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Name: -
Phillip the Giant

House: -
Shamed, Houseless at the moment.

Gender: -

Age: -

Alignment: -
Neutral Good as he doesn’t understand and thus care for Laws.

Ethnicity: -
Similar to First Nations

Physical Characteristics: -
7’4” 550lb wall of muscle

Mental Characteristics: -
Fair, doesn’t play underhanded, playful, doesn’t think highly of himself but doesn’t tear himself down either, does what he thinks is best, thoughtful of others, is great at following instructions but has difficulty remembering them, thus is always thinking of rhymes.

Talents: -
It’s not his fault he’s always been the strongest and the toughest, he doesn’t even exercise. Poetry. Group activities. Nursing his friends back to health. Always Optimistic

Home: -
Wherever he can rest for an extended period of time

Job: -

Animal Form: -

Bio: -
Phillip was born Shamed, no last name, no possessions, and only his mother to care for him. In his early age, she scorned him for his size and his inherent clumsiness.In order to feel some kind of affection, he began following orders strictly. The issue to that was he had issues remembering them. Quickly a remedy was found when he was told a task in an accidental rhyme and performed the task flawlessly. He worked on that practice on his own, turning it into an art form.

After a while, still a boy, his mother entered him in street fights in order to make some cash around Lumos. He did it, but hated causing others pain. He voiced this to which his mother replied; “Life is pain, anyone saying different is selling something.” Though it stuck with him for the rest of his life, he never did more than was necessary to win. Such was his life until the Calamity a few decades later.

He lost his elderly mother shortly after the Calamity, and has spent most of his life running. Discord, hearing about him, desired him for his size and combat prowess as he’d be a farce even the most skilled fighters would have difficulty with. Though a bit slow, Phillip was not a dumb man and didn’t wish to be used as a weapon of war. His first transformation was from a desire to escape, to vanish when many of his would be captors were closing quickly. He turned into a little hummingbird of red and green plumage, and flew quickly around most obstacles.

That was an effective way to live for Phillip until they caught on. It didn’t take much for Discord to outwit and capture Phillip in his bird form. His cage was an extremely solid alloy of metals, so shifting only caused him pain. He was given only sugar water. He wished so hard for a way out as he drank to recover. Listlessly, he spit some of the water at the wall of his cage falling in a line. The water cut through the bars of the cage. Realizing this, Phillip quickly made a hole, escaping yet again.

Feat: -
Water Saw, Pick, thing. Phillip, while in Hummingbird from with the force of his cheeks, can shoot water or a liquid of similar viscosity from his beak with enough force to cut through most Materials. He has to take the liquid in from an outside source so he can only use short bits.

Character Goal: -

His only drive in life is not to be alone.

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Good afternoon, Phillip! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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