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descriptionAnne the Lamb


Name: - Anne
House: - Shamed
Gender: - Female
Age: - 15
Alignment: - Fluctuates, not evil nor good by choice.
Ethnicity: - Caucasian
Physical Characteristics: - She's short with blond hair, bright oddly colored eyes. When she walks she drags her feet like she is sulking at all times. her hands are usually in front of her clasped together or straight down without any movement.
Mental Characteristics: - Anne always seems to be sulking, avoiding physical confrontation at all cost. She will only speak unless spoken to and desperately seeks attention, regardless of the type. Is willing to try any variety of drugs and is 100% accepting of abuse.
Talents: - Everything that you would expect from a slave girl. Her talents involve housework, cooking, cleaning, looking pretty, and most importantly begging for forgiveness.
Home: - On the look for something she can call home.
Job: - Currently a beggar.
Animal Form: - Bighorn Sheep

Bio: - Everything changed for Anne years before the calamity, her day started with school but as she was walking home darkness rolled over her eyes as she was greeted with the eerily calm of unconsciousness. She awoke as property and her new owners were merciless. The Family of four were experimenting with drug induced torture forcing her into a permanent state of drowsy submission while beating her senselessly over the course of weeks. They slowly waned off the cocktail of narcotics they were feeding her as they slowed the repetitive beatings making her crave abuse, no matter how cruel it was. The Calamity didn't seem to affect her masters at first but soon they grew more irritable at each other as hunger slowly clawed at the slave drivers. The family had many slaves and very quickly began running out of food so they devised a promotion system, every week they would choose the best of their slaves and take them to the back room to be let loose because they were running out of food to feed their large staff.
Even though Anne was one of their most faithful slaves they held onto her as long as they could until there was no choice but to put her through the promotion ceremony. The back room looked like a industrial freezer, Meat hooks and shadowy meat stripped skeletons dangled from the ceiling. The only body that was distinguishable from the rest of them was last week's promoted slave, it appeared that slave was one step below meal. Her master's soothing voice brought Anne to her knees, bowing to the butcher's cleaver. When the lights darkened and all seemed over a clang of the cleaver hitting the floor caused Anne to flinch. He could not bring himself to slay the girl, even in his hungered state. Her masters couldn't stand being around a slave that invoked these thoughts and threw her to the cannibals and wolves on the road. Neither were expecting that the monsters and wolves would reach out to help the little lamb.
She would beg her way back to a functioning lifestyle, however she did not know how to live separated from commands. She knew how to cook, clean, and function as a slave and that is what she would go out to seek, a home.

Feat: - (Aura 20ft) Everyone around her feels encouraged to help and act in a positive way towards Anne.

Character Goal: - Anne wants to find herself, find her place in the world. Even though it is not how she envisioned it when she was free willed. Anne's harsh training has left a permanent scar in her life that perhaps one day she will be rid of, or she will ride it to the end of her days.

descriptionRe: Anne the Lamb

Good afternoon, Anne! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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