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All the post here have no order but a general summaries of the plot told in different ways.
This thread was made via the inspiration of this qoute

"Long ago the 5 Houses lived in Harmony, but everything changed when Pandemonium struck. Only the mayor, peacebringer to the isles of Lumos, could stop them but when his lands needed him most he was eaten. Now everyone thinks they can conquer the others. " - Stimmothy

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Cool, so I have an RP with a War-torn island that used to be a part of something bigger, but due to circumstances that some call magic, some call a government scientific conspiracy, and others are calling punishment from some deity long forgotten. The island is now mysteriously isolated, no other land for miles, where it used to be surrounded by other close continents. The island is home to two major cities and what used to be five factions is now seven, all fighting for control. To make matters worse the night we became separated and realized it, people began to transform into animals of different sizes and habits due to urges that made them act on instinct. Families would devour their own blood due to the need to hunt. The Mayor's wife, transformed into a Leviathan and ate him, A giant wolf went on a massacre, causing one of the houses to deploy a secret military force they had been training to everyone surprise. Things continued to grow odd, as people would gain abilities that were unexplainable, things they desperately wanted were given to them through a feeling of intense desire. 

Now where we start a year has gone past so we have had time to adapt and get rid of the weak so to speak... sound interesting enough?

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