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description[NPC] Mánagarmr au Fenrir

Name: Mánagarmr au Fenrir the Primus

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House: Pandemonium

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Ethnicity: Wolf

Physical Characteristics: As a human Mánagarmr, or Mana, is impressive. He stands at 9'1",with 450lbs of raw muscle, and his skin is tanned deep brown from his time spent outdoors. Most cant look him in his golden eyes because of his intimidating presence, and his only scar is down his left eye.

As a wolf, impressive is too small a word. Mana's wolf form stands 75ft at the shoulder, and weighs in at nearly 10 tons. His fur is dark as night with red streaks down the abdomen, and his eyes glow as though lit by fires from within.

Mental Characteristics: Mana is strict and without forgiveness. Those that fail or make themselves look weak deserve no mercy and are dealt with accordingly. Accordingly, those that make the house look weak are quite literally fed to the wolves for there transgressions. Mana does not tolerate weakness or disrespect in his presence. Because of his time spent in such deep transformation, Mana tends towards feral even while in human form.

Talents: Mana is a natural hunter, capable of tracking down nearly anything. Hes also a very skilled fighter with either his hands, his claws, or any weapon he deigns to use. Mana commands respect, and as such is a born leader.

Home: ?

Job: Primus of Pandemonium

Animal Form: World Eating Wolf. Direct descendant of Fenrir

Bio: Mana's childhood was a test from the moment he was old enough to hold a blade. His father would take him to the woods blindfolded and leave him in a new place every time. It was his job to make it back alive. Each time his father left him exactly one item to use how he chose. A knife. A length of rope. A canteen. As he got older he wasnt even left with these sorts of things. "Survive or dont. If you dont return within three days ill assume youre dead. If you show up after three days, dont show up at all. No son of mine needs that much time." His father would say these words every time before removing the blindfold. When he returned his father would ask him about everything hed done and seen.

The first few times, hed hated his father. As he got older he started to look forward to the trips. The time spent in nature made him whole and eventually the trips stopped and new ones started. Hunting trips. Except they never brought a gun or bow. Any creature they brought down they would kill with hands or knives. His father didnt talk much but that was okay. Mana learned a lot from him and about him from his actions. "Actions speak louder than words" as they say.

They had just returned from a trip when the fog had rolled in. His father disappeared that night, but he heard about what happened later. When he returned his father was a new man. He took a new name that day. Fenrir, the World Eater. He gave Mana his new name that day as well. Moon Eater. From that day onward they built there house on one simple rule:Honor in Killing, Honor in Death. Fight and win, or fight and die. His father taught him the secrets of transformation and the a few more secrets too. When he died, there was barely a struggle for power. With his name, his reputation, his fathers form, those who dissented were dispatched. Those who disagreed were silenced. Mana would be continuing the traditions of his father.

Feat: Mythic Ruling (Stimmothy for continuity)

Character Goal: Carry on the traditions laid out for him by his father, and to ensure that Pandemonium is the most powerful of all the houses.

Image Source Finger Knights Guardian Class

descriptionRe: [NPC] Mánagarmr au Fenrir

Good afternoon, Managarmr au Fenrir! Your character profile has been approved! You can now start roleplaying as this character as soon as you are ready!
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