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descriptionQueen Belinda au Maelstrom

Name: Queen Belinda au Maelstrom

House: House Maelstrom Leviathan

Gender: Female

Age: 37

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Ethnicity: Germanic

Physical Characteristics: 5”8, 120 lbs, very lean, ivory skin, prominent cheekbones, light blonde wavy hair that goes down to the crease of the back, usually pulled up in a royal manner, with soft bangs split down the middle. Light green eyes that shade slightly darker when she in angered. Soft pastel lips that are usually in an angry pout. Faded scar around neck going halfway around. B-Cup. Fairly thin, so she looks quite lanky compared to other people. Keeps nails sharpened for a quick weapon. Keeps the color red on her at all times, in ribbons or outfit.

Mental Characteristics: God-Complex, monophobia, and athazagoraphobia, brings herself above other people and shows it in her speech and posture. Has a very strong personality, but keeps to herself when it comes to plotting and internal feelings. Thinks of every option when it comes to getting what she wants. Slightly Narcissistic, and thinks highly of herself. Sharp minded and sharp-tongued, and is not afraid to snap when it comes to her own opinion and her rule. Very iron-fisted leader and is not scared to cause death or famine. Does not like to show emotions but is very ruled over her own fears.

Talents: very persuasive, and charming, very good with one-handed weapons when given the chance. Is very natural when it comes to ruling.

Home: City Hall

Job: Queen

Animal: Leviathan

Feat: ????????

Bio: The castle was made with beautiful marble, elegantly carved with years and years of craft work. Even so, this was not ideal for the queen, who wanted every wall to be built out of solid gold and the blood and sweat of everyone who defied her. She had a large court, which stretched onwards for miles who worshipped her every move. She was loved, but always overshadowed by her husband, the King. And then it happened. One day, exactly a year ago, she found herself awoken at a place unfamiliar to her standing. Multiple members of her court were scattered around her, but she still had a large sense of fear in her throat for what was to come.  
Time crept by slowly with the reveal of the messed up world this planet was becoming. She was stuck together with her crew of the scattered court, trying to build up her husband's rule and the safety of the royal family. She watched as most of the court perished in hunger, or being killed by the strange mutations happening. It was a dog-eat-dog world and she enjoyed every bit of it.  
Her body ached and burned with the mutation, as she fell into what seemed like an intense fever-dream. It felt like her body was being ripped apart day after day, with vivid nightmares of her tearing into her servants, eating them slowly and without remorse. With her heart becoming more wicked to the ideals of the grotesque cannibalism tendencies, it reached to the final mutation point. She knew she was going to snap, but she never knew when it would happen. With her husband's reign spreading over the small part of what could be considered a "city", she lusted for the power she would receive if her husband, oh her husband, was gone. Her mutation growing and her black thoughts consuming her, she decided to take things into her own hands.  
Every bone in her body breaking to form the crooked spine of the mythical creature, she stretched and grew up to the skies, 75 feet in height. Her tail wrapped around the waist of the King, plucked him up from the ground and with a toothy grin, swallowed him down. She looked down across the city, at the fearful faces of the place she called home, and smirked. With fear comes power, and she knew how to play the card.
The Queen is in a very frail and petite body frame, but she can easily break someone’s arm if they get in her way. Her life surrounds the control and manipulation she uses to keep her kingdom from falling into ruins. She is considered extremely beautiful and does do a whole idea to keep her appearance as elegant and young looking as the goddesses up above. She is very cunning and is always stressing thoughts about multiple plans to get her way. With her king out of the way in the past year, she has been able to stretch her control over her city.
Character Goal- To have full command of every land around her.

descriptionRe: Queen Belinda au Maelstrom

Good afternoon, Belinda au Maelstrom! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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