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description[NPC] Sevro au Scarlett


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"So many reasons why one should never entertain the taste of the red"

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House: - Mutiny
Gender: - Female
Age: - 27
Alignment: - Chaotic Neutral
Ethnicity: - Irish
Physical Characteristics: - Petite and naturally light, she was prey for most of the boys growing up. She would show them that she had quite the strong legs, made for kicking people in the shin. She stands 5’5 and weighing in at 105 lbs, many have ignored her due to her size. Her hair is iconic a dark crimson shade of scarlet, that most consider to be unnatural.

Mental Characteristics: - A moody and Sarcastic Captain of house mutiny, when not wearing a unamused visage, she is seen cursing out the dwellers of the dam for doing their jobs incorrectly. A relative short temper she sometimes acts out in fits of rage by sending those who have wrong her and thus wronged the others of house mutiny to the depths of hell. She is an excellent strategist and diplomat. Perhaps because of these skills, she is more likely to use her mind as a weapon as opposed to physically fighting. She tends to think long-term as opposed to acting on impulse.
Talents: - Sevro is a master schemer, hustling the people of meticulous since she was a small girl. She is good with money, and resource management which makes her a perfect leader for Mutiny. Along with this she was a student of the Orion Order, albeit not a prodigy she knows her way around common weaponry such as razors, guns, bows, swords and lastly her favorite blow darts.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Home: - Purgatory
Job: - Captain
Animal Form: - Velociraptor
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Early Life - Teenage years
Sevro was born to house Pandemonium under her father a common Fenrir of the village. She had three older brothers who treated her as less then equal. Her mother was her fathers slave, but because her father genuinely loved his slave wife Sevro was not shamed, this of course did not prevent her from being treated like someone who was by those who knew of her origins. She was small and meek, easily sick to the point of near death, but she overcame the illnesses each time, her immunities growing as she got older. She was raised to be an heiress, destined to be married off to some other house so as a means of strengthening the bonds of peace, but because her marks, and nasty attitude her suitors were always sent running away from her rather than towards her bedroom.

Eventually her father grew tired of trying to marry her off, so he instead sent her to school so that she could make something of herself, there she would join the Order of Orion a melting pot of houses exchanging ideas and societal beliefs where debate and universal manners were learned one way or another. It was quite the prestigious group and Sevro took great pleasure in the things she learned there, she would later graduate to be a diplomat for house Pandemonium, where she would meet other houses and learn of their ways.

The Calamity
She had a fiery passion that defied what everyone had set out for her, and when the calamity presented itself, while her brothers fled and were shamed from house Pandemonium she was given a promotion to Fenrir under their new order. The first urge came to her unexpected, witnessing a small pig of a man, she did not hesitate, she did not stop to think she lunged for him stomping her large foot over his neck. Razor sharp claws digging into flesh and teeth. She stomped on him until his jerks and squeels stopped, then using her teeth she enjoyed a meal more than she had ever enjoyed anything in her life. In her velociraptor form, house Pandemonium was given an edge, the battles with house draconian sprawled through out the city as she loved her freedom to do as she pleased, that is until she was once again faced by someone who was much bigger then her. A dragon... within the past few days of fighting she had thought she was invincible, she finally had the size needed to defend herself the bullying from her brothers no longer scorned her, but now she stood face to face with a dragon. A giant compared to her small size. After her allies had been defeated and spared she realized she needed to get them to safety, but fleeing from the flying beast proved to be impossible, if only she were bigger...

She grew so large that she was able to go toe to toe with the dragon in her human form. Beating the dragon to a pulp, and ripping off the beast head. Covered in the blood of a dragon, she then carried her friends to safety where she was regarded as a great warrior, and would now have the blessing to speak directly to the Primus. The Primus would then send her on mission after mission eventually ending with her attacking the dam, only for her squad to be decimated, but to her luck she was offered a challenge, and should she win she would be granted the curse of Mutiny, the captain at the time was the first mate of Brax the first captain of mutiny. A battle took place, and she was made the new leader of house mutiny gaining the second Feat that is passed down from captain to captain in death.
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- Mass Expansion - For a total fifteen minutes Sevro is able to quadruple her mass, this ability allows her to grow in size, weight, and height so that she can be the biggest and strongest.

- Knowledge Transference -  Whoever kills the Captain of Mutiny shall become the new captain and gain all of the knowledge and experience of the previous captain, additionally the Captain of Mutiny shall transfer the feat of Knowledge of Transference to the new captain. In the event that the captain is not killed, by someone worthy of the title of captain (ie old age, disease, someone who doesn't want to be captain) Then Knowledge transference and the knowledge and experience, will be bestowed to the first mate. 

Character Goal: -
Sevro's goal is to submission of all other houses, knowing what she knows now her goal is to make Mutiny the supreme power within Lumos and Gale. Once that is complete she can move on to fixing the city and figuring out why any of the current events have taken place the way they have.

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Good afternoon, Sevro au Scarlett! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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