously offsetting, puts off an aura of uncomfortably and looks like he causes trouble. about 5'8" very lanky residing around 130LB.
Mental Characteristics: - Very quirky and generally bears a deep smirk on his face. He generally very social and willing to talk to anyone in the room regardless of what they look like, however generally intimidating in a strange uncanny way. Has a deranged and calm outlook on life.

Talents: - Exarch is very good at picking out murderers and serial killers in crowds, his mind is deranged and warped to see the worst in people, or in his eyes the best. He is generally skilled with a knife and focuses on fighting dishonorably.

Home: - "Home is where the money is."
Job: - Mercenary
Animal Form: - Horned Lizard

Bio: - Exarch's original name was Edrich Lochhart and he was just a farmer, existing in the sun sleeping at night was his life, destined to be a farmer just like his father, and the his father before that. The Calamity rolled over his family like a large stone suffocating out their resources. Poaches stole their food and before they knew it a group of cannibals were at their door, stripping out the parents leaving the children. "Honor in killing, honor in death, every scar is precious. Kill the Weak, only the strong survive." They took the children with them on their killing spree, breeding killers like wildfire. Exarch took a new name that day and slowly embraced the killer lifestyle, breaking into houses avoiding poorly made traps and pulling out the prize, food. Even when society took control, like his other brethren, He understood he couldn't return to his old ways and looked for something that required his expertise.

After leaving his band of what he could consider friends he was nothing more than some street brawling punk and a few bludgeoning showed him that he couldn't strut straight into people's homes and rip out their hearts like the small towns, he had to think bigger. The first few were simple, rousing a mob of the most despicable drunks he could find and burning down their homes, but he needed help. So with the money he acquired doing light work he paid his colleagues to take him on their missions, as dangerous as it were most mercenaries would do a lot for someone for more money.

With his expeditions he learned and networked, while he may not be the strongest his persistence, and cleverness has made him a feared and well known mercenary.  

Feat: -  Has a feeling for danger, a sixth sense for aggressive killer behavior and can tell almost omniscient the difference between a want to kill and a want to preserve.

Character Goal: - Exarch's goal is simple, his life is too complicated now and he misses the days of roaming from house to house maiming the parents while taking the children. In his job he constantly looks for ways to improve the society and revert it to it's more animistic and chaotic nature.

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descriptionRe: Exarch the Slayer of Man of Pandemonium

Good afternoon, Exarch! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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