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descriptionJoseph au Thrautal

Name: -
Doctor Joseph au Thrautal Plague Knight of Maelstrom

House: -

Gender: -

Age: -

Alignment: -
Neutral Evil

Ethnicity: -

Physical Characteristics: -
Lanky, thin, 5’10”, 130 lbs because of his high metabolism, messy short hair, glasses

Mental Characteristics: -
Mischievous, fun loving, optimistic, precise, cruel, focused, will follow a path to the end whatever that may mean, doesn’t seem to have a moral compass

Talents: -
Chemistry and biology in theoretical and practical applications

Home: -
His primary lab is near slave farms owned by Discord and he has a minor lab in City Hall

Job: -
Plague Knight

Animal Form: -
Orangutan Stage 3 lvl 2

Bio: -
In his homeland Stephan was seen as cruel, though he’d say he was simply willing to take the steps no one else would. People said he tortured animals as a child, he’d say his curiosity about what living creatures are capable of required such steps to be sated. As a young child a few asked him why didn’t he just read about it. “Reading text in a book is far from experiencing the results in front of you.” The unsettling smile normally silenced any other questions.

In school he excelled despite lack of desirable “experience.” He often only worked or came to classes he deemed necessary in order to further his ability to process the experience he wished to gather. He forwent elective courses, physical courses, and especially extracurriculars. The teachers that worked with him praised his ability despite the way he made them feel.

His parents decided it’d be best to send him to a University near the college. Stephan accepted simply because he believed it to be a better opportunity to learn. He was right. Though by society standards he was behind, he quickly caught up and led the pack in Biology and Chemistry. It almost felt good and worth something. It was then he noticed something missing. Something he needed to do and that this semblance of an education wasn’t the same. That had to be remedied.

It wasn’t long before people went missing and Stephan seemed to be more and more tired every day. Oh his grades never slipped but everything else slowly began to. A few of the missing came back completely different, quiet, with a lifeless look in their eyes and countless new scars. Eventually one did escape from his grasp and quickly alerted the authorities. Stephan was captured and thrown in jail for his actions. Long did the judge deliberated the fate of the young man; “He’s an inhuman monster and should be destroyed!” “He’s a valuable resource of information!” For weeks this went on, Stephan writing theoretical notes as he awaited news of his fate. Eventually, banishment was the only agreeable punishment.

He arrived in Lumos as little better than a Slave with merely the clothes on his back and a meager sum of money that was supposed to get him started. It was a town, people would have use for his skills so money would be no object. He sold his services as a man who used his knowledge to mix new and exciting flavors in restaurants, patented ideas of alloy mixtures for stronger and lighter metals, and streamlined water purification systems.It sustained him for a few years but despite all of this, he couldn’t raise enough money to do his best work which slowly began to grate against his nerves.

Eventually someone who noticed his talents sponsored him. Oddly, and Stephan didn’t let it go unnoticed, there weren’t any stipulations. It was almost if it was too good to be true. For a while, Stephan didn’t do any of what he really wanted to do but rather played around with chemicals making medicines and poisons, weapons and tonics, things for peace and things for war. Eventually the need became too much, and he began to test these chemicals out on people. First it was slipping it in drinks and dipping out to the background but eventually he again resorted to kidnapping and torture. At first it was difficult but he made himself a spare room in his lab. Stephan did his best to keep his subject alive. He couldn’t risk losing another one in order to get caught. He knew any punishment he received now he wouldn’t walk away from. So although he continued to push his subject to the limits of pain and back he continuously explained his reasons, and nursed his subject back to health.

When the calamity hit, Stephan hardly noticed it had happened, focused only on his craft. The main difference being a large craving for fruits. His lab was assaulted shortly after the takeover of City Hall. In a panic, he shifted for the first full time, using his long reach and familiarity with his small environment forcing almost everyone into a full retreat. Eventually a woman’s voice called out for a parley. The Queen of Maelstrom stepped forward and offered Stephan a job of sorts, where he’d have free reign to do as he pleased as long as he reported all of his findings. Again as things sounded too sweet however, he wasn’t in much of a place to argue so he accepted things and continued to work as he saw fit.

It wasn’t long before the resource strain began to take it’s toll on Stephan. One day, shortly before he needed to report his findings, he realized he was nearly out of over half his stores. He began to panic as he looked around frantically, he needed more, he needed his stores to be filled. He slammed his right hand down hard, as some vials shook too touch his fingertips Inexplicably, the containers he touched began to fill with whatever rested in them. He began to calm down, confused about the situation but accepting it all the same.

Feat: -
Refilling. He has the ability to refill containers that he is touching with his fingertips on his right hand if he knows what’s in them and if there is an observable amount of something inside.

Character Goal: -
I simply desire to know the limits of the human body against the various forces in nature. I wish to know the extent that the forces of nature on us whatever that may mean. I wish to know what it means to be man after our Calamity, what seperates us from our beastial forms.

descriptionRe: Joseph au Thrautal

Good afternoon, Joseph au Thrautal! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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