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Ichiro au Icarus - The Heir of the Red Legion

House: - Meticulous

Gender: - Male

Age: - 29

Alignment: - Neutral Evil

Ethnicity: - Brittish

Physical Characteristics: - Most referred to his father’s creation as a Pinnacle of man. Chiseled and sculpted by deity's beyond their comprehension. Standing at a height of six feet and three inches, and weighing a good two hundred and sixty four pounds, Ichiro was pure muscle, adrenaline, and with his mother's red pupils, he would dazzle at events in garb that could risk putting the sovereign to shame.

Mental Characteristics: -
His personality on the other hand would leave people to think that he was born in a den with cavemen, he spoke only when required choosing to keep his thoughts to himself, and his aura while it would leave young women swooning would leave men of all ages uptight, cautious, and on alert. This after all was the last heir of the Red Legion, the last son of a great war band from the first war.
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'Learning to Love a Disaster
Direct your soul in the essence of light'

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'To draw the blood of the master, flee!
The stains on your wings now carry the fray'

Home: - Siege Tower Floor 42

Job: - Meticulous Heir

Animal Form: - Komodo Dragon

Feat: - Ichiro has the ability to summon an astral projection of his wife from his own body. This astral projection can share its seperate knowlege with Ichiro through conversation. It has all five senses but physically can not interact with anything.

Character Goal: - Ichiro has one goal in mind, that goal is to rule this land as his ancestors once before him, to do this first he has to be elected as the new Sovereign and from there he will crush the other houses, or assimilate them.

Talents: -
Trained and sculpted by the last living members of the Red Legion before they left the island days before the calamity Ichiro is a master of the sword, he excels in reading people, on a social, mental, and physical level. He is well versed in lie detection, and deception on all three fronts as well. He is a Soldier above all things, not a commander, but he excels at moving his body in ways that confuse people, speed and momentum his ally in both mind and body.

"Punish me, Punish me" The sweet whispers of a frail body and strong soul tied to a wooden post and blindfolded. The sound of a whipped cracked in the air as the young Ichiro let his wrist flick with the motions. The specimens back was red and her blood dripped on the floor as she spoke. "An eye for an eye for the wicked" The whip cracked once more as her screams filled the room, only to be interrupted by the coughs of an old man who was clearly stuck in his old ways. The sound of a wooden cane thumping against marble floors as he stepped towards Ichiro and placed a hand on his shoulder. "It seems... you are ready then... to move onto the next phase..." While Ichiro had been silent the sobs of the young girl he whipped echoed through his ears, someone he knew, but she no longer knew who he was. "Just the sight of me" He whispered handing the whip to a near servant as a bowl was brought to him to wash his hands. He then walked up to the girl and untied her from the wooden post caressing her and holding her wrapping her back in a cloth to bandage and soothe it somewhat. "Your cold intention..." He whispered "Burn Intuition" She replied A look of sadness on his face, he clearly blamed himself for the situation they were in, and the girl using a majority of her strength leaned up to kiss his lips. "but with a smile on his face, exist like you can last within this wretched place" These were the words they required to speak to one another each day. A requirement of their master to strengthen their commitment to each other.

The Breakdown
To become a Heir to the Red Legion, there were three initial requirements, one you had to be married into or born into House Meticulous, two you had to find someone to inherit the title from, and three by the end of the apprenticeship you would have to become divorced or a widower, becoming a heir to the Red Legion guarantees a spouse's death or shamed label but not before that spouse goes through the trials. Ichiro’s wife was born of house meticulous, he was born to house discord, and married into meticulous initially for the good of his family, but later because he had fallen in love with an Heiress by the name of Ai au Kuro, after working common jobs he grew tired of not amounting to much other than eye candy and enlisted into the Meticulous soldier program, only to drop out because he had no tact for leading armies or large groups. He would attempt to learn at other institutions, and would eventually use up what little fortune both he and his wife had, this left them with only one option, as slipping any further down would mean both of them being shamed. That is when Ai presented him with his invitation to the Red Legion. 

The Build Up
Training under a Red Legionnaire meant long nights and longer days doing whatever you were told, to prove your devotion to the order and your spouse among all things. This was done by the entire family, Ichiro spent many night alone left to hear his wife moan due to his Master's touch, and when she had been disobedient, he was made to discipline her publicly so as to avoid being shamed. It was essentially the life of a slave that apparently could still hold some human rights. The strength of their relationship was tried and tried again, never faltering or broken however. The training and submission went on for nine years, nine years of beatings, sexual assaults and harassments, training under the sword, and your failures being rewarded with visual, physical, and mental humiliation. Training with one's fist was met with another form of self hate, it was the only opportunity to fight back, or seek revenge and each time he was bested by a weak old man with a cane. The goal of all of this being to eliminate one's humanity, and based on the previous masters attitude and outlook on life it must've been a very effective means of training, that or his master had finally cracked and gave into other needs as of late.

The Culling
With his apprenticeship finally complete, he was completely broken in, cold, calculated, but retained the part of his humanity that would allow him to feel grief when his wife was to be executed, he loyalty and devotion were beams of tall iron. His wife understanding that she was not long for this world, knowing her death would lead to him becoming a Red Legionnaire heir was fine in her acceptance of death, but she had not been prepared for the things she went through before it, she was broken as well, but on a different scale, and what was left was a something used up, lifeless, all of her was now poured into Ichiro, and he would never be allowed to forget it. The lovers were forced to get Tattoos, his wife was given the mark of the Legionnaire on her back and her name was placed on his left forearm, while his sword arm would be used for war, the other was dedicated to loving his wife that would now live on within him, "Learning to love a Disaster...Direct your soul to the essence of light..." they all chanted as the Heir circled each other in the pawlentree forest, their lovers bound and gagged push into their graves as they were buried alive and left to die. The grave site, was then lit a blaze three days later leaving a pit of ash. With this, their apprenticeship was complete and they were now Heirs... to become Legionnaires once their masters died, they no longer had to submit to the training or the beatings, they were however forbidden to marry ever again their lover sacrifice being their binds to the Legionaires.

The Death of the Legion
Three years before the Calamity, a number of Legionnaires and their heirs were coming up dead, law enforcement was at a loss, as to who the culprit was, it had to have been someone from the inside as the organization was kept under lock and key in regards to its members. They were to seem normal but someone wanted the organization to no longer exist, due to this many of the Legionnaires fled Lumos abandoning their secret title, and the Red Legion, Ichiro's master however welcomed the challenge, and Ichiro having no other desires blindly followed his judgement. Ichiro would continue to hone his skills, and train and spar with great sword masters of Havoc, and Discord negotiations among the houses and the Legionnaires in particular being positive in nature. As time went on the two would realize they were the only ones left in Lumos, which made Ichiro the Last Heir of the Red Legion, and with the calamity on the horizon, he was called in for war.

The Calamity
When the island was separated they knew they would be called, and house Meticulous summoned the last Legionary and his Heir to fight in their armies The Red Legion was very much alive, and the terror they rained in to legions and squads left the urge's of the komodo dragon suppressed by the flesh of enemies who were slain by the blade. Occasionally the tail of the dragon was a useful weapon, catching many opponents off guard. During the battle of the bridge, Ichiro had lost track of his master, unaware of his location he was overcome with an unbearable loneliness, fear of never being a Legionnaire swarmed his thoughts and choked him the only thing keeping him sane being the tattoo of his wife. He longed to see her once more, 

           Learning to love a disaster
           Direct your soul in the essence of light
           To draw the blood of the master
           The stains on your wings now carry the fray
           Hold, curl in tight
           Illuminate the light
           Punish me, punish me
           An eye for an eye, an eye for the wicked
           Just the sight of me
           Your cold intention, burn intuitions
           But with a smile on his face
           Exist like you can last within this wretched place

The tattoo of his wife name began to glow, and a sentient astral projection of his wife presented itself. It pleased him in ways he thought never possible, the first words she spoke to him being "She embraced the glory vengeance brings" 

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Punish me, punish me
An eye for an eye, an eye for the wicked
Just the sight of me
Your cold intention, burn intuitions
But with a smile on his face
Exist like you can last within this wretched place
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Good afternoon, Ichiro au Icarus! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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