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descriptionBezyle Au Andromedus The Maker of Discord

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House: - Discord
Gender: - Male
Age: - 42
Alignment: - Chaotic Neurtal
Ethnicity: - White
Physical Characteristics: - Bezyle had stern and rigid posture, something he makes a concious effort to maintain. Never seen outside of buisness attire, unless within the private areas of his own home. The Sigils on his arm and back are those he earned through trials and challenges presented by other families, and they are woven together to tell a story of his triumphs.

Mental Characteristics: - Mental safe with the uttermost security. Calm and collected are his mantra, a man without manners, wit, and tact should never be considered a man. While some in the house of Discord would be deemed barbarins Bezyle finds that negotiations with other houses are better then to have then to have not. So he has cultivated himself in such a way to where he could and should be able to initially speak with any house representitive with little conflict. 

Talents: - Physically Bezyle is not the strongest of his people, average at best, but what he lacks in physical strentgh he makes up for with his keen edge of a mind, and a dexterous right hand. When he goes without any bionics he is somewhat more at home on the battlefield, quick and subtle stabbing thrust are his speciality. The blade, normally hidden in a sleeve or a boot, or under the frills of a well dressed slave. 

Home: - Siege Tower 79th Floor
Job: - Deus Dominus
Animal Form: - Laophis 

Feat: - Whoever makes physical contact with Bezyle gains accelerated healing, the more exposure/physical contact the more the body is healed over time. He gained this ability right after the calamity when he saved the life of his eldest slave girl via holding her near dead body in his hands and crying for her. 

History: - - Bezyle was born into the royal slaver family of Andromedus, born of two royal houses coming together as one, an heir to his mother and father's combined wealth. He was the youngest of nine siblings, three of which could never become heirs, two of them disowning the family name and marrying into other houses, and then his four other siblings, Virginia, Laurel, Pax, and Aiden. The five of them were heirs destined to compete for their mothers favor, who ever brought the family name the most honor would be granted exactly what he or she deserved. This created a bitter and cold hostility between the siblings of course, Laurel, the devil wearing angel's clothes even going so far as to have her slaves infiltrate her siblings groups of slaves and plan assassination attempts on her siblings. This of course could never be proven, outside of the burning marks labeled with an L on her slaves’ skin, she of course would always claim she knew nothing of it. For a majority of the sibling’s lives, their mother would force them to play games to win their proper fortune. Who could bed the most suitors, who would gain the most fame, who represented the family, who had the most obedient and functioning slaves, and even competitions with a sling blade, Bezyle would later lose his left arm to his elder brother Pax, but not shortly after taking his brothers head within the same swing. The Siblings were made ruthless and harsh by one another, but there also came a closeness that only a master and a slave could have due to the siblings not being able to turn to one another, this is what gave birth to a deus dominus most trusted slaves, A Harem of sorts, a group of five girls who were given to Bezyle on his eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth birthday as day old infants who from the moment of their conception were marked as his personal slaves. Brainwashed and tortured until they were not only completely submissive to his will, but were unable to make decisions, unable to form a personality without his influence. From the moment they were born they were taken from their parents and placed in a specialized training regimen that involved them seeing Bezyle as literally there god each day, when they were punished he was made to be seen as a savior, despite he being the one who ordered their punishments a shroud of lies surrounded them for so long that by the time the truth was blatantly in front of them they saw it as their masters love for them. It was a system that his father came up with for each of his children.

By the time Bezyle was twenty five years old his first five slaves they were 16, 15, 14, 13, and 12. Despite being young girls they behaved as adults, spoiled in their own way but never in front of their master, which he encouraged and discouraged simultaneously, this is how he held his control still completely submissive to him but only to him, to other slaves they were gods hands. Loyalty being among the most important part of their serving him, they were then trained to protect him, each other, and eventually they delivered punishments for him. Persephone, the sixteen year old, being the oldest was to begin her job as a personal escort to Bezyle, everywhere he went she went, she would do anything he asked regardless of how shameful or humiliating. It was through these interactions that Bezyle went through the trials and errors of learning how to manage his slaves, and when the youngest became thirteen, they would all come to live under his roof, where they trained day in and day out each having a specialty unique to them. Upon reaching the age of twenty they were then granted their freedom, a swift and painless death for their service to their lord, where they were replaced by the slave born before them and they were replaced and so on. A new slave girl would join their ranks, always twelve years old, always innocent.

After finally being free of his father’s reigns, Bezyle bedded a mysterious woman and on that night he conceived his first child, ironically from house meticulous. Pregnant without being married would mean being shamed, but it was against the ways of discord to let a child go to waste… the compromise was simple, to avoid having her families be shamed for her open legs she begged him to bewed her, Bezyle promised her an engagement, but the wedding would not take place until after the child’s birth. Once the child was born, Bezyle struck a deal with the families that his wife to be came from, and had enslaved, sold and shipped overseas for a good price, in exchange, the child would leave free of shame, never knowing a mothers love under the roof of a god, and raised to be a god himself one day. With Pax, dead, Laurel finally being proven of her scheming nature. Only Virginia and Aiden remained, their father was not long for this world. Their  mother had passed the previous year, Bezyle was now twenty-seven and his slaves were put against his sisters, in what their father deemed to be a battle of leadership in a state of war. Bezyle commanded only two of the many slaves he owned, both of which were females. While Virginia having all her greatest men sent her entire force. The battle was a riveting one, as the slaves did battle with one another, the men using brute force to overpower them, but the clever Bezyle had done something no one would have ever expected, jumping into the fight himself with razor and shield on his right arm, he single handedly took down all of her men, using his slaves as lures to pull them into a false sense of safety in numbers. He did this with one hand no less, further seeping his control into his slaves, and completely obliterating his sister’s worth in their father’s eyes.

With his sister now disowned, only Aiden and Bezyle remained… sadly the fortune between them split which presented a motive for them to hate one another. When the calamity hit that motive was no longer needed, his brother vanished. Leaving him with complete control, making him the Only Deus dominus left in his family. There was no certainty of his death, but no one knew where he was or where his slaves were for that matter. Everything wiped clean, Bezyle from this point forward was forty one years old, an only child with all of the wealth of his family on this island, inheriting all of his brothers and fathers slaves left him in a seat of power in house Discord, and oh did he use it. Within the early negotiations amongst his fellow Gods, it was determined that they should stay out of the affairs of those around them anyone who demanded things change would be dealt with, but there was no immediate threat to their lifestyle, Bezyle and his child would sell their abundance of slaves to house Maelstrom and provide them with an army in secret, enshrouding and lying to slaves of course, letting them believe that the Queen had freed them, and for this they owed her their lives. In exchange The Queen of Maelstrom provided him with the technology to maintain and modify his cybernetic automail arm and a few other benefits as well.

Character Goal: -
Bezyle does not wish to set the world on fire, however he does wish to see it burn and the masses beg him for water as he strolls through the flames, unsinged, for this goal he has developed himself and continues to develop himself to be a stable and formitable power in the eyes of his allies and enemies. His primary goal is to maintain his honor so that his children may carry on his name as the Maker of Discord. The core foundation for the generations that come after him, The one True God of Discord.

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descriptionRe: Bezyle Au Andromedus The Maker of Discord

Good afternoon, Bezyle au Andromedus! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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