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description[NPC] Octavia ra Chelle

Octavia ra Chelle 

The Librarian of Icarus
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Friendship is Magic
House: - Meticulous before becoming Shamed
Gender: - Female
Age: - Unknown
Alignment: - Lawful Neutral
Ethnicity: - Caucasian
Physical Characteristics: - Octavia stands at a height of 5’5 weighing 112 lbs. She has very little body fat due to a quick metabolism. She has the average strength of a person who has been fighting and killing randoms for the past year. 
Mental Characteristics: - Relatively unstable/Bipolar mainly switching from startled worry, triggered fear, and triggered rage. These being the common emotions displayed in the library which she is never seen anywhere else. 
Talents: - Photographic Memory, Attention to Detail, and Ballet
Home: - Icarus Library
Job: - Librarian
Animal Form: - Unicorn
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Bio: -
Born as Octavia au Havoc, Octavia was destined to either become a Martial Arts master of some varying degree or marry into another family, with her face it wasn't difficult to find a husband where she an original heir to the Havoc name gave up all of her rights to become Octavia au Chelle Husband too Crux au Chelle of House Meticulous. At the time before the calamity she studied at Icarus University, particularly wishing to become a scribe for ancient history, for this reason she studied languages long forgotten, among other things in terms of preserving books and things of that nature. She found her home in the library and eventually took a job there so as to keep her work and studies close to one another. Having Married so quickly barely knowing her husband she never felt a need to latch onto him, which he took issue with this.

On the night of one of the many grand Meticulous Balls, she was once again nowhere to be found, her husband shamed publically for her lack of interest in him, she would much rather spend time in her books, escaping the reality of the world, and discovering new things. On that night, he had enough of it, on that night he announced their divorce and she was now a shamed. Nothing is worse than becoming shamed, and it was so simple for the head of the house to do this to anyone beneath him, Octavia ra Chelle, could not care, with this she had lost her right to exist as a person. The night after, the calamity occurred… despite the initial reaction to the calamity not all changed their agendas, Octavia was to be collected and sold into slavery, but due to being on school grounds violence was currently not tolerated. Her haven was now her true sanctuary, that is until Slaves of house Discord set fire to everything.

Octavia raged out of her sleep coughing, panting gasping, and inhaling the char filled air. “The books” being the first thought on her mind, jumping from her dorm room at the time rushing to the library, wishing to get there quickly she developed hooves to protect her bare feet, she had become a stallion, no… something was different as she felt the protruding of solid bone from her forehead, a unicorn rushed into the library, but uncertain of what she could do.Unable to transform back to grab and use a fire extinguisher anguish rushed over the mares visage. What could she do now, nothing could aid her at this point, the books would soon be burned to a crisp  and her sanctuary would be destroyed. “If only I could” With that thought, with that desperate plea to some power higher than her own, she saw it the flames, being drawn to the very tip of her horn. Having no fuel left, the flames continued to dwindle down as she cast the tiny fireball out into the streets of the campus. She had relatively saved the campus, albeit some parts had still be cooked. The school would become a target again and again by different houses, and even a battle ground in some cases. Octavia wishing to protect her books made the decision to fight, using her abilities she began to defend the school, her mare form being much stronger than her own, her horn dripped with the blood of her enemies and those who brought fire with them were burned alive. She fought like this for the past year, losing bits and pieces of herself as she came to realize that if she trusted anyone they would steal her books, burn her books, destroy her precious gateways to other realities. So she trusted no one, and anyone who dared visit her was met with the flames of her fear, and the hooves and horn of her rage.

Feat: - Octavia has the ability to direct the flames in her immediate area onto whatever surface is within her line of sight, she can only do this while in her unicorn form normally resting the flames on her unicorn horn. The flames need something they can burn in order to stay alive otherwise should they run out of fuel they will go away and Octavia will be left with nothing to manipulate. She acquired this ability in a desperate plea to stop the library from burning down, which was also the beginning of her current psychotic break down.

Ocatavia has a second feat.

Character Goal: - Octavia’s long term goal is solitude, and escape. She does this through the books within the library, she avoids outsiders unless they prove a threat to her or her treasure. She will not hesitate to protect what she cares most about, and that is the knowledge frozen in scripture. She one day hopes to restore the library to what it once was.

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descriptionRe: [NPC] Octavia ra Chelle

Good afternoon, Octavia ra Chelle! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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